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June 21/03 11:03 am - Wrandees XC TT, Blizzard Bike Club Weekly Report

Posted by Editoress on 06/21/03

Wrandees XC TT Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Courtesy Randy and Mark

Results from the TT held Thursday night.
For those of you who don't know, this is a free time trial open to anyone - more will be held later. The course goes from the Cowie Hill entrance to the bottom of roller coaster at the parking lot.

The trail conditions were a little wetter than normal, but it was still a great time, with good weather conditions.

Approx 5km

1. Mark Foster, 24:52
2. Dan Smith, 26:01
3. Rob Klue, 27:43
4. Kyle Swain, 28:23
5. Randy Gray, 28:24
6. Roger Nelson, 30:17
7. Mike Ritter/Clay, 30:42
8. Johnathan Burgess, 32:06
9. Craig Degier, 33:27
10. Jason Martin, 35:10
11. Kona Carl Simoneau, 38:14
12. Anthony Lacopia, 39:40
13. Mark Theriault, 49:18
14. Natalie Burke, 51:05

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC - June 19th
Courtesy Pat Ferris

Dave Damery won the 16 km. Baldonnel time trial, Thursday, with a time of 24:06 minutes. Stephen Ferris was second at 24:36 and Mike Hientzman third at 24:52. Pat Ferris was 4th at 25:25 and Tammy Howes 5th with 27:11.

A crowd of 30 riders turned out on a breezy evening.

Trevor McDonell was 6th at 27:50, David Ferris 27:52, Gilbert Bilodeau 27:55, Joseph Gladysz 28:21 and Wim Kok at 28:37 made the top ten times.

Brian Maddigan was 11th with 28:51, Ross Garbutt 29:04, Richard Wood 29:06, Ken Nix 29:08, Lisa Verbisky 29:41, Tara Wallace 30:19, Jean Guillemette 30:38, Owen Giebelhaus 30:43, Gord Harris 30:46, Adam Currie 31:14, Angus Gourley 31:37, Jack Gladysz 31:38, Keith Koebel 32:03, Erin Drummond 32:37, Sam Keats 33:11, Barb Polehoykie 33:37, Angela Ripley 34:25, Trisha Gladysz 35:35 and Jolea Bilodeau 40:05.

Lois Harris won the 8 km distance with 20:17 minutes.

The Blizzards have a busy weekend ahead of them on three fronts.

In the Yukon, Ed Fornelli and Rod Lewis are riding the Kluane Chilkat International Relay along with 1200 other riders from all over the world, Saturday. Ed and Rod are doing the solo, 238 km. distance from Haines, Yukon, to Haines, Alaska, along the Haines Highway. It will not be a 'brief' ride on the Haines.

A group of Blizzards will also be in Fort Nelson for the Tirecraft Triathlon, Sunday. Ross Garbutt, Gord Harris, Erin Drummond, Barb Polehoykie, Dean Lowry, Keith Koebel and Lisa Verbisky will all be swimming 1 km. cycling 40 km and running 10 km.

Saturday, locally, there is a 100 km individual time trial, along the Alaska Highway. It starts at Mile 54, goes to Mile 92 and finishes at Mile 73 Shepherds' Inn. This event was previously run in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The riders will be out to smash the old 1995 record of 2:30:26. Race time is 10:00 am.

Sunday there is a 40 km. Cecil Lake individual time trial at 10:00 am. S & S Turbines Time Trial Champion Mike Hientzman will be out to improve on his jersey winning time from the last outing.

Monday is Duathlon #4 starting at the Baldonnel School at 7 pm. It features a 2 km run, 8 km. bike and another 2 km. run.


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