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May 28/03 2:57 am - Ontario Cup MTB XC #2: Elite and Expert Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/03

Ontario Cup MTB #2 Kelos Conservation Area, May 25

Senior Pro-Elite Male
1. Mike Garrigan (Bianchi Canada / Oro Station)2:04:48.23
2. Jesse Jakomait (Team Hardwood Hills)2:06:51.60
3. Greg Reain (Gears Racing .com / Barrie)2:07:57.94
4. Andrew Watson (Bianchi Canada / Barrie)2:07:58.61
5. Will Routley (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)2:10:48.95
6. Martin Lazarski (Gears Racing .com / Toronto)2:11:38.38
7. Tim Oliver (Gears Racing .com / Simcoe)2:13:49.28
8. Derek Zandstra (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Trenton)2:13:59.16
9. Eric Batty (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Brooklin)2:14:24.61
10. Michael Dennis (Gears Racing .com / Guelph)2:16:23.07
11. Matt Douglas (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Ashburn)2:17:02.59
12. Thomas Skinner (from Aurora)2:18:02.57
13. Peter Glassford (Skiis And Biikes / Mansfield)2:18:10.69
14. Greg Edgar (AO Bikes + Boards Racing)2:18:56.29
15. Mathew Hewitt (from Kingston)2:19:49.68
16. Timothy Carleton (Sports Swap / Toronto)2:19:51.41
17. Ryan Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)2:20:28.61
18. David Dermont (True North Cycles / Toronto)2:22:52.80
19. Matt Patterson (Gears Racing .com / Whitby)2:23:04.01
20. Kevan Cranmer (Mercury Racing / Dundas)2:23:13.43
21. Justin Hines (from Niagara Falls)2:24:56.83
22. Adam McClounie (from Comber)2:27:00.56
23. Thomas Freure (from Wellandport)2:29:53.08
24. Matthew Richter (AO Bikes + Boards Racing)2:30:53.09
25. Justin Faulkner (KHS Bicycles Canada)2:32:43.52
26. Andrew Nicholas (from Brantford)2:48:51.51
DNF. Olmighti Quillao (from Toronto)
DNF. Adam Lucas (
DNS. Osmond Bakker (Bianchi Canada / Stittsville)
DNS. Jonathan Palframan (Pedal Performance / Oshawa)
DNF. Jamie Matheson (Team Hardwood Hills/Moonstone)
DNF. Jeff Weber (Gears Racing .com / Waterloo)
DNF. Blair Purvis (KHS Bicycles Canada/Burlington)
Senior Pro-Elite Female
1. Sandra Walter (Marin Canada / Shimano)2:00:24.73
2. Susan Trimble (Gears Racing .com / Oakville)2:02:39.97
3. Danelle Kabush (Gears Racing .com / Ottawa)2:03:53.26
4. Lisa Hoskins (Team Hardwood Hills/Cambridge)2:08:50.90
5. Heather King (Gears Racing .com/Stratville)2:11:20.71
6. Stephanie Martinek (from Collingwood)2:13:20.30
7. Kerri Graham (from Woodstock)2:14:21.64
8. Diana Joness (Toronto Police `Trail Hogs`)2:15:59.84
9. Sarah Hills (Fly Gurlz / Clarksburg)2:17:21.11
10. Allison Lampi (KHS Bicycles Canada / Ottawa)2:17:54.32
11. Celine Foreht (Skiis And Biikes / Toronto)2:18:21.83
12. Heather Stanley (Team Hardwood Hills/Hawkston)2:19:17.05
13. Heather Morrissey (Team McBride - Fitfix/Toronto)2:20:18.41
14. Karley Cunningham (Fly Gurlz / Cambridge)2:21:04.55
15. Tracy Vincze (from Oakville)2:21:21.12
16. Kim Haagmans-Hawke (Team Lifesavers / Oshawa)2:22:57.80
17. Cydney Galbraith (from Campbellville)2:31:09.07
18. Heather Johnston (True North Cycles / Guelph)2:33:08.23
19. Mary-Ellen Ash (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing / Ajax)2:42:34.56
DNF. Jacqueline Van Ierssel (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)
DNF. Angela Mawdsley (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/London)
Junior (17-18) Expert Male
1. Chris Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)1:44:52.22
2. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Brooklin)1:49:50.90
3. Kyle Douglas (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Ashburn)1:52:19.98
4. Ben Dawson (Team McBride - Fitfix)1:53:18.82
5. Adam Morka (Team Hardwood Hills / Barrie)1:54:18.09
6. Kevin Johnstone (from Ajax)1:58:14.61
7. Zackary Harris (from Port Hope)1:59:58.30
8. Keith Gauld (from Simcoe)2:00:37.54
9. Jason Duffy (from Barrie)2:01:46.02
