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June 8/03 9:02 am - Rose Festival Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 06/8/03

Wellend Rose Festival Criterium WElland, ON

Senior 1/2 Men
1. Pinfold, Andrew (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1 01:26:53
2. Sanowar, Peter (Can) Gearsracing.ComRS1E
3. Lefebvre, Tim (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS1
4. Giuliano, Giusseppe (Can) Atlas Cold - Ital/PastaRS1
5. Whyman, David (NZl) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
6. Miller, Kevin (Buck) (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS1E
7. Lefebvre, Dan (Can) Gearsracing.ComRS2
8. Scheske, Todd (USA) Preferred CareRS1
9. Wieditz, Thorben (?) Thornhill Saab - BiciRS1
10. Mira De Orduna, Ramon (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS2
11. Valenti, Jason (Can) North Ryder.ComRS2
12. Atkins, Christopher (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS2
13. Roth, Ryan (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS1E
14. Estevez, Jose (Can) Major MotionRS2E
15. Morse, Peter (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS1
16. Moore, Michael (Can) Gearsracing.ComRS1
17. Munro, Malcolm (Can) IndependentRS2
18. Hickman, Andrew (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS2
19. Isaac, Chris (Can) Gearsracing.ComRS1E
20. Somme, Stig (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS2
21. Koker, Trevor (Can) True North CyclesRS2
22. Shea, Patrick (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
23. Maclaren, Jason (Can) Neworld CycleRS2
24. Zucchetto, Roy (Can) Pavan Cycling TeamRS2
25. Varghese, Antoine (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
26. Mcarthur, Stirling (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS2
27. Gavin, Duncan (Can) Partone InternationalRS1
28. Simpson, Tait (?) IndependentRS2
29. Randell, Andrew (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS1
30. Wade, Adam (Can) Khs Bicycles CanadaRS2E
31. Small, Simon (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
32. Hansen, Jeffrey (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
33. Hornak, Paul (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS1
34. Rusche, Bryan (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
35. Hall, Josh (Can) Jet Fuel CoffeeRS1
36. Maggiacomo, Daniel (Can) Gearsracing.ComRS1
37. Roth, Greg (Can) IndependentRS2
38. Chown, Nathan (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS2
39. Harris, John (NZl) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
40. Krip, Bruce (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS1
41. Rego, Paul (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRS1
42. Fry, David (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS1
43. Reid, John Christopher (Can) IndependentRS2E
44. Precious, Marc (Can) IndependentRMA all s.t.
DNF. Hines, Justin (Can) IndependentRS2
DNF. Cockburn, Heath (Can) La Bicicletta - J LindebergRS2
DNF. Lee, Robert (USA) Thornhill Saab - BiciRS2
DNF. Mascarenhas, Michael (Can) IndependentRS2
DNF. Ficko, Darko (Can) La Bicicletta - J LindebergRS1
DNF. Thomas, Kenneth (USA) Buffalo Bicycle ClubRS1
DNF. Costello, James (USA) Queen City CycleRS2
DNF. Kelly, Sean (Can) La Bicicletta - J LindebergRS2
DNF. Schiller, Jeff (Can) L.C.W. / Racer SportifRS2E
DNF. Hajdu, Attila (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS2
DNF. Bergman, Axel (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS2
Junior & Senior Women
1. Collins, Merrill (Can) La Bicicletta - J LindebergRS1 1:08:00
2. Black, Chloe (Can) Team Terry PrecisionRS1
3. Brzezicki, Barb (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS3
4. Turrin, Ann (Can) Victory Brewing/Amoroso'sRS1
5. Gidney, Holland (Can) Team AnimusRS3
6. Lagler, Anita (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS3
7. Vincze, Tracy (Can) Khs Bicycles CanadaRS2
8. Chilton, Sarah-Jane (Can) Team AnimusRS3
9. Sacca, Karina (Can) Team AnimusRS3
10. Nelson, Rebecca (Can) IndependentRS3
11. Garnett, Anna (Can) IndependentRS2
12. Finnegan, Kathleen (Can) IndependentRMW
13. Csikos, Meaghan (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRU17
14. Trew, Jenny (Can) Opus CtRS1
15. Mulder, Tara (Can) McMaster Cycling ClubRS2
16. Bedard, Janel (USA) IndependentRS3
17. Coulson, Katie (Can) IndependentRS3
18. Honsberger, Lesley (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS3
19. Christensen, Shelly (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS2 all s.t.
DNF. Tratnyek, Anna (Can) McMaster Cycling ClubRJ
Junior/Senior 3
1. Glass, Shaun (Can) Thornhill Saab - BiciRS3 1:03:07
2. Klinshaw, Robert (USA) Queen City CycleRS3
3. Stock, Eric (Can) IndependentRS3both s.t.
4. Holtzman, Tyler (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRJ at 0:20
5. Hiscock, Rob (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS3
6. West, Robert (Can) IndependentRS3
7. Thuss, Adam (Can) McMaster Cycling ClubRJ
8. Stickle, John-Paul (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS3
9. Barylski, Michael (Can) Khs Bicycles CanadaRJ
10. Mrvelj, Bobby (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS3
11. Telisman, Paul (Can) IndependentRS3
12. Lehman, Kevin (Can) Thornhill Saab - BiciRS3
13. Wilson, Andrew (Can) Atlas Cold - ItalpastaRJ
14. Ainsworth, Christopher (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS3E
15. Kofman, Jordan (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRJ
16. Tuite, Patrick (Can) Midweek Cycling ClubRS3
17. Severin, Cameron (Can) IndependentRS3
18. Cranwell, Shawn (Can) Hamilton Cycling ClubRS3 all s.t.
19. Cleland, Mark (Can) McMaster Cycling ClubRS3 0:28
20. Knapp, Greg (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRJ 2:20
DNF. Sloss, Colin (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing ClubRS3
