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July 18/02 11:11 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: GC Complete

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/02

Tour de l'Abitibi Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

1. Farrar, Tyler (USA) États-Unis6:33:10
2. Stiler-Cote, Oliver (USA) Saturn Teamat 0:16
3. Anthony, Jesse (USA) Saturn Team0:37
4. Wilcox, Craig (USA) Saturn Team0:37
5. Cozza, Steven (USA) États-Unis0:39
6. Caldwell, Blake (USA) États-Unis0:42
7. Grabowski, Zak (USA) Saturn Team0:47
8. Meerkerk, Norman (NED) Saturn Team0:49
9. De Poortere, Ingmar (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise0:52
10. Wagner, Kyle (USA) Saturn Team0:59
11. Mitchell, Nathan (USA) États-Unis0:59
12. Melis, Jasper (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise1:15
13. Vives, Maxime (CAN) Québec1:37
14. Gerritsen, Onno (NED) Hollande1:38
15. Kerkhof, Josh (USA) États-Unis1:42
16. Vandewalle, Kristof (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise1:45
17. Verbist, Evert (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise1:45
18. Harms, Jos (NED) Hollande1:49
19. Vandebrouck, Geoffrey (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise1:54
20. Alloo, Mike (NED) Hollande1:58
21. Gewirtz, Joshua (USA) NorthEast Regional A1:59
22. Peters, Clayton (USA) Texas2:05
23. Taufen, Hans (USA) États-Unis2:06
24. Lavoie, Jean-Sébastien (CAN) Québec2:18
25. Fausse, Guillaume (CAN) Québec2:20
26. Van Hoof, Roel (BEL) Belgique - Sweet Paradise2:22
27. Davidson, Andrew (CAN) Alberta2:26
28. Torre, Bart (USA) NorthEast Regional A2:30
29. Zijlstra, Sipke (NED) Hollande2:34
30. Cameron, Evans (CAN) Colombie-Britanique2:37
31. Ikeda, Takeshi (JPN) Japon2:40
32. Norris, Keith (USA) NorthEast Regional A2:46
33. Laurencot, Benoît (FRA) Franche Comté2:53
34. Amanuma, Masaki (JPN) Japon2:56
35. Ono, Tetsuhiro (JPN) Japon2:59
36. Van Ijzendoorn, Eddy (NED) Hollande3:01
37. Tsuji, Yoshimitsu (JPN) Japon3:09
38. Devine, John (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team3:10
39. Cervantes, Omar (MEX) Mexique3:14
40. Musicant, Aaron (USA) Team Swift3:15
41. Huffstetter, Anuthee (USA) Texas3:15
42. Korzekwa, Jonathan (USA) Texas3:16
43. Parrish, Jonathan (USA) Arizona Select Team3:20
44. Sventzouris, Vassilios (GRE) Grèce3:36
45. Nikolaou, Eleftherios (GRE) Grèce3:37
46. Karibidis, Manolis (GRE) Grèce3:57
47. Kaloudakis, Nikolaos (GRE) Grèce3:59
48. Harter, Brady (USA) Team Swift4:02
49. Coupe, Tom (USA) NorthEast Regional A4:02
50. Pilote, Jean-Luc (CAN) Espoirs de Laval4:08
51. Daskalakis, Emmanouil (GRE) Grèce4:08
52. Wolf, Michael (USA) Southeastern Regional4:12
53. Guerrero, Abundio (MEX) Mexique4:25
54. Chatelin, Loïc (FRA) Franche Comté4:29
55. Branscomb, Joel (USA) Southeastern Regional4:31
56. Harmon, Jasen (USA) Arizona Select Team4:31
57. Boucher, Cabrel (CAN) Manitoba4:32
58. Millot, Nicolas (FRA) Franche Comté4:44
59. Biwan, Adam (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team4:45
60. Horn, Peter (USA) Arizona Select Team4:47
61. Rand, Art (USA) NorthEast Regional B4:47
62. Cherkis, Dan (USA) Southeastern Regional4:48
63. Nelson, David (USA) Arizona Select Team4:54
64. Arenas, Eder (MEX) Mexique5:04
65. Pozniak, Mark (CAN) Ontario5:09
66. Boli, Jonas (USA) Southeastern Regional5:16
67. Holland, Eric (CAN) Alberta5:16
