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June 16/03 9:25 am - Chrissy Redden Reports From West Virginia, Blizzard Bike Club

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/03

NORBA #2 Snow Summit, West Virginia
June 14,15 2003

Day One: Cross-country

Technical course + Two-10mile loops + Lots of rain in the proceeding weeks + Thunderstorms and constant rain all day friday = Excellent conditions the Subaru/Gary Fisher Team!!

The Proof:

Ryder Hesjedal 1st Men's Cross Country
Chrissy Redden 2nd Women's Cross Country
Mary Grigson 5th Women's Cross Country
Walker Ferguson 9th Men's Cross Country

The Story:
Due to my bad placing at the previous Norba race in Big Bear, I started on the third row today. I knew I had to have an incredible start, as we dipped into the most technical descent of the course within a couple minutes. I enter the first downhill in 3rd. There was slipping, and general chaos as there was no real line and the fastest option was stay on the bike and hope for no trees getting in the way. We entered the bottom single track with Sue Haywood (trek/vw) with a good lead over Katrina Hanusova (luna) and Willow Koerber (RLX). I was close behind.

After that bit of single track I had closed the gap to 2nd and 3rd, passed them, then had my sights on Sue. After a short steep climb, we entered a boggy 1 mile wood section. This section was rideable when I had pre-rode, so obviously I tried riding, but I ended up running/riding/fumbling. About midway thru this section, Katrina ran by me, followed by Alison Dunlap (luna). This was frustrating. Next, Jimena Florit (RLX) passed me, so I started running, only. This was good enough to exit that section in 5th. We finished off lap one in this order. By the bottom of the descent the order had changed as Alison crashed and pulled out and Jimena passed Katrina to take the lead. By the time we hit the bog section again, I had bridged up to Sue, passed her and started catching up to Katrina. I bridge, then passed Katrina in the final 2 miles. The final results were:

1st Jimena Florit (RLX)
2nd Chrissy Redden (Subaru/Gary Fisher)
3rd Katrina Hanusova (Luna)
4th Sue Haywood (Trek/VW and West Virginia Tourism)
5th Mary Grigson (Subaru/Gary Fisher)

6th Trish Sinclair (Gears Racing)
9th Melanie McQuaid (Ford Outfitters)
(gotta list my training partners....!!)

Day 2:

Again, lots of rain! It rained constant from 10am to 3pm!! The short track held up as the finishing straight was asphalt and the back section was gravel. Only a small off-camber grass section. I felt confident after pre-riding because this was the same course as in 2001.....I won that! The race started fast and a group of about 12 formed at the front. Jimena got crashed out in the first lap so she lost quite a bit of time, basically putting her out of contention. The race stayed steady with attacks from Melanie McQuaid, Trish Sinclair, myself and Dara Marks (SOBE headshocks). Sue was playing it smart, staying out of the wind, whereas I liked the front because there was less mud spraying in the eyes! We were down to a tight and motivated group of 7 with 3 laps to go. Dara took a huge attack, but Sue and I were right there....waiting.... then Sue went with 2 to go. I knew I should have went, but Sue just went first. I quickly got on Sue's wheel. I attacked hard to get around her on the final lap, but she was too strong. I then attempted another pass on the downhill, but again, she was ready and too motivated for the win in her home state. My only chance now was to take her on the line and although I knew this would be near impossible on a 25metre stretch, I knew I had to try. We went into the final 180 deg corner almost together, she went wide, I went tight. She fumbled, just for a millisecond, with her gears. This was enough for me to sneak by the inside and take the lead. I push with every fibre in my legs to hold her off for the win. And, I won. What a great feeling to have been 2nd yesterday and 1st today. I'm psyched for the next two weekends in Mt. Snow, Vermont and my favourite course, Mt. St. Anne, Quebec!


1st Chrissy Redden (Subaru/Gary Fisher)
2nd Sue Haywood (Trek/VW)
3rd Katrina Hanusova ( Luna)
4th Mary McConnoloug (Seven Cycles)
5th Melanie McQuaid (Ford Outfitters)

There were a few behind the scenes people that helped my motivation and preparation for this weekend. They are HepC and the E-Town boys, helping me to adhere to my strict diet while training in Victoria. Marnie McBean for sharing a special motivational Barcelona Olympic story. My team-mate Ryder for entertaining me during our epic 13 hr travel day. Our team mechanic Ian for dealing with our grossly muddy bikes....everyday! Our team soigneur Judy for saving my legs!

And, of course, all my amazing sponsors!! Check out my website for all their details!!

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC - June 15
Courtesy Pat Ferris

The team of Vaughn Hildebrand, Gilbert Bilodeau, Ed Fornelli and Pat Ferris won the Ferris Fast Cycles 4-up Team Time Trial, Sunday, under very windy conditions. There time for the 40 km. Cecil lake event was 1:07:40 hours, well over the course record 1:03:00.

In second spot was the team of Robert Martens, Gary Hilderman, Derek Waldron and Roger St. Jean with 1:09:06. Third was the team of Tessa Bilodeau, Ross Garbutt, Jean Guillemette and Anathalie Redmond who had 1:18:35. Lisa Verbisky, Adam Currie and Eric Snucins did 1:21:32 for 4th and Timothy, Jack, Joseph and Trisha Gladysz had 1:30:16 for 5th place.

At the same time, Stephen Ferris was doing a team time trial with the Alberta Junior Abitibi Team in Canmore, Alberta. Their 6-rider team was 5th with a time of 57 minutes for a very hilly 40 km. time trial circuit. Stephen also rode the Alberta Provincial Time Trial Race #1 on Saturday and placed 18th with 1:06:18 in Cat. 4.

Coming Up:
• Thursday: Baldonnel Time Trial with sign on at 6:45 pm.
• Saturday: 100 km individual time trial from Mile 54 to 92 and finishing at Mile 73 Shepherds Inn. Start at 10:00 am from Mile 54.
• Sunday: 40 km individual Cecil Lake Time trial at 10:00 am.


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