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December 8/02 7:37 am - To Hell & Back results

Posted by Editoress on 12/8/02

4th Annual Mike Barry's "To Hell & Back" Challenge
organized by the Midweek Cycling Club
Courtesy Pater McCaffery

1. Ryan Roth (Sympatico/Jet Fuel) S14:49:41
2. Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S14:52:30
3. Kevin Lehman (Ind) sma
4. Stig Somme (Ind) smaboth s.t.
5. Kevin Speacht (Midweek CC) S15:04:26
6. Aaron Fillion (OBC) S15:04:30
7. Heath Cockburn (Midweek CC) S25:06:56
8. Jim Elzinga (Midweek CC) MB5:08:04
9. Buck Miller (Sympatico/Jet Fuel) S15:08:33
10. Greg Nigel (Cervelo) sma5:13:25
11. Bobby Mrvelji (MBRC) S35:15:31
12. Rodney Merchant (Dukes) sma5:23:02
13. Ian Starke (Ind) sma5:24:10
14. Dave Dermont (True North) MB5:26:38
15. James Wadden (Midweek CC) sma5:35:49
16. Mike Dennis (Gears Racing) S25:43:40
16. Shaun Glass (Cyclepath) sma
16. Mike Vantil (Silver Spokes) smaboth s.t.
19. David Coughlin (Ind) S35:52:24
20. Peter Oyler (Ind) sma5:54:18
21. Garth Logan (Midweek CC) sma5:57:03
22. Julia Farrell (Verizon Wireless/Cervelo) W6:00:27
23. Vesko Salov (Ind) S36:05:08
24. Pierre Phillips (Cobourg CC) sma6:13:33
24. Lisa Hoskins (Team Hardwood) Ws.t.
26. John Poland (Ind) sma6:14:41
27. Jennifer Stephenson (Ind (USA)) W6:21:07
28. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton CC) MB6:27:54
29. Barb Brzezicki (Ind) W6:30:21
30. James Chisholm (Ind) sma6:31:25
31. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) J6:49:25
32. Amit Ghosh (Midweek CC) S36:51:52
33. Richard Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) MB7:05:06
34. Julia Bradley (Ind) W7:17:23
34. Magoasha Pyjor (Ind) Ws.t.
36. Carolyn Haill (Ind) W7:43:37
37. Tim Buckley (Newmarket Eagles) MB7:43:42
37. Douglas Kerr (Ind) MCs.t.
38. Josh Hall (Kronin Bicycles) S17:29:50
39. John Easton (Ind) MBs.t.
DNF. Wayne Hutson (Ind) S2
DNF. Julie Kautson (Waterloo Flying Dogs) W
DNF. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) J/C/W
DNF. Peter Murk (Ind) MB
DNF. Kris Tobias (Uxbridge CC) sma
DNF. Glen Laycock (Ind) MB
DNF. Steffan Elzinga (Midweek CC) J/C
DNF. John Van Arragon (Ind) S3
DNF. Stacey Walker (Ind) S1
DNF. Lorne Anderson (Midweek CC) sma
DNF. Martin Derlacki (Midweek CC) sma


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