68. Davies, Zac (USA) Manitoba5:24
69. Crichton, Brandon (CAN) Manitoba5:28
70. Oberst, Rick (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team5:35
71. Hendrickson, Brian (USA) Voler / West Coast Regional5:57
72. Atkinson, Spencer (CAN) Alberta6:04
73. Dunton, Troy (USA) Texas6:10
74. Abbott, Phil (CAN) Alberta6:37
75. Smithwood, Brandon (USA) NorthEast Regional B6:38
76. Chiocca, Matthieu (FRA) Franche Comté6:49
77. Lea, Matthew (CAN) Colombie-Britanique7:16
78. Van Kessel, Egon (NED) Hollande7:24
79. Clarke, Daniel (CAN) Ontario7:45
80. Magazino, Chris (USA) Southeastern Regional8:03
81. Eggebrecht, John (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team8:48
82. Tanigaki, Yuki (JPN) Japon8:58
83. Damhoff, Ben (USA) Midwest9:09
84. Eriksson, Alan (USA) Team Swift9:09
85. Meier, Christian (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre9:21
86. Sztuke, François (CAN) Québec9:23
87. Cooper, Marsh (CAN) Colombie-Britanique9:38
88. Viera, Brad (USA) NorthEast Regional A9:42
89. Barba, Luis (MEX) Mexique9:47
90. Dionne, Jean-François (CAN) Espoirs de Laval10:06
91. Kakimoto, Yusuke (JPN) Japon10:17
92. Deboer, Ryan (CAN) Ontario10:39
93. Butcher, Clark (USA) Texas10:46
94. Strom, Per (CAN) Alberta10:54
95. Pollard, Matt (USA) NorthEast Regional B12:11
96. Anderson, Evan (USA) Voler / West Coast Regional12:16
97. Poling, Jerad (USA) Midwest12:49
98. Deeny, Sheldon (USA) Arizona Select Team13:10
99. Lacombe, Kevin (CAN) Québec13:22
100. Demoly, Tanguy (FRA) Franche Comté13:23
101. Phelps, Ryan (USA) Southeastern Regional13:46
102. O'Grady, Brian (USA) Team Swift14:00
103. Chouinard, Abel (CAN) Espoirs de Laval14:37
104. Herrera, Filiberto (MEX) Mexique14:53
105. De Luise, Chris (USA) NorthEast Regional A14:58
106. Carr, Jordan (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team15:38
107. Nadeau, Xavier (CAN) Espoirs de Laval16:18
108. Emery , Kirk (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre16:41
109. Goettig, Chris (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team17:14
110. Holtzman, Tyler (CAN) Ontario17:15
111. Wright, Erik (USA) Texas18:34
112. Lamb, Jamie (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre19:25
113. Miller, Nathan (USA) Team Swift19:50
114. Suhr, Kevin (USA) Arizona Select Team20:41
115. Coleman, Ben (USA) NorthEast Regional B20:47
116. de Geir, Craig (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre21:20
117. Schimmer, Duke (USA) Team Swift21:30
118. Martynaitis, Juozaz (LTU) Voler / West Coast Regional22:32
119. Pantanella, Vince (USA) NorthEast Regional B22:50
120. Mehus, Chris (USA) Midwest23:36
121. Martineau, Charles (CAN) Manitoba24:05
122. Harless, Paul (USA) Midwest24:22
123. Gavic, Brandon (USA) Midwest24:31
124. St-Onge, Justin (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre24:41
125. Jensen, Doug (CAN) Colombie-Britanique25:55
126. Desrochers, Maxime (CAN) Espoirs de Laval25:55
127. Gustafson, Mark (USA) Voler / West Coast Regional30:31
128. Graham, Chris (CAN) Atlantic Cycling Centre32:12
129. Lehman, Alex (USA) Midwest34:09
130. Little, Taylor (CAN) Alberta35:39
131. Crump, Shaun (CAN) Colombie-Britanique48:19
132. Grubbs, David (USA) Voler / West Coast Regional52:39
133. Hurley, Brenden (CAN) Ontario55:40
134. Smith, Allan (USA) Manitoba59:01
135. McLean, David (USA) Manitoba1:03:26


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