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June 24/03 11:53 am - B.C. News

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Delta, Gastown, White Rock Preview
Courtesy organizers

DELTA, BC (June 20, 2003) - It's number one versus number two, a classic showdown between the best in the business. North America's top ranked teams, Prime Alliance and Saturn Cycling will stage a weeklong duel in the streets of Delta, Gastown and White Rock in BC Super Cycling week, July 18 to 27.

"This is going to be a great battle," promises Prime Alliance Team Director Kirk Wilett. "Our teams are pretty evenly matched. We kind of flip flop. Last year we wound up number one in the US and Saturn was ranked number two. This year so far it's the other way around with them winning the big races, like Redlands and Sea Otter, which we won last year. Whenever we go head to head it's pretty close. It all depends on who has the best legs that particular week."

Prime Alliance has confirmed it will send 4 sets of very strong legs to BC to try to end Saturn's monopoly of the men's events. Saturn swept all 5 races last year but is guaranteed a tougher time this year against it's old rival, Prime Alliance, led by a hometown hero, Langley's Svein Tuft.

"We'll definitely be doing all we can to get a win for Svein," reveals Wilett. "All the guys look up to Svein. He's a leader by his personality, his work effort and the sacrifices he makes. He's so incredible as an anchor for our team. He uses a lot of his efforts for his fellow riders and they'd love to repay him in front of his hometown fans."

The 23-year-old Tuft has come close to winning on his own in the last two years in BC. In 2001 he was nosed out at the finish line in a furious sprint to the finish in the Tour de Delta White Spot Road Race won by New Zealand's two-time Commonwealth Games Champion, Graham Miller. Last year Mark McCormack needed crucial blocking tactics from his Saturn teammates to hold off Tuft and win the Tour de Gastown. This year Tuft is looking forward to a more even fight.

In addition to Tuft, Prime Alliance will have 3 other stars in the races which are the climax of the season long SISU BC Cup Series. Alex Candelario, a dangerous sprinter, Ryan Miller of Wenatchee, Washington, a criterium specialist who's won 4 times in the US this year and the team's top racer, Danny Pate, the under 23 World Champion in 2001 is ranked number 3 in the US in 2003, down one spot from his 2nd place ranking last year.

"He hasn't had the big result yet this year but Danny's our top rider day in and day out, he's the most consistent, " says Wilett. "You can't count any of our guys. Depending on how the races shape up with different team tactics we could have anyone win any race. Danny will be a threat in all of them but I think his best race will be White Rock. The hills there suit him really well."

Wilett knows what it takes to win the Tour de White Rock. He was the champion in 1996, one of his final victories before retiring after a long, illustrious career that included an appearance in Gastown in 1992. The BC races are among his fondest memories. "Racing in front of those big crowds in Gastown and White Rock is as good as racing gets in North America," he says. "That's one of the reasons we're bringing a team up there. I don't know much about Delta but I hear it is every bit as good as the other races. The buzz down here (in US racing circles) is that you've got something really special happening up there in BC. It's great to see a new race series with unique courses, top quality racing and super fan support. That's one of the things I remember the most about Gastown and White Rock. The quality of the courses and enthusiasm of the communities was top notch. White Rock especially was a classic urban circuit where the whole community turned out to watch the races. You guys up there are creating a must attend event that all the top teams are going to put on their schedule every year."

Stay tuned for further announcements. There are a lot of top teams that have already added Delta, Gastown and White Rock to their list this year. Organizers are finalizing details and expect to announce in the coming weeks several other prominent teams will be racing here in July.

"It couldn't work out any better," says Rita Clarkson, Racer Director for the Tour de White Rock. "We set out to get more teams that could compete evenly. We didn't want one team dominating as much as Saturn did last year. It's a better show when you have 5 or 6 teams competing instead of just one. This will be one of the best weeks of racing we're ever had."

