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July 21/02 1:10 am - An open Letter to all Canadian Cyclist Readers from Curt Harnett

Posted by Editoress on 07/21/02

An open Letter to all Canadian Cyclist Readers from Curt Harnett

First, let me apologize for being brief. I am rushing out the door to make a plane for Manchester. But, this is a very important message that needs your attention.

The CBC is currently doing a review into all of it's 'amateur' sports coverage. All sports and all coverage is under review and consideration. The goal is to determine the future of the CBC's 'amateur' sport coverage. What will it look like? What sports will get priority?

Now, the sport of cycling has, and will continue to provide television entertainment. No cyclist will argue with that. The CBC has committed substantial resources to bringing the sport to the 'airwaves'. But, that may change.

In this review, it is felt that the CBC may adopt a 'core-sport' strategy, where they cover a few sports (which they will call their 'core' sports) with increased resources and cover a number of others with limited resources. It is my impression that cycling is a sport (in all its aspects) that is on the cusp - it could go either way. Although many people I talk to enjoy watching cycling on TV, if they were to be asked on the street what sports they did like watching on TV - perhaps listing their top five - there is a good chance that cycling may not make it to that list.

We need to do something to ensure that the CBC knows that their efforts in covering the sport of cycling as appreciated.

This is where you come in.

I am asking you (obviously with the help of Rob and Tracy here at Canadian Cyclist) to write a letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with your support for the sport of cycling - whatever discipline you may prefer.

I wish I had the time to help formulate a letter, but more basic and positive it can be to the 'Corporation', the better.

Address your letter to:
Nancy Lee
Executive Director, CBC Sports
PO Box 500, Station 'A'
Toronto, ON M5W 3G7

I think we can make a difference in the decision, so please send your response in.

Thank you,

Curt Harnett


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