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April 7/03 12:22 pm - Redlands Bicycle Classic: Stage 5 & Final GC Men

Posted by Editoress on 04/7/03

Redlands Bicycle Classic - California

Redlands Business Center Sunset Road Race, 142km

1. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team3:23:00
2. Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Saturn Cycling Team
3. Chris Horner (USA) Saturn Cycling Teamboth s.t.
4. Miguel Meza (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling12:09
5. Brice Jones (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
6. Derek Wilkerson (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
7. Phil Dixon (GBr) Great Britain
8. Peter Mazur (Pol) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap
9. Danny Pate (USA) Prime Alliance
10. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling
11. Russell Stevenson (USA) Health Net Cycling Team
12. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
13. Andreas Hestler (Can) Team Canada
14. Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
15. Ben Brooks (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
16. Christophe Sauser (Sui) Great Britain
17. Glen Mitchell (USA) Navigators Cycling
18. Michael Jones (USA) Team West Virginia
19. John Lieswyn (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
20. Matt Decanio (USA) Prime Alliance
21. Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Navigators Cycling
22. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Saturn Cycling Team
23. Phil Zajicek (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
24. Jonathan Vaughters (USA) Prime Alliance
25. Will Frischkorn (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
26. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
27. Oliver Beckinsale (GBr) Great Britainall s.t.
28. Greg Henderson (USA) 7Up/Maxxis1:00:00
29. Eneas Freyre (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap1:25:00
30. Charles Dionne (Can) Saturn Cycling Team1:34:00
30. David Clinger (USA) Prime Alliance
30. Justin Spinelli (USA) Navigators Cycling
30. William Steinbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
30. Chris Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
30. Brent Dawson (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
30. Chris Pic (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
30. Chann Mcrae (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling
30. Liam Killeen (GBr) Great Britain
30. Zak Toogood (GBr) Great Britain
30. Troy White (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
30. Benjamin Sharp (USA) Team West Virginia
30. Leigh Palmer (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap
30. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Cycling Team
30. John Hunt (USA) Health Net Cycling Team
30. Alex Koslov (USA) Health Net Cycling Team
30. Jeff Hartmann (USA) Trek-VW All Stars
30. Victor Ayala (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange
30. James Van Toever (USA) Morati-Honeywell
30. Hovey Carter (Can) Morati-Honeywell
30. Matt Usborne (Can) Morati-Honeywell
30. Christian Walker (USA) Morati-Honeywell
30. Hugh Moran (USA) Morati-Honeywell
30. Larry Perera (USA)
30. Matt Toulouse (Can) Team Canada
30. Roddi Lega (Can) Team Canada
30. Chris Mcdonald (USA) Squadra
30. Jon Tarkington (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN
30. Blake Caldwell (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN
30. Steve Tilford (USA) Green Mountain Sports
30. Frank Mapel (USA) Green Mountain Sports
30. Bill Stolte (USA) Green Mountain Sports
30. Carl Decker (USA) Green Mountain Sportsall s.t.
63. Christian Cuesta (USA) Morati-Honeywell2:00:00
63. Phillip Sublette (USA) Squadra
63. Bartek Fidelus (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VWboth s.t.
66. Peter Knudson (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling2:04:00
66. Eddy Gragus (USA) Trek-VW All Stars
66. Patrick Fetzer (USA) Monex
66. Dane Jankowiak (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling
66. Ken Toman (USA) Monex
66. Geoffrey Rapoport (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange
66. Josh Horowitz (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange
66. Chuck Hill (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEANall v
74. Ricky Federau (Can) Team Canada2:06:00
74. Nicholas Trusty (USA) Squadra
74. Nat Faulkner (Can) Trek-VW All Starsboth s.t.
