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July 16/02 2:00 am - Tour de L'Abitibi: Prologue

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/02

Tour de L'Abitibi

Prologue: Criterium: Val-d'or Town Hall

1. Meerkerk, Norman (NED) Saturn Team21:55
2. Gerritsen, Onno (NED) Hollande
3. Norris, Keith (USA) NorthEast Regional A
4. Mitchell, Nathan (USA) États-Unis
5. Chiocca, Matthieu (FRA) Franche Comté
6. Musicant, Aaron (USA) Team Swift
7. Van Ijzendoorn, Eddy (NED) Hollande
8. Harms, Jos (NED) Hollande
9. Vives, Maxime (CAN) Québec
10. Tanigaki, Yuki (JPN) Japon
11. Laurencot, Benoît (FRA) Franche Comté
12. Torre, Bart (USA) NorthEast Regional A
13. Zijlstra, Sipke (NED) Hollande
14. Lacombe, Kevin (CAN) Québec
15. Viera, Brad (USA) NorthEast Regional A
16. Caldwell, Blake (USA) États-Unis
17. Peters, Clayton (USA) Texas
18. Alloo, Mike (NED) Hollande
19. Holland, Eric (CAN) Alberta
20. Farrar, Tyler (USA) États-Unis
21. Boucher , Cabrel (CAN) Manitoba
22. Pozniak, Mark (CAN) Ontario
23. Nelson, David (USA) Arizona Select Team
24. Pilote, Jean-Luc (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
25. Kerkhof, Josh (USA) États-Unis
26. Harless, Paul (USA) Midwest
27. Korzekwa, Jonathan (USA) Texas
28. Herrera, Filiberto (MEX) Mexique
29. Cozza, Steven (USA) États-Unis
30. Crichton, Brandon (CAN) Manitoba
31. Branscomb, Joel (USA) Southeastern Regional
32. Abbott, Phil (CAN) Alberta
33. Eriksson, Alan (USA) Team Swift
34. Deeny, Sheldon (USA) Arizona Select Team
35. Kakimoto, Yusuke (JPN) Japon
36. Nadeau, Xavier (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
37. Ikeda, Takeshi (JPN) Japon
38. Cameron, Evans (CAN) Colombie-Britanique
39. Stiler-Cote, Olivier (USA) Saturn Team
40. Cervantes, Omar (MEX) Mexique
41. Karimbidis, Emmanouil (GRE) Grèce
42. Van de Walle, Kristof (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise
43. Van Hoof, Roel (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise
44. O'Grady, Brian (USA) Team Swift
45. Coupe, Tom (USA) NorthEast Regional A
46. Boli, Jonas (USA) Southeastern Regional
47. Devine, John (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
48. Pollard, Matt (USA) NorthEast Regional B
49. Rand, Art (USA) NorthEast Regional B
50. Gewirtz, Joshua (USA) NorthEast Regional A
51. Lea, Matthew (CAN) Colombie-Britanique
52. Amanuma, Masaki (JPN) Japon
53. Anthony, Jesse (USA) Saturn Team
54. Butcher, Clark (USA) Texas
55. Miller, Nathan (USA) Team Swift
56. Cherkis, Dan (USA) Southeastern Regional
57. Davies, Zac (USA) Manitoba
58. Wilcox, Craig (USA) Saturn Team
59. Daskalakis, Emmanouil (GRE) Grèce
60. Wolf, Michael (USA) Southeastern Regional
61. Little, Taylor (CAN) Alberta
62. Nikolaou, Eleftherios (GRE) Grèce
63. Grabowski, Zak (USA) Saturn Team
64. Cooper, Marsh (CAN) Colombie-Britanique
65. Lehman, Alex (USA) Midwest
66. Smithwood, Brandon (USA) NorthEast Regional B
67. Horn, Peter (USA) Arizona Select Team
68. Taufen, Hans (USA) États-Unis
69. Melis, Jasper (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise
70. Ono, Tetsuhiro (JPN) Japon
71. Atkinson, Spencer (CAN) Alberta
72. Harmon, Jasen (USA) Arizona Select Team
73. Sventzouris, Vasileios (GRE) Grèce
74. Chatelin, Loïc (FRA) Franche Comté
75. Oberst, Rick (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
76. Wagner, Kyle (USA) Saturn Team
77. Tsuji, Yoshimitsu (JPN) Japon
78. Harter, Brady (USA) Team Swift
79. Verbist, Evert (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise
80. Van Den Brouck, Geoffrey (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise
81. Martineau, Charles (CAN) Manitoba
82. Demoly, Tanguy (FRA) Franche Comté
83. Desrochers, Maxime (CAN) Espoirs de Laval
84. Clarke, Daniel (CAN) Ontarioall s.t.

This is all the results that are available


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