DNF. Forfar, Matt (Can) IndependentRS3
DNF. Perrish, Jeff (USA) Towners Thompson HealthRS3
DNF. Curtis, Eric (Can) IndependentRS3
DNF. Sidhu, Rob (Can) IndependentRS3
DNF. Stephenson, Wes (Can) St. Catharines Cycling ClubRS3
DNF. Mac Donald, Andrew (Can) Pavan Cycling TeamRS3
DNF. Ramsey, Noel (Can) D'Ornellas Racing TeamRS3E
DNF. Dudko, Henry (Can) Hamilton Cycling ClubRS3
DNF. Salvo, Paul (Can) Lanterne RougeRS3
Master A
1. Aquino, Brent (Pavan Cycling Team)RMA 01:04:20
2. Gruber, Chris (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA at 0:11
3. Eugeni, Paolo (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
4. Maset, Ed (Independent)RMA
5. Mann, Robert (Khs Bicycles Canada)RMA all s.t.
6. Yeates, Gerard (Peterborough Cycling Club)RMA @0:31
7. Mckay, Stuart (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
8. Vincze, Jason (Khs Bicycles Canada)RMA
9. Wood, Chris (Waterloo Cycling Club)RMA
10. Crudel, Eric (Velo Club Bressan)RMA
11. Heck, Stephen (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
12. Peck, Keith (Waterloo Cycling Club)RMA
13. Farrugia, Paul (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
14. Doble, Andrew (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)RMA
15. Barros, Carlos (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA
16. Chow, Jeffrey (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
17. Wall, Stacey (Independent)RMA
18. Rutledge, Mike (Pavan Cycling Team)RMA
19. Makarchuk, Ed (Khs Bicycles Canada)RMA
20. Baumgartner, Tamas (Independent)RMA
21. Liokossis, Antonio (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
22. Lavell, Shane (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMA
23. Skelding, Jeff (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
24. Salisbury, Duncan (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA
25. Anderson, Lorne (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)RMA
26. Robertson, W. Drew (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
27. Zuech, Roberto (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
28. Andrews, Kieran (Peterborough Cycling Club)RMA
29. Simpson, Anthony (Midweek Cycling Club)RMA
30. Villano, Tom (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
31. Chisholm, Douglas (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
32. Forsdike, Michael (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
33. Murison, Scott (Peterborough Cycling Club)RMA
34. Mackellar, Ian (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
35. Paton, Christopher (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
36. Fisher, Ian (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMA all s.t.
DNF. Holland, John (Independent)RMA
DNF. Costello, James (Queen City Cycle)RMA
DNF. Davis, Eric (Independent)RMA
DNF. Kiziak, Chris (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Dorfman, Scott (Handlebars)RMA
DNF. Gramegna, Tom (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
DNF. Cameron, Glenn (Khs Bicycles Canada)RMA
DNF. Peron, Marcus (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Mccart, Chris (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Palmer, Greg (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