Squamish Test of Metal Trials - BC
Courtesy organizer

The seventh annual Squamish Test of Metal Trials competition took place on June 22, and once again, new standards of section quality and rider skill were set. Seventy-eight riders took part in this the fourth round of the North American Trials Championship Series, a Canadian record. An unprecedented eighteen Americans made the trip, as well as two riders from Japan. Four women took part - a record - and in a new development, seven unicyclists competed.

The Test of Metal has always been known for the biggest and scariest sections, and this year was no exception. Using an excavator, courtesy of site owner Triack resources, the ToM crew constructed an artificial waterfall in the side of a hill. Riders had to hop from boulder to boulder and try to stay out of the gushing water. Other sections were of the type ToM trials competitors have come to love, with big rocks, big logs and big tires requiring big moves to get through the section. The weather was highly variable, with rain showers followed by bright sunshine and strong breezes. That just made it more interesting for the riders, and the ToM crew quickly responded with extra chicken wire for traction. Pictures can be found at

The Pro Stock category (mountain bikes) was won by Willams Oregon's Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, who had a virtually mistake free day. The only rider within striking distance of Jeremy all day was Mill Bay BC's brilliant fifteen year old pro John Webster, who ended up second. Other notable rides were the second place finishers in expert stock and modified (20" bikes). Justin Lee and Stevie Baia are both twelve years old. To ride at this level at that age is an amazing achievement. Americans won three of the top four categories, and certainly gave the Canadians a competitive standard they will be working hard to meet next year.

The ToM trials crew is composed of key volunteers Dave Heyward, Paul Bryant, Mike Mohr and Dave McCrae. Our thanks also go out to John and Heidi French, Suzanne Kenny, Ted Prior, Tig Cross, Felix Yuen, and Ken Gauthier. We also thank Cliff Millar and the whole Test of Metal organization for logistical support. Finally, we thank all the section judges who volunteered their time in quite inclement weather, and helped make this such a great event.

Robin Coope & Stacey Lobin

Test of Metal Trials Sponsors:
Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital
Sea to Sky Ocean Sports
Squamish White Spot
Adidas Eyewear
Triack Resources
Paintball Games of Squamish
District of Squamish
Harold's Auto Recycling
Howe Sound Inn
Squamish IGA

Results (max = 60 points)

Pro Modified
1. Steidley, Mike 16 pts. (New Haven, CT)
2. Cecil, Ryan 19 pts. (Asheville, NC)
3. Maeda, Zak 38 pts. (Temple City, CA)
4. Baia, Jason 40 pts. (Anmore, BC)

Pro Stock
1. VanSchoonhoven, Jeremy -3 pts. (Williams, OR)
2. Webster, John 3 pts. (Mill Bay, BC)
3. Steidley, Mike 18 pts. (New Haven, CT)
4. Korba, Dylan 26 pts. (Port Moody, BC)
5. Nathans, Matt 27 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
6. Bentham, Mike 28 pts. (Victoria, BC)
7. Dickin, Stephen 28 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)
8. Anderson, Jeff 36 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)
9. Herr, Dave 42 pts. (Calgary, AB)
10. Hueber, Peter 43 pts. (New Westminster, BC)
11. Goj, Dennis 52 pts. (Port Moody, BC)
12. Lynne, Ryan 58 pts. (Port Moody, BC)

Expert Modified
1. Morgan, Stephen 19 pts. (San Leandro, CA)
2. Baia, Steve 29 pts. (Anmore, BC)
3. Klausnic, Tyler 40 pts. (Seattle, WA)
4. Fukano, Casey 45 pts. (Mercer Island, WA)
5. Pitts, Chris 52 pts. (Memphis, TN)

