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May 28/03 10:14 am - Cyclesmith Short-Track, Victoria TrackFest, Windsor (ON) Weekly Race Series

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/03

Cyclesmith Short-Track Mountain Bike Series

Race #1 of the 8-Race Cyclesmith Short-Track Mountain Bike Series, held every Tuesday evening this summer. The event was held on at 6:30 pm Tuesday, May 27 at Seaview Park in Halifax, NS under sunny skies with a temperature of 12 celcius; 61 racers were in attendance. More information on the series is available at

Under 10 Male
1. Duffy, Derek15:10
DNF. Vardy, BrysonDNF
Under 13 Male
1. L'Esperance, Andrew14:36
2. Kuryluk, Ryan17:30
3. Long, Jason17:51
4. Bradley, Cody19:20
5. Sampson, Joel20:34
6. McInarney, Liam20:47
7. Boutin, Eric21:38
Under 15 Male
1. Tower, David13:34
2. Gallant, Kyle13:38
3. Gillespie, Chris14:10
4. Rushton, Mark14:44
5. Gass, Jeremy14:40
6. Mitchell, Leigh15:22
7. Murphy, David15:53
8. Coates, Dakota16:25
9. Sampson, Devin16:44
10. Hennebury, Jamie17:53
11. Josey, Kyle17:56
12. Dickson, AJ19:46
DNF. Slaunwhite, Connor
Under 17 Male
1. Pennell, Mark14:56
2. Trussler, Marc15:25
3. Schnutgen, Max17:43
17+ Sport Male
1. Nelson, Roger14:44
2. Myatt, Simon14:50
3. Austin, Martin15:09
4. Klue, Rob15:09
5. Bustin, Bob15:24
6. Martin, Jason15:52
7. Grey, Randy16:05
8. Bugden, James16:13
9. Lacopia, Anthony16:20
10. Atkinson, Liam16:21
11. Trussler, Jim16:47
12. Moulin, Stephane16:50
13. Gallant, Stephen17:24
14. Vardy, Jason17:25
15. Alan, Jollimore17:31
16. Gibel, Tim17:40
17. Connors, Chuck18:03
18. Van Voorst, Henk18:13
19. Sedgwick, Scott18:16
20. Downing, Luke18:51
21. Mitchell, Steve19:53
22. Jerome, Patrick19:59
23. Gass, Gerry20:10
24. Clark, Jason20:50
25. Purcell, Steve22:39
26. Lai, Norman27:00
DNF. Peacock, Andrew
Expert Male
1. Lamb, Jamie17:46
2. Rushton, Ed18:16
3. Foster, Mark18:30
4. Smith, Dan18:39
5. MacDonnell, Mike18:52
6. Burgess, Jonathan20:48
7. Swain, Kyle21:20
DNF. Baillie, Troy
Sport Women
1. Ju, Jeanne21:23
2. Lund, Sandy23:53
Expert Women
1. Koval, Krista24:01
2. Huybers, Sherry24:25

Saunders Subaru TrackFest

Held in conjunction with the Victoria Times Colonist Cycling festival the Saunders Subaru TrackFest was an evening of track races - Madison, Olympic Sprint, Keirin and Points Race at the Juan de Fuca Velodrome.

For results CLICK HERE

Action photo by Greg Descantes

There was also 2 days of BMX racing hosted by the Greater Victoria BMX Association. While we did not receive any news or results (and there is nothing posted on their website), Greg Descantes sent this Action photo

4th stage of the Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge Windsor ON, May 22
Courtesy Aldo Sfalcin

"A" Sr. Men

Paul Eugeni (Can) Ciclo Koolini, 5 points & Gold Coin
Danny Kline (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 4
Ray Dybowski (USA) Wolverine, 3
Robert Herriman (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 2
Maurice Ruelland (Can) Prestige/Essex Brass, 1

"B" Group

Brad Hilton (Can) Maple Leaf, 5 points & Gold Coin
Jason Rafeld (USA) Wolverine, 4
John Potnits (Can) Maple Leaf, 3
Thomas Flannery (Can) Ambaassador Bike, 2
Jeff Elam (Can) Maple Leaf, 1

Leaders after 4th stage of the Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge May 22, /03

"A" Sr. Men

Danny Kline (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 7 points
Nate Griffith (USA) Suburban/Wolverine, 5
Matt Bonin Can., Suburban/Wolverine, 5
Tony Bruley (USA) Suburban/Wolverine, 5
Adam McClounie (Can) Maple Leaf, 5
Paul Eugeni (Can) Ciclo Koolini, 5
David Mullins (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 4
Sean Klobucar (?) Ciclo Sport Racing, 4
Maurice Ruelland (Can) Prestige/Essex Brass, 4
Terry Palmer (USA) Wolverine, 3

"B" Group

Brad Hilton (Can) Maple Leaf, 10 points
Nick Dwyer Can., Ciclo Sport Racing, 7
Jeremy St.John Can., Maple Leaf, 7
Jeff Elam (USA) Independent, 7
Tim Saari (USA) Flying Rhinos, 5
Colin McMahan (USA) Wolverine, 5
Paul Hutnick (Can) Maple Leaf, 4
Jason Rafeld (USA) Wolverine, 4
Renee Schroeder (USA) Wolverine/Maple Leaf, 3
John Potnits Can., Maple Leaf, 3


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