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May 28/03 11:58 am - Bikeshevik Track: Day 2, Alberta MTB Cup: Race 1 Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/03

6th Bikeshevik Grand Prix Glenmore Velodrome, Calgary
Courtesy ABA

Results for Sunday, May 25th

Accept the Challenge XC Alberta, May 25
Courtesy Brian Licis, Race Organizer

The first race of the 2003 Alberta Mountain Bike Cup series.

Master Men B (3 laps)
Stan Magee (Rundle Mountain)1:21.4
Dave Whitten (Hardcore Racing Club)1:21.7
Darcy Jones (Deadgoat Racing)1:23.8
Henry Yau (Deadgoat Racing)1:27.8
Vaughn Mcgrath (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)1:28.2
Gil Siminiuk (Independent)1:29.9
Shawn Wells (Edmonton BMX)1:31.1
Michael Zelensky (Pedalhead)1:33.0
Joe Yurkovich (Hindgrinders)1:37.2
Murray Drew (Singletrack Cycle)1:37.9
Mark Frost (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)1:42.3
Don Fox (Juventus)1:42.9
Peter Churchill (Pedalhead)1:47.1
John Stellingwerff1:48.1
Jim Benvie (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)DNS
Master Sport Men A (3 laps)
Craig Stappler (Independent)1:18.3
Neil Johns (Hardcore Racing Club)1:21.8
Frank Kovacs (Snakebite Society)1:23.0
Bruce Penner (United Cycle)1:23.1
Jack Vandyk (Terrascape Racing)1:24.0
Ted Matson (Independent)1:24.1
Dan Mcdonogh (Fit4Play)1:24.7
Mike Dickey (Hardcore Racing Club)1:25.8
Wayne Calder (Deadgoat Racing)1:29.5
Brian Daniel (Independent)1:29.9
Murray Aubin (ERTC/Redbike)1:30.3
Mike Martens (Snakebite Society)1:32.5
Jason Bryant (Independent)1:33.5
Stacey Mateka (CABC/Projekt One)1:35.6
Mike Vanderzee (Pedalhead)1:35.9
Jeffrey Bell (Independent)1:36.0
Joseph Litke (Independent)1:37.2
Dave Dacosta (Independent)1:37.5
Trevor Sutherland (Deadgoat Racing)1:39.1
Douglas Roch (Hardcore Racing Club)1:39.6
Kelly Neufeld (Independent)1:42.5
Terry Williams (River Valley Cycle)1:43.6
Tim Riess (Independent)1:44.3
Doug Gleddie (Independent)1:46.0
Robin Stobart (CABC/Projekt One)1:49.5
Eric StellingwerffDNF
Stephan Guindon (Eurotech Cycle)DNS
Ian Hunter (Independent)DNS
Rob Novotny (Independent)DNS
Master Sport Women (2 laps)
Judy Harlton (Dirt Girls)1:09.7
Michelle Hook (Pedalhead)1:11.3
Carolynne Laughy (Pedalhead)1:15.8
Annette Coderre (Pedalhead)1:20.2
Tina Murphy (Deadgoat Racing)DNS
Jennifer Wallace (Independent)DNF
Sr Beginner Men (2 laps)
Phillip Harvey (Independent)1:00.2
Tyler Cassley (Independent)1:09.4
Brett Girard (Independent)1:10.0
Orrin Little (Pedalhead)1:17.5
Tom Wilson (Independent)1:18.3
Harold Roscher (Independent)1:22.7
Ian Cassley (Independent)1:40.2
Sr Beginner Women (2 laps)
Jody Barry (Independent)1:23.5
Helen Vanderlinden (Dirt Girls)1:26.1
Michelle Chanut (Independent)1:26.7
Susanna Town (Independent)1:33.1
Alison Supina (Independent)1:43.6
Kirstin Smith (Independent)1:47.6
Shari Clare (Independent)DNF
Larissa Pitton (Independent)DNF
Sr Sport Women (2 laps)
Bridget Linder (Snakebite Society)1:10.4
Sarah Bernard (Hardcore Racing Club)1:10.6