Expert Stock
1. Adelman, Dave 20 pts. (Victoria, BC)
2. Lee, Justin 37 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)
3. Le, Alex 43 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)
4. Bertolutti, Roman 52 pts. (Kelowna, BC)
4. Listes, Andy 52 pts. (Germantown, TN)
6. Hazlett, Alex 52 pts. (Belcarra, BC)
7. Okamura, Shuji 53 pts. (Tajimi, Gifu, Japan)
8. Shiramizu, Kevin 57 pts. (Denver, CO)
9. Lyon, Erik 58 pts. (Victoria, BC)
10. Gilbert, Joe 60 pts. (Victoria, BC)
11. Mason, Kurt 60 pts. (Schnectady, NY)
12. McCullough, Brett 60 pts. (Victoria, BC)
13. Nickels, Jason 60 pts. (Victoria, BC)
14. Scott, Matthew 60 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
15. Wolford, John 60 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
16. Yuen, Felix 60 pts. (Vancouver, BC)

Sport Modified
1. MacRae, Dylan 14 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)
2. Pakenham, Andreas 25 pts. (Victoria, BC)
3. Barker, Matt 35 pts. (Victoria, BC)
4. Froese, Tyler 37 pts. (Coquitlam, BC)

Sport Stock
1. Fox, Matt 5 pts. (Victoria, BC)
2. Lloyd, Dave 12 pts. (Victoria, BC)
3. Jenkins, Chris 12 pts. (Surrey, BC)
4. Patterson, Scott 12 pts. (Victoria, BC)
5. Morrison, Mike 15 pts. (Victoria, BC)
6. McSkimming, James 16 pts. (Whistler, BC)
7. Kleffman, Lance 16 pts. (Charlotte, NC)
8. St. John, Cole 19 pts. (Oakland, OR)
9. Eunson, Evan 20 pts. (Victoria, BC)
10. Spann, Anthony 20 pts. (Riverside, CA)
11. Wilson, Ian 24 pts. (Courtenay, BC)
12. Phelps, Sam 25 pts. (Simi Valley, CA)
13. Wiens, Trevor 28 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
14. Williams, Blake 32 pts. (Comox, BC)
15. Howard, Trevor 33 pts. (Abbotsford, BC)
16. Gara, Dallas 34 pts. (Calgary, AB)
17. Grimsmo, John 41 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
18. Sherman, Chuck 41 pts. (Winchester, OH)
19. Szpytman, Mark 43 pts. (Port Moody, BC)
20. Moreland, Joel 44 pts. (Seattle, WA)
21. Tsuji, Yoshito 51 pts. (Victoria, BC)

Beginner Modified
1. Jensen, Todd 32 pts. (Victoria, BC)
2. Goodwin, John 44 pts. (Anmore, BC)
3. Christie-Labonville, Stacey 60 pts. (Squamish, BC)

Beginner Stock
1. Chen, Jack 55 pts. (Langley, BC)
2. Gosline, Andrew 58 pts. (Vancouver, BC)

1. Holm, Kris 15 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
2. Atkins, Ryan 20 pts. (Brooklin, ON)
3. Heaton, Dan 26 pts. (Bellevue, WA)
4. Crayston, Jesse 50 pts. (Shawnigan Lake, BC)
5. Groves, Jeff 50 pts. (Toronto, ON)
6. Kohse, Justin 51 pts. (Crofton, BC)

1. Tressel, Caryn 38 pts. (Port Moody, BC)
2. Korba, Georgia 52 pts. (Port Moody, BC)
3. Cross, Suzanne 54 pts. (Vancouver, BC)
4. Evans, Meg 60 pts. (Vancouver, BC)

Blizzard Bike Club - Fort St John, BC
Courtesy Pat Ferris

June 22, 2003

In the Yukon, Ed Fornelli and Rod Lewis rode the 150 mile Kluane Chilkat International Relay in the 'solo' division along with 1200 other riders from all over the world, Saturday. Ed was 11th with a time of 10:12:00 hours and Rod Lewis 12th at10: 22:00. Scott Damman of Colorado won the solo event with a time of 7:02:12 hours.

The 150-mile, 238 km. distance is from Haines, Yukon, to Haines, Alaska, along the Haines Highway. Conditions were described as having a relentless wind and was very gruelling.


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