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July 7/03 6:55 am - Fantasy Pool Standings, Riders Wanted, Saskatchewan Results

Posted by Editor on 07/7/03

Fantasy Pool Standings...

Are posted. Click on the link at the top of the browser window.

Riders Wanted for Brazil Tour

We are looking for riders interested in racing in the Tour of Santa Catarina, a UCI 2.5, ten stage race. As an international team, we would have free entry, hotels, transportation and meals. We just have to get there, and at the moment it's about $1300 CDN for the flight (less from Toronto).

The dates of the race are August 28-September 7. We have accomodation for a week before the race. We need riders with a UCI Elite license (espoirs are fine) and a passport. Although the race is not for awhile, the organization needs to know very soon if we have a team, so they can reserve the hotels etc.

This race has amazing organization and the people are very friendly and supportive. If you are interested, please e-mail Darren Vogler ( for more information.

Regina Stage Race - Saskatchewan Cup #5
Courtesy Saskatchewan Cycling

July 5-6 2003

#Category2/3Stage 1 Road RacePlaceStage 2 Time TrialPlaceStage 3 Crit.Place"Stage 4 Prime/BonusGC TimeGC PlaceTime Diff.City/Club
7Daniel Tomczak3:33:3820:18:3780:48:5720:00:304:40:421Regina
1Shawn Bunnin3:33:3610:18:3780:48:5110:00:154:40:492-0:00:07Saskatoon
4Brad Kerr 3:35:2440:17:5350:49:150:00:154:42:173-0:01:35Regina Cycle Club
10Stephen Meyer3:39:0260:17:4630:52:164:49:044-0:08:22BC
8Roger Bing-Wo3:39:0270:18:1870:52:484:50:085-0:09:26BC
11Jeff Klassen3:44:54100:16:4610:50:454:52:256-0:11:43Alberta
3Kyle Hanstead3:44:3690:17:2220:51:294:53:277-0:12:45Saskatoon
2Matt Walker 3:44:3080:17:5760:49:1134:51:388-0:10:56Saskatoon
6Scott Cranston3:45:04110:17:4840:49:150:00:154:51:52-0:11:10Saskatoon/Cycledelia
9Wade Wallace3:34:113dnsAlberta
5Mike Lawford3:35:325dnsAlberta
#Category 4Stage 1 Road RacePlaceStage 2 Time TrialPlaceStage 3 Crit.Place"Stage 4 Prime/BonusGC TimeGC PlaceTime Diff.City/Club
35Brett McKay2:09:5410:17:1410:46:2410:00:353:12:571Manitoba
42Justin Warsylewicz2:09:5920:17:2620:46:453:14:102-0:01:13Regina Cycle Club
54Rob Howse2:10:1140:18:0030:46:243:14:353-0:01:38Porcupine Plaine
30Frank Matus2:10:0930:18:2540:46:243:14:584-0:02:01Martensville
36Jason Christbason2:11:0190:18:5950:46:2433:16:245-0:03:27Regina Cycle Club
39Scott Jardine2:11:02100:19:1360:46:243:16:396-0:03:42Manitoba
41Kevin Woodard2:10:5250:19:3480:46:240:00:053:16:457-0:03:48Regina Cycle Club
50Patrick Dumont2:11:49130:19:1370:46:240:00:103:17:168-0:04:19Manitoba
47Albert Chin2:10:5770:19:44100:46:453:17:269-0:04:29Manitoba
40Neil Clarke2:10:5980:20:18130:46:453:18:0210-0:05:05Saskatoon
48Steve Szmilek2:11:08110:20:54190:46:240:00:053:18:2111-0:05:24Manitoba
57Darrell Kaczynski2:11:53150:20:13120:46:243:18:3012-0:05:33Regina
46Dave Bitchy2:11:43120:20:48170:46:2423:18:5513-0:05:58Regina Cycle Club
32Frank Bohle2:11:51140:20:49180:47:493:20:2914-0:07:32Saskatoon
34Garry Huculick2:12:01160:19:4390:49:393:21:2315-0:08:26Saskatoon
31Ken Orr 2:14:50190:19:55110:48:483:23:3316-0:10:36Churchbridge/RCC
43Chris Yeo2:18:10200:20:36160:47:490:00:153:26:2017-0:13:23Saskatoon
38Rick Vicaras2:19:37220:21:42220:46:453:28:0418-0:15:07Regina
52Phil Anderson2:19:32210:21:11200:48:373:29:2019-0:16:23Regina
49George J. Kokonas2:27:37230:21:39210:48:483:38:0420-0:25:07Regina Cycle Club
53Dave Brooks2:36:00240:20:19140:46:243:42:4321-0:29:46Regina Cycle Club
56Irv Tremblay2:14:09180:20:3015dnsRegina
55Hans Roeger2:10:536dnsSaskatoon
33Garth Patterson2:12:2417dnsSaskatoon
#Category 5Stage 1 Road RacePlaceStage 2 Time TrialPlaceStage