10. Dave Vukets (Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs)2:15:14.04
11. Tim Salkauskis (Team McBride - Fitfix/Toronto)2:40:15.23
DNF. Andrew Erb (Jolley`s Alternative Wheels)
DNF. Jordan Axani (Skiis And Biikes / Lisle)
DNF. Colin Frizzell (Pedal Performance / Pickering)
DNF. Eric Robertson (Cycle Solutions / Brantford)
DNF. Brad Eades (from Alton)
Senior (19-29) Expert Male
1. Ramon Mira de Orduña (St. Catharines CC / Guelph)1:48:28.12
2. Robert Parniak (from Ottawa)1:50:34.39
3. Matthew Fawcett (from Oro Station)1:51:17.36
4. Rudolf Vacula 1:52:23.12
5. Paul Brown (Gears Racing .com / Oakville)1:52:52.83
6. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club / Ottawa)1:53:13.03
7. Jerome Samson (from Toronto)1:54:30.20
8. Kyle Rae (from Aurora)1:56:48.72
9. Wes Stephenson (from St. Catharines)1:57:26.98
10. Matt Binkley (Skiis And Biikes / Burlington)1:58:09.35
11. Michael Morrison (Skiis And Biikes / Guelph)1:58:52.53
12. Aaron Snider (from Lindsay)1:58:56.82
13. Kyle Smith (Cyclepath Oakville / Oakville)1:59:36.80
14. Steven Smith (from Caledon East)2:00:36.12
15. Ryan May (Skiis And Biikes / Lisle)2:00:59.98
16. Greg Dycke (from Richmondhill)2:01:08.00
17. Craig Mann (Team Lifesavers / Toronto)2:01:21.30
18. Scott Johns (from Parry Sound)2:01:24.49
19. Sean Sinclair (from Belleville)2:01:53.79
20. Chris Ivey (Bianchi Canada / Barrie)2:03:31.76
21. Matthew Paziuk (Impala Cycles / Oshawa)2:03:47.53
22. Justin Rogers (Pedal Performance / Pickering)2:05:17.18
23. Kyle Epp (from Stouffville)2:05:42.38
24. Thomas Flannery (Essex/Kent Off Road (ROCKET))2:06:32.47
25. Justin Holmes (Jolley`s Alternative Wheels)2:07:10.65
26. Jason Stebbings (from Gloucester)2:07:33.34
27. Alex Terentiew (Team Lifesavers / Toronto)2:08:18.43
28. Matthew Bonin (from LaSalle)2:08:27.01
29. Joey Jenkins (from Brantford)2:09:02.39
30. Scott Kelly (from Burlington)2:09:13.95
31. Wendell Challenger (from Kingston)2:09:50.19
32. Thomas Huller (Team McBride - Fitfix/Oshawa)2:13:12.71
33. Erik Sweezey (from Toronto)2:13:50.59
34. Keith Willoughby (Skiis And Biikes / Mansfield)2:17:13.07
35. Jamie Boyce (from Toronto)2:18:22.89
36. Duane Epp (from Stouffville)2:21:41.44
DNF. Andrew Cross (Northern Cycling Club/Toronto)
DNF. Michael Towers (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)
DNS. Steve Ferguson (Team McBride - Fitfix)
DNF. Nicholas Vipond (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Oshawa)
DNF. Kieran Bliss (Skiis And Biikes / Toronto)
Senior 19-29 Expert Female
1. Michelle Cordy (from London)1:53:01.39
2. Natasha Kenny (from Guelph)1:57:05.70
3. Nicola Woerns (from Kitchener)2:03:53.38
DNF. Alyssa Muise (from Mississauga)
DNF. Terri Dermo
DNF. Patricia Spooner (Cycle Logik Racing / Ottawa)
Cadet+Junior Exp(15-18) Female
1. Catherine Vipond Gears Racing .com / Oshawa1:43:23.45
2. Sarah Coney (Skiis And Biikes / Newmarket)1:48:04.51
3. Alana Thomas (from Mississauga)1:52:52.97
Master 30+ Expert Female
1. Joanne Uhlmann (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)1:41:33.06
2. Karen Thompson (from Richmond Hill)1:46:34.34
3. Robyn Pickering (Team McBride - Fitfix/Toronto)1:56:09.69
4. Beth Everist (AO Bikes + Boards Racing)1:56:54.02
5. Lisa Johnson (Ecclestone CC / Kitchener)2:02:23.41
6. Tanya Flemming (Fly Gurlz / Toronto)2:05:05.04
7. Ingrid Coney (Fly Gurlz / Newmarket)2:12:41.15
Cadet 15-16 Expert Male
1. Luc Mahler (AO Bikes + Boards Racing)1:24:44.10
2. Andrew Wilson (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)1:26:21.77
3. Mathew Bell (Team Hardwood Hills/Etobicoke)1:27:30.01
4. Jeffery Eades (from Alton)1:29:34.49
5. Thomas Wood (Skiis And Biikes / Midland)1:29:54.22
6. Adam Tops (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Whitby)1:30:31.10
7. Zachary Winn (Team McBride - Fitfix)1:31:11.78
8. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Brooklin)1:31:41.68
9. Codey May (Skiis And Biikes / Lisle)1:32:59.95
10. Adam Ward (from Bancroft)1:33:16.05
11. Cameron Jette (from Toronto)1:36:06.61
12. Blair Taylor (from Ashburn)1:36:28.34
13. Rogan Bogaert (from London)1:36:54.05
14. Cody Childs (from St Thomas)1:44:15.41
DNF. Nick Ainley (from Wasaga Beach)
DNF. Craig Browne (KHS Bicycles Canada / London)
DNS. Michael Flavell (Cycle Logik Racing / Ottawa)
Veteran (30-39) Expert Male
1. Jon Barnes (Team Hardwood Hills/Brooklin)1:46:08.22
2. Craig C Hawkes (Gears Racing .com / Ottawa)1:50:07.47
3. Egidio Carone (Skiis And Biikes / Burlington)1:51:12.56
4. Paul Loughran (Bicycles Plus / Oshawa)1:51:15.10
5. Eric Jobin (Velogamick-VM/Sherbrooke, PQ)1:52:03.96
6. Terry VandenHeuvel (Northern Cycling Club/Courtice)1:52:12.63
7. Eric Orschel (Sports Swap / Uxbridge)1:54:52.09
8. David Stachon (from Kanata)1:55:06.59
9. Jeff Gaynor (from Erin)1:56:43.57
10. Andrew Monahan (from Creemore)1:56:55.54
11. David Rudnicki (from Kingston)1:57:31.56
12. Paul Stone (from Guelph)1:58:20.86
13. Paul Skafel (Gears Racing .com / Toronto)1:58:25.32
14. Mike The Captain Clarkson (Skiis And Biikes / Brampton)1:58:35.58
15. Doug Richards (from Hamilton)2:00:00.97
16. Rob McGill (from Guelph)2:00:38.04
17. Igor Dragoslavic (Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs)2:00:56.09
18. Paul Cooney (Newmarket Eagles CC / Sharon)2:02:12.91
19. Norman Jay Arsenault (from Belleville)2:03:17.08
20. Adam Bernard (from Toronto)2:03:42.06
21. Brian Priebe (from Waterloo)2:05:04.56
22. Glen Johannesson (Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs)2:05:46.82
23. Andrew Luks (Ecclestone CC / Toronto)2:06:57.84
24. Shawn Ito (Gears Racing .com / Toronto)2:08:26.33
25. James Morton (from Toronto)2:10:18.09
26. David E Kenny (from Guelph)2:12:49.79
27. Christopher Redden (True North Cycles)2:17:39.55
28. William Martinen (from Toronto)2:19:27.72
DNS. Christos Adamidis (Ecclestone CC / Toronto)Did
DNS. Paul Farrugia (GearsRacing:Mississauga)Did
DNS. Christopher McQuillan (Chain Reaction / Toronto)Did
DNF. Paul Martinek (from Collingwood)DNF
Master (40+) Expert Male
1. Scott Thomson (Jolley`s:Owen Sound/Owen Sound)1:54:19.36
2. Howard Knapp (Impala Cycles / Oshawa)1:57:04.47
3. John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction / Mississauga)1:58:37.28
4. Tony Routley (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)1:59:06.66
5. Carl Clarke (Brant Cycle / Burlington)1:59:30.54
6. Brent Thomlison (Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs)2:02:04.49
7. John Webb (Skiis And Biikes / Midland)2:03:02.49
8. Aiken Scherberger (Sports Swap / Hillsdale)2:03:39.93
9. Wayne Smith (Team Hardwood Hills / Orillia)2:04:31.76
10. Glenn Dorey (Team McBride - Fitfix/Toronto)2:05:33.63
11. Dennis James (from Aurora)2:07:48.44
12. Scott Recoskie (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)2:09:18.30
13. Hugh Hill (from Grand Valley)2:10:33.25
14. Mike Collins (from Burlington)2:11:27.66
15. Thomas MacKay (Cycle Solutions / Toronto)2:11:34.76
16. Peter Bowers (from Toronto)2:13:09.27
17. Rich Olynyk (Pedal Performance / Whitby)2:15:55.85
18. David Harrison (Hamilton CC / Hamilton)2:16:25.85
19. Fred Prendergast (from North York)2:18:56.04
20. Douglas Evans (from Bramalea)2:21:14.69
21. Laurence Pollock (from Brantford)2:21:51.81
22. Stuart Connell (Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs)2:22:04.89
23. Barry Pankiw (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)2:25:07.80
24. Robbie Brown (from North York)2:30:04.70
DNS. Derek Dixon (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)
DNF. Gordon Avann (Skiis And Biikes / Keswick)
DNS. Glenn Carruthers (Jolley`s Alternative Wheels)
DNS. Terry Rice (Woodstock Cycling Club)
DNF. R. Scott Johnston


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