77. Adrian Laidler (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap2:25:00
78. Tim Carolan (USA) Trek-VW All Stars2:35:00
78. Drew Miller (USA) Trek-VW All Stars
78. Chris Zukowski (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VW
78. Andrew Padilla (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VW
78. Patrick Caro (USA) Squadra
78. Jason Klikna (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
78. Brian Forbes (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothingall v
85. Matthew Svatek (USA) Sportsbook.com2:40:20
85. Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) s.t.
87. Tony Zarsadias (Can) Morati-Honeywell2:42:00
88. Michael Herdman (USA) Monex2:50:30
89. Jason Bausch (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling2:57:00
89. Drew Deters (USA) Monex
89. Adam Livingston (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cyclingboth s.t.
89. David Wenger (USA) Team West Virginia2:57:00
93. Ryan Pinkham (USA) Sportsbook.com3:15:30
94. Michael Sayers (USA) Health Net Cycling Team3:15:30
DNF. Alex Candelario (USA) Prime Alliance
DNF. Michael Creed (USA) Prime Alliance
DNF. John Peters (USA) Prime Alliance
DNF. Marty Nothstein (USA) Navigators Cycling
DNF. Ryan Guay (USA) Navigators Cycling
DNF. Mariano Friedick (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
DNF. Kevin Monahan (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
DNF. Oscar Pineda (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
DNF. Doug Ziewacz (USA) 7Up/Maxxis
DNF. Todd Littlehales (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
DNF. Jonathan Hamblen (USA) Team West Virginia
DNF. Bill Innes (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap
DNF. Nathan Russell (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange
DNF. Chris Sheppard (Can) Team Canada
DNF. Charles Coyle (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN
DNF. Jon Sundt (USA) Green Mountain Sports
Final GC
1. Chris Horner (USA) Saturn Cycling Team14:12:05
2. Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Saturn Cycling Teamat 0:01
3. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn Cycling Team0:59
4. Jonathan Vaughters (USA) Prime Alliance13:25
5. Danny Pate (USA) Prime Alliance14:24
6. Glen Mitchell (USA) Navigators Cycling14:33
7. John Lieswyn (USA) 7Up/Maxxis14:56
8. Matt Decanio (USA) Prime Alliance15:36
9. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling15:42
10. Ben Brooks (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing15:48
11. Oliver Beckinsale (GBr) Great Britain16:33
12. Russell Stevenson (USA) Health Net Cycling Team16:39
13. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar16:43
14. Christophe Sauser (Sui) Great Britain16:58
15. Michael Jones (USA) Team West Virginia17:20
16. Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Navigators Cycling17:35
17. Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar18:09
18. Miguel Meza (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling18:51
19. Andreas Hestler (Can) Team Canada18:55
20. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn Cycling Team19:22
21. Phil Dixon (GBr) Great Britain19:23
22. Brice Jones (USA) 7Up/Maxxis20:10
23. Peter Mazur (Pol) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap22:37
24. Derek Wilkerson (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing27:09
25. Phil Zajicek (USA) Saturn Cycling Team31:47
26. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Saturn Cycling Team31:53
27. Will Frischkorn (USA) Saturn Cycling Team35:53
28. Greg Henderson (USA) 7Up/Maxxis1:19:16
29. Liam Killeen (GBr) Great Britain1:39:31
30. Christian Walker (USA) Morati-Honeywell1:39:39
31. Hugh Moran (USA) Morati-Honeywell1:40:19
32. Chris Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing1:40:22
33. James Van Toever (USA) Morati-Honeywell1:40:24
34. Troy White (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar1:40:43
35. Alex Koslov (USA) Health Net Cycling Team1:41:00
36. Steve Tilford (USA) Green Mountain Sports1:41:33
37. John Hunt (USA) Health Net Cycling Team1:41:53
38. Matt Toulouse (Can) Team Canada1:42:16
39. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Cycling Team1:42:24
40. David Clinger (USA) Prime Alliance1:44:47
41. Hovey Carter (Can) Morati-Honeywell1:47:39
42. Chris Pic (USA) 7Up/Maxxis1:51:18
43. Chann McRae (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling1:51:45
44. Carl Decker (USA) Green Mountain Sports1:52:14
45. Zak Toogood (GBr) Great Britain1:52:56
46. Eneas Freyre (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap1:52:56
47. Frank Mapel (USA) Green Mountain Sports1:53:17
48. Roddi Lega (Can) Team Canada1:53:57
49. Larry Perera (USA) Sportsbook.com1:54:42
50. Bill Stolte (USA) Green Mountain Sports1:56:25
51. Blake Caldwell (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN1:56:31
52. Jon Tarkington (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN1:56:49
53. Chris Mcdonald (USA) Squadra1:56:53
54. Brent Dawson (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing1:57:59
55. Charles Dionne (Can) Saturn Cycling Team1:58:15
56. Leigh Palmer (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap1:58:20
57. William Steinbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing2:04:44
58. Benjamin Sharp (USA) Team West Virginia2:08:02
59. Jeff Hartmann (USA) Trek-VW All Stars2:08:43
60. Matt Usborne (Can) Morati-Honeywell2:10:29
61. Justin Spinelli (USA) Navigators Cycling2:10:44
62. Victor Ayala (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange2:18:27
63. Bartek Fidelus (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VW2:19:18
64. Christian Cuesta (USA) Morati-Honeywell2:19:47
65. Eddy Gragus (USA) Trek-VW All Stars2:23:46
66. Dane Jankowiak (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling2:25:39
67. Peter Knudson (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling2:27:29
68. Josh Horowitz (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange2:29:09
69. Phillip Sublette (USA) Squadra2:30:39
70. Ricky Federau (Can) Team Canada2:34:14
71. Adrian Laidler (USA) LeMond Fitness/Cra-Z Soap2:34:33
72. Patrick Fetzer (USA) Monex2:42:17
73. Nicholas Trusty (USA) Squadra2:42:44
74. Geoffrey Rapoport (USA) MinuteMaid/Dasani/LaGrange2:46:42
75. Nat Faulkner (Can) Trek-VW All Stars2:47:15
76. Drew Miller (USA) Trek-VW All Stars2:51:04
77. Ken Toman (USA) Monex2:51:09
78. Chuck Hill (USA) Vitamin Cottage/DEAN2:51:28
79. Jason Klikna (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar2:56:14
80. Brian Forbes (USA) Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing3:05:57
81. Tim Carolan (USA) Trek-VW All Stars3:10:23
82. Patrick Caro (USA) Squadra3:13:11
83. Andrew Padilla (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VW3:14:12
84. Adam Livingston (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling3:15:59
85. David Wenger (USA) Team West Virginia3:17:20
86. Jason Bausch (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling3:18:32
87. Michael Sayers (USA) Health Net Cycling Team3:24:09
88. Chris Zukowski (USA) Cyclery USA Trek VW3:26:27
89. Matthew Svatek (USA) Sportsbook.com3:33:43
90. Tony Zarsadias (Can) Morati-Honeywell3:39:55
91. Michael Herdman (USA) Monex3:40:41
92. Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) Sportsbook.com3:42:46
93. Drew Deters (USA) Monex3:57:15
94. Ryan Pinkham (USA) Sportsbook.com4:16:00
Mountains Classification)
1. Nathan O'Neill (Aus)39points
2. David Clinger (USA)39
3. Chris Horner (USA)33
4. Adam Livingston (USA)24
5. Tom Danielson (USA)22
6. Michael Sayers (USA)18
7. Danny Pate (USA)11
8. Glen Mitchell (USA)10
9. Jonathan Vaughters (USA)10
10. Matt Decanio (USA)8
11. John Lieswyn (USA)8
12. Trent Klasna (USA)6
13. Ben Brooks (USA)5
14. Jacob Erker (Can)5
15. Burke Swindlehurst (USA)4
16. Miguel Meza (USA)2
17. Phil Zajicek (USA)2
18. Frank Mapel (USA)2
19. Will Frischkorn (USA)2
20. Greg Henderson (USA)1
Sprint Classification)
1. Miguel Meza (USA)70points
2. Michael Sayers (USA)41
3. Brent Dawson (USA)24
4. Trent Klasna (USA)21
5. Gord Fraser (Can)18
6. Frank Mapel (USA)9
7. Nathan O'Neill (Aus)7
8. David Clinger (USA)7
9. Chris Horner (USA)6
10. Matt Decanio (USA)6
11. Jacob Erker (Can)6
12. Greg Henderson (USA)5
13. Chann Mcrae (USA)5
14. Eric Wohlberg (Can)4
15. Ben Brooks (USA)3
16. Burke Swindlehurst (USA)3
17. Will Frischkorn (USA)3
18. Derek Wilkerson (USA)2
19. John Lieswyn (USA)1
20. Leigh Palmer (USA)1
Team GC
1. Saturn Cycling Team42:37:10
2. Prime Alliance41:39
3. Great Britain50:16
4. 7Up/Maxxis1:41:21
5. Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing2:14:31
6. Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar2:14:31
7. Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling2:19:42%


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