Christina Bruns (Dirt Girls)1:11.4
Christina Gagnon (Dirt Girls)1:14.9
Caitlin Holtby (Independent)1:16.0
Janka Hegedus (Pedalhead)1:18.9
Amy Woodward (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)DNS
U13 Men (1 lap)
Cody Grant (Juventus)0:37.5
Jason Benvie (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)0:40.0
Alexander Bosch (Dynamic Cycle)0:40.1
U15 Men (1 lap)
Drew Smith (Rundle Mountain)0:28.0
Leo Lacourciere (Rundle Mountain)0:28.0
Scott Hughes (Juventus)0:30.5
Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)0:30.8
Robert Mcphalen (Dynamic Cycle)0:32.3
Logan Brauer (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)0:32.7
Matthew Woynarowich (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)0:32.7
Brendon Wolthuis (Independent)0:39.5
Ryan Ashbacher (Snakebite Society)0:41.0
William Monteath (Juventus)0:49.9
U15 Women (1 lap)
Torie Grant (Juventus)0:37.8
Lindsey Walker (Juventus)0:42.7
U17 Sport Men (2 laps)
Mike Bidniak (Juventus)0:59.0
Eric Magee (Rundle Mountain)1:4.1
Paul Macdonald (Sportchek)1:8.1
Tyler Rushfeldt (Fort Saskatchewan Bike Club)1:15.3
Kevin Fox (Juventus)1:31.0
Jordan Brietzke (Snakebite Society)DNF
Pat Berry (Independent):DNS
Jr Expert Men (4 laps)
Marty Schaffer (Bicisport/Kona)1:42.3
Ryan Anderson (Juventus)1:44.0
Brian Bain (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:45.2
Allan Whitten (Hardcore Racing Club)1:46.6
Mark Macdonald (Sportchek)1:48.4
Jeff Sparling (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:52.6
Shaun Adamson (United Cycle)1:59.2
Zach Grant (Juventus)2:10.8
Kevin Bowser (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)2:12.8
Steven Yau (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)DNF
Jr Sport Men (4 laps)
Gerry Heacock (Independent)2:01.6
Kevin Lega (United Cycle)2:13.7
Blaine Sherman (Hardcore Racing Club)2:19.5
Pat Barry2:19.7
Curtis Shankowsky (Cranky's Bike Club)DNF
John Vanderveen (Independent)DNS
Slawomir Szulc (United Cycle)DNF
Scott Middleton (Crank Up Crankers)DNF
Master Exp Men A (4 laps)
Ross Andersen (Calgary Cycle)1:40.3
Jeff Seaborn (Independent)1:45.1
Jeffrey Franc-Law (Juventus)1:45.3
Lonn Bate (Terrascape Racing)1:45.5
Rik Tykwinski (Pedalhead)1:46.6
Rich Wegerhoff (Deadgoat Racing)1:47.1
David Damery (Blizzard Bike Club)1:48.1
JC Dubeau (Calgary Cycle/Brodie)1:50.2
Tom Brodzinski (Deadgoat Racing)1:51.7
Jason Nadeua (Crazy Legs Racing)1:52.4
Phil Mcdonald (Snakebite Society/Gary Fisher)1:53.5
Nick Woodhouse (Sportchek)1:55.2
Don Mcphalen (Dynamic Cycle)1:57.6
Master Exp Women (3 laps)
Nicole Gemel (Deadgoat Racing)1:38.4
Linda Green (Deadgoat Racing)1:43.6
Kathy Keil (Rundle Mountain)1:50.4
Sr Elite Men (5 laps)
Roddi Lega (United Cycle)1:55.4
Evan Sherman (United Cycle)2:03.3
Shawn Bunnin (Cycledelia)2:03.5
Andre Sutton (Hardcore Racing Club)2:04.5
Steve Martins (Hardcore Racing Club)2:07.3
Sean Anastasiadis (Sportchek)2:10.8
Per Strom (Bicisport)2:11.3
Pat Doyle (Deadgoat Racing)2:14.3
Rob Farthing (Pedalhead)2:16.6
Stephen Couse (Spokebenders)2:23.7
Ryan Draper (Rundle Mountain CC/Giant)DNF
Nick Lynem (Critical Speed)DNS
Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)DNF
Cory Wallace (Bicisport)DNF
Mark Webster (Bianchi Canada)DNS
Sr Elite Women (4 laps)
Madelaine Bate (Terrascape Racing)1:50.5
Annie Tykwinski (Pedalhead)1:53.8
Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat Racing)1:55.3
Karen Martinuk (United Cycle / Titus)2:02.5
Annette Svederus (United Cycle)2:10.9
Laura Whitehead (Independent)DNF
Sr Exp Men (4 laps)
Johnathon Nutbrown (Independent)1:45.8
Andrew Anastasiadis (Sportchek)1:46.0
Keith Bayly (Deadgoat Racing)1:46.4
Bryce Francis (United Cycle)1:47.3
Mike Sarnecki (United Cycle)1:48.8
Dave Kennedy (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:52.8
Dominic Gauvin (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board)1:53.1
Gord Kennedy (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:54.1
Dave Roberts (Snakebite Society)1:55.6
Jay Acheson (United Cycle)2:05.5
Steve Cochrane (Pedalhead)2:08.1
Sr Exp Women (3 laps)
Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing)1:29.2
Kathryn Johnson (United Cycle)1:34.7
Angie Francis (United Cycle)1:35.6
Sandy Ayre (Pedalhead)1:36.3
Marisa Tosi (Terrascape Racing)1:39.6
Danielle Kenny (Bicisport)1:41.8
Pepper Harlton (Dirt Girls)1:42.3
Carrie Williamson (Terrascape Racing)1:42.6
Rebecca Morris (CABC/Projekt One)1:44.7
Maria Dacruz (Dirt Girls)1:46.1
Kim Churchill (Pedalhead)1:53.5
Diane Kennedy (Synergy Racing)1:56.8
Lisa Bowe (Bicisport)2:05.7
Anne-Brit Carter (Snakebite Society)DNF
Erica Virtue (Synergy Racing)DNF
Rebecca Wilkinson (Synergy Racing)DNF
Laura Brown (Bow Cycle)DNF
Sr Sport Men (3 laps)
Dion Clark (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:20.3
Mike Stoner (Pedalhead)1:20.4
John Twells (Pedalhead)1:21.7
Paul Ignatiuk (ERTC)1:23.0
Kevin Bladon (United Cycle)1:23.5
Ben Juchli (Pedalhead)1:23.5
Terry Mckall (Hardcore Racing Club)1:25.0
Roy Custodio (Terrascape Racing)1:25.5
Cory Boddy (Pedalhead)1:26.3
Darin Labonte (United Cycle)1:28.8
Will Critchley (Pedalhead)1:29.2
Brad Kane (Deadgoat Racing)1:29.9
Darin Johnson (United Cycle)1:30.5
Jeremy Myers (Juventus)1:30.9
Kent Lee (Pedalhead)1:31.3
James Cocchio (Cranky's Cranksters)1:31.4
John Shalapay (United Cycle)1:33.7
James Rasmussen (United Cycle)1:33.7
Edward Emes (ERTC)1:34.1
Sam Blades (Juventus)1:35.2
Simon Richard (River Valley Cycle)1:36.6
Scott Book (Pedalhead)1:37.8
David Leblanc (United Cycle)1:41.7
Steve Vinci (Snakebite Society)1:42.6
Nicholas Fournier (Singletrack Cycle)1:43.8
Stefan Dale (Independent)DNF
Mark Shaw (Dynamic Cycle)DNF
Jeremy Smid (United Cycle)DNF
Brock Randal (Rocky Mtn. Bike & Board)DNF
U17 Exp Men (3 laps)
Matt Pauly (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board)1:29.0
Wriley Bell (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n Board)1:29.3


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