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May 23/03 8:33 am - BC News: High Performance Clinics, Blizzard Bike Club, SkyTrain Accepts Bikes

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/03

Cycling BC Offers New High Performance Clinics
Courtesy Cycling BC

Mental Training Follow-Up, June 11th, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Cycling BC is proud to build on the success of the last High Performance Clinic, where over 40 participants took part in an evening examining the art of Mental Training. Cycling BC is hosting a follow-up to this session, lead by Sports Psychologist Anne Muscat, Wednesday, June 11th, helping racers to perform at their best come Superweek, Provincial Championships and Nationals.

Since entering the field of sport psychology, Anne Muscat has consulted with numerous provincial, national and international athletes from a wide variety of sport. She holds two Masters Degrees, and is a member of the Canadian Mental Training Registry. Anne has been able to combine her experiences as an international athlete, coach and researcher while giving lectures and conducting workshops/coaching clinics in the area of mental preparation for sport and peak performance.

Sports Nutrition for Peak Performance, June 25th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Join Nanci Guest for an evening examining the facts and falicies of sports nutrition. There is a key difference between the nutritional needs of 'fitness enthusiasts' and athletes, learn the differences between these two groups. The evening will include:

• Reviewing the balance of food groups,
• A closer look at Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats
• Pre-Exercise Nutrition
• During Exercise Nutrition
• Post Exercise Nutrition
• Supplements: the FACTS! Who should use supplements?

Nanci S. Guest is a certified personal trainer & nutritionist, and is completing her Master of Science degree in nutrition. Owner of "Power Play:
Nutrition, Fitness, Performance," Nanci has been providing individuals and sports teams with nutritional consulting & personal training service for the past 8 years.

Her specialization is sports nutrition, catering to athletes of all levels. Her clientele include members of the Vancouver Canucks, the Vancouver Giants & the BC Lions, the Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team, Iron Man participants, athletic teams from BC high schools and universities, and a variety of provincial and national team members.

Due to the success of the last Clinic and limited seating, pre-registration is essential.

Registration information
$15 - Cycling BC members
$20 - Non-Members
Register 5 or more participants at once and receive 10% off entry.

To register, please contact Cycling BC, (604) 737-3034 or

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC
Report for May 22nd
Courtesy Pat Ferris

Vaughn Hildebrand was faster than a record forty-two other riders to win the Baldonnel Thursday nighttime trial. His time of 24:42 minutes was thirty four seconds faster than second place Robert Martens who had 25:16. Mike Hientzman was third at 25:17. Pat Ferris was 4th at 25:36 and Trevor McDonell 5th at 26:28.

Richard Howes was 6th at 26:34, Rod Lewis 27:23, Roger St. Jean 28:00, Tim Gladysz 28:07 and Gilbert Bilodeau was 10th with 28:39.

Tammy Howes was 11th at 28:48, Gary Hilderman 12th at 28:48, David Ferris 29:20, Joseph Gladysz 29:44, Derek Waldron 29:45, Ken Nix 29:51, Rob Sipe 29:55, Dean Lowry 29:56, Lisa Verbisky 30:06 and Jean Guillemette 20th at 30:21.

Richard Wood was 21st at 30:26, Tessa Bilodeau 30:45, Al Withers 30:46, Brian Maddigan 30:58, Adam Currie 31:22, Sam Keats 32:03, Owen Giebelhaus 32:36, Erin Drummond 33:00, Barb Polehoykie 33:30, Anathalie Redmond 37:30 and Donna Sipe 38:31.

Jarrod Bell won the 8 km with 15:42. Heather Haugen was second at 16:05 and Doreen McDonell third with 17:23. Jolea Bilodeau was 4th at 17:52 and Dayna Stickel 5th at 18:56.

Cody Withers was 6th at 19:40, Adam Bilodeau 19:54, Landon Howes 20:36, Lois Harris 21:43, Danielle Howes 23:14 and Clay Bell/Chris Edwards 23:26.

Coming up this weekend:

The S & S Turbines Time trials are coming up this weekend. This is the oldest regional cycling event in the Peace. It has been going since 1984.

It is a total time event of a 16 km distance and 40 km distance. Total time wins an age class jersey.

Saturday is stage #1 with a 16 km Baldonnel time trial at 6:30 pm. Sign on at 6. Sunday is a Cecil lake 40 km distance starting at 10:00 am.

Saturday May 24th is the entry deadline for the Tri-Co-op Sprint distance triathlon. Drop entries off at the Co-op. Call 785-3711 for more information.

Monday is Duathlon #2 at the Baldonnel School at 7 pm.

SkyTrain to Allow Bicycles

Commencing June 1st, the SkyTrain (Vancouver's high speed commuter train) will allow passengers to board with a bicycle. This is part of a year long trial , and is the result of much work by commuter advocates.

There is a special press invite for a trial run today, so check your local media for updates.


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