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May 30/03 5:02 am - Start list for the Montreal Women's World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/03

Montreal World Cup

Start list for the Montreal Women's World Cup. Start time is 11:30am (EDT). Each lap is 8.3 km and they will do 12 laps. We will be doing live coverage, with a recap and photos after the race.

Plate #NameNationalityTeam
1DEMET-BARRY, Deirdre(USA)T-Mobile
2ANDERSON, Kimberly(USA)T-Mobile
3ARMSTRONG, Kristin(USA)T-Mobile
4BRUCKNER, Kimberly(USA)T-Mobile
5NEBEN, Amber(USA)T-Mobile
6PETERS, Stacey(USA)T-Mobile
11COOKE, Nicole(GBr)Ausra Gruodis - Safi
12BRONZINI, Giorgia(Ita)Ausra Gruodis - Safi
13GILMORE, Rochelle(Aus)Ausra Gruodis - Safi
14PELLEGRINI, Francesca(Ita)Ausra Gruodis - Safi
21CARRIGAN, Sara(Aus)P-P-Bik / Catalunya MIXTE
22LJUNGSKOG, Susanne(Swe)P-P-Bik / Catalunya MIXTE
23VALEN, Anita(Nor)P-P-Bik / Catalunya MIXTE
24ROBB, Kirsty Nicole(NZl)P-P-Bik / Catalunya MIXTE
25BOSMAN, Andrea(Ned)P-P-Bik / Catalunya MIXTE
31JEANSON, Geneviève(Can)Rona - Esker
32WILLOCK, Erinne(Can)Rona - Esker
33MARSAL, Catherine(Fra)Rona - Esker
34LE FLOCH, Magali(Fra)Rona - Esker
35HOLT, Melissa(NZl)Rona - Esker
36BOCKEL, Karen(Ger)Rona - Esker
41BESSETTE, Lyne(Can)Saturn Cycling Team
42JUTRAS, Manon(Can)Saturn Cycling Team
43MACTIER, Katie(Aus)Saturn Cycling Team
44MOORE, Amy(Can)Saturn Cycling Team
45PHILLIPS, Jessica(USA)Saturn Cycling Team
51ROSSNER, Petra(Ger)Nürnberger Versicherung
52WORRACK, Trixi(Ger)Nürnberger Versicherung
54ARNDT, Judith(Ger)Nürnberger Versicherung
55HEMSLEY, Margaret(Aus)Nürnberger Versicherung
56LINDBERG, Madeleine(Swe)Nürnberger Versicherung
71WIESER, Isabella(Aut)Charly Lietzsport
72WIESER, Karin(Aut)Charly Lietzsport
73PILZ, Petra(Aut)Charly Lietzsport
74MEYER, Claudia(Ger)Charly Lietzsport
75BATZ, Sabine(Ger)Charly Lietzsport
81GOLDSTEIN, Leah(Isr)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
82ESPESETH, Sandy(Can)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
83DEMARS, Nicole(Can)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
84ST-JACQUES, Sophie(Can)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
85ROBBINS, Kirsten(Can)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
86FRANGES, Lauren(USA)Victory Brewing/Amoroso's
91WAGNER, Anne(Den)S.A.T.S.
92PEICK-ANDERSON, Christina(Den)S.A.T.S.
93HANSEN, Trine(Den)S.A.T.S.
94MILLER, Meredith(USA)S.A.T.S.
101SCHLEICHER, Regina(Ger)German National Team
102BAHLER, Liane(Ger)German National Team
103STUMPF, Claudia(Ger)German National Team
104LIEBIG, Tina(Ger)German National Team
105SENFF, Theresa(Ger)German National Team
106DUSTER, Sarah(Ger)German National Team
111HEAL, Rachel(GBr)Great Britain National Team
112EDWARDS, Penny(GBr)Great Britain National Team
113GOLDSMITH, Charlotte(GBr)Great Britain National Team
114NEWSTEAD, Frances(GBr)Great Britain National Team
115WALLER, Sara(GBr)Great Britain National Team
121HEEB, Barbara(Sui)Swiss Cycling Team
122BEUTLER, Annette(Sui)Swiss Cycling Team
123RAST, Diana(Sui)Swiss Cycling Team
124GRAB, Sarah(Sui)Swiss Cycling Team
125KUHN, Bettina(Sui)Swiss Cycling Team
131OKI, Miho(Jpn)Japan National
132KARAMI, Miyoko(Jpn)Japan National
133OTSUKA, Ayumu(Jpn)Japan National
134SHIMADA, Hiroko(Jpn)Japan National
141PALMER-KOMAR, Susan(Can)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
142WYNTER, Iona(Jam)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
143SHIRLEY, Maggie(USA)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
144FLEURY, Grace(USA)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
145BLICKEM, Candice(USA)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
146CONSTANTINESCU, Clara(Rom)Genesis Scuba/FFCC
151ST-LAURENT, Katy(Can)Équipe Québec
152HUTSEBAUT, Julie(Can)Équipe Québec
153L'HEUREUX, Caroline(Can)Équipe Québec
154SAMPLONIUS, Anne(Can)Équipe Québec
155BOURBEAU, Stéphanie(Can)Équipe Québec
156GAGNON, élisa(Can)Équipe Québec
161MONAGLE, Julie(USA)Verizon Wireless-Cervélo
162ILTON, Yvonne(USA)Verizon Wireless-Cervélo
163MILLER, Ann-Marie(USA)Verizon Wireless-Cervélo
164FOULKES, Sarah(USA)Verizon Wireless-Cervélo
165DAVIS, Katrina(USA)Verizon Wireless-Cervélo
171CARTER, Erin(Can)Composite 1
172ALBERT, Healter(USA)Composite 1
173MILKOWSKI, Anna(USA)Composite 1
174BEARCE, Catherine(USA)Composite 1


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