DNF. Kulchyski, Adam (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Amaral, Jose Paul (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Helwig, Chris (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMA
DNF. Fitzsimmons, Jason (Independent)RMA
DNF. Howell, Thos (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
DNF. Green, Stuart (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA
DNF. Vani, Roberto (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
DNF. Klobucar, Sean (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
DNF. Ciazynski, Andrew (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA
DNF. Christensen, Derek (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA
DNF. Koops, Derek (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
DNF. Dwyer, Nicholas (Ciclo Sport Racing)RMA
Master BCD/Cadets
1. Polsinelli, Marc (Pavan Cycling Team)RMB 1:04:27
2. Squires, Charlie (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif)RMC
3. Kramer, Stefan (Independent)RMB
4. Shaw, Mark (Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
5. Abbey, Garnett (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
6. Bryce, Aubrey (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMC
7. Mazur, Mirek (Independent)RMB
8. Martini, Mauro (Pavan Cycling Team)RMB
9. Cushing, Greg (Peterborough Cycling Club)RMB
10. Viel, Mike (Pavan Cycling Team)RMC
11. Woolley, David (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMB
12. Camacho, Bruce (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMC
13. Nickorick, Brad (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMB
14. Dean, Paul (L.C.W. / Racer Sportif)RMB
15. Cheskey, Rob (Hamilton Cycling Club)RMB
16. Kiriakopoulos, Chris (Hamilton Cycling Club)RMB
17. Doucet, Craig (Independent)RMB
18. Pepper, Fred (Hamilton Cycling Club)RMB
19. Goncalves, Carlos (Coach Nesbitt Burns)RMB
20. Berger, Mark (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
21. Guenette, Jacques (Independent)RMB
22. Eade, Malcolm (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
23. Larmer, James (Sudbury Cycling Club)RU17
24. Good, Rob (Waterloo Cycling Club)RMB
25. Lysionek, Kris (Sudbury Cycling Club)RU17
26. Pierce, David (Somerset Graphics Racing Team)RMB
27. Hinnen, Mark (McMaster Cycling Club)RU17
28. Zolper, Brian (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
29. Buckley, William (Independent)RMC
30. Porter, Tim (Midweek Cycling Club)RMD
31. Morris, Zack (Independent)RU17
32. Taylor, Blair (Independent)RU17 all s.t
DNF. Davidson-Gurney, James (Independent)RU17
DNF. Morris, Peter (Independent)RMC
DNF. Vermette, Phil (Juventus)RMB
DNF. Norton, Lee (Independent)RMC
DNF. Clift, Richard (Independent)RMB
DNF. Bonin, Tom (Independent)RMB
DNF. Duncan, John (Independent)RMB
DNF. Darch, Jay (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMB
DNF. Faust, Francois (Cyclepath Oakville Racing Team)RMB
DNF. Chang, Howard (Independent)RMB
DNF. Kofman, Peter (Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
DNF. Smith, Donald (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMC
DNF. Ciazynski, Stephen (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMC .


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