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May 13/03 9:42 am - Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge, Victoria Velodrome Thursday Night Series, Burnaby Velodrome Race Series

Posted by Editoress on 05/13/03

Results of 3rd stage of the Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge May 8, 2003
Courtesy Aldo Sfalcin

"A" Sr. Men

Adam McClounie (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 5 points & gold coin
Sean Klobucar (Can) - (Ciclo Sport Racing), 4
Maurice Ruelland (Can) - (Prestige/Essex Brass), 3
Mark Wolowick (USA) - (Flying Rhinos), 2
Ron Sink (USA) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 1

"B" Group

Jeremy St. John (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 5 points & gold coin
Paul Hutnik (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 4
Brad Hilton (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 3
Tom Bonin (Can) - (Ciclo Sport Racing), 2
John Shoust (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 1
Jeff Elam (USA) - (Independent), 1

Leaders after 3rd stage of the Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge May 8, 2003

"A" Sr. Men
Nate Griffith (USA) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 5 points
Matt Bonin (Can) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 5
Tony Bruley (USA) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 5
Adam McClounie (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 5
David Mullins (USA) - (Prestige/Essex Brass), 4
Sean Klobucar, (Ciclo Sport Racing), 4
Terry Palmer (USA) - (Wolverine), 3
Danny Kline (USA) - (Prestige/Essex Brass), 3
Maurice Ruelland, (Prestige/Essex Brass), 3
Bruce Rivera (USA) - (Prestige/Essex Brass), 2
David Koesel (USA) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 2
Mark Wollowick, (Flying Rhinos), 2
Jason Buccellato (USA) - (Independent), 1
Ron Sink (USA) - (Suburban/Wolverine), 1

"B" Group
Nick Dwyer (Can) - (Ciclo Sport Racing), 7 points
Jeremy St.John (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 7
Jeff Elam (USA) - (Independent), 6
Tim Saari (USA) - (Flying Rhinos), 5
Colin McMahan (USA) - (Wolverine), 5
Brad Hilton (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 5
Paul Hutnick (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 4
Renee Schroeder (USA) - (Wolverine/Maple Leaf), 3
John Shoust (Can) - (Maple Leaf), 1
Stuart Alp (Can) - (Ambassador Racing), 1
Dave Lyndon (USA) - (Wolverine), 1

Greater Victoria Velodrome Thursday Night Track Cycling series
Greater Victoria Velodrome Association

2002 Season Overall Champions
Group A - Andre Steinhausen, team Schwalbe-Epic

Group B - Wayne Walker (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor Team), Chris Anstey (Sidney Velos)

May 8th results:

Unknown distance scratch race (first to line wins):

Group A (15 laps);
1st. Chris Reid
2nd. Chris Anstey
3rd. Enrico Traini, Team Schwalbe
4th. Andre Steinhausen

Group B (10 laps):
1st. Wayne Walker; 2nd. Rumon Carter
3rd. Simon Ciceri, team Schwalbe
4th. Jim Holtz

Snowball race (progressive points each lap- 20 laps)

Group A:
1st. Chris Reid
2nd. Enrico Traini
3rd. Chris Anstey

Group B:
1st. Rumon Carter
3rd. Simon Ciceri/ Mike Chandler (tie)
4th. Wayne Walker

Miss and Out:

Group A
1st. Chris Reid
2nd. Chris Anstey
3rd. Andre Steinhausen
4th. Enrico Traini

Group B
1st. Jim Holtz
2nd Rumon Carter
3rd. Mike Chandler
4th. Simon Ciceri

Burnaby Velodrome Race Series #3 (May 2-4, Results)
Courtesy Burnaby Velodrome

 A Group Omnium1. Kenny Williams2. Sam Wittingham    Travis Smith (tie)3. Ryan Mackenzie Win-n-Out1. Kenny Williams2. Murray Solem3. Adam Southerland  Chariots1. Travis Smith2. Ryan Mackenzie3. Sam Wittingham  Scratch Race1. Kenny Williams2. Adam Southerland3. Sam Wittingham Miss-n-out1. Kenny Williams2. Sam Wittingham3. Travis Smith  Points Race1. Kenny Williams2. Sam Wittingham3. Ryan Mackenzie  Keirin1. Kenny Williams2. David Godfrey3. Cam McKinnon Kilo1. Travis Smith   - 1:07:66 (track record)2. Kenny Williams - 1:08:803. Ryan Mackenzie - 1:11:66 Sprints1. Travis Smith2. Kenny Williams3. Ryan Mackenzie Olympic Sprint1. Cam McKinnon, Ryan Mackenzie, Travis Smith - 41:392. Adam Southerland, Marty Cahil, Kenny Williams - 42:523. Mark Buff, Joel Regimbald, David Godfrey - 42:67 3000M Pursuit1. Kenny Williams   - 3:37:12 (track record)2. Adam Southerland - 3:51:743. Sam Wittingham   - 3:52:70 Madison1. Sam Wittingham, Kenny Williams2. Murray Solem, Scott Laliberte3. Joel Regimbald, Rene Regimbald  B Group Omnium1. Scott Crump2. Rene Regimbald3. David Jenkins Win-n-Out1. Rene Regimbald2. Scott Crump3. Mandy Poitras Chariots1. Scott Crump2. Rene Regimbald3. Laura Yoisten Scratch Race1. Mandy Poitras2. Rene Regimbald3. Scott Crump Miss-n-Out1. Scott Crump2. Rene Regimbald3. Mandy Poitras Points Race1. Rene Regimbald2. Mandy Poitras3. Scott Crump Keirin1. Scott Crump2. Rene Regimbald3. Laura Yoisten Kilo1. Scott Crump    - 1:15:472. Mark Emery     - 1:16:843. Rene regimbald - 1:19:73 Sprints1. Scott Crump2. Rene Regimbald3. David Jenkins C Group Omnium1. Paul Craig2. Alex Pope3. Sean Hickey Win-n-Out1. Paul Craig2. Alex Pope3. Sean Hickey Chariots1. Paul Craig2. Alex Pope3. Kristin Vankleef Scratch Race1. Alex Pope2. Paul Craig3. Sean Hickey Miss-n-out1. Paul Craig2. Paul Southerland3. Sean Hickey Points Race1. Paul Craig2. Paul Southerland3. Sean Hickey Snowball1. Alex Pope2. Paul Craig3. Sean Hickey 500M TT1. Laura Yoisten  39:162. Breanna Loster 39:663. Paul Craig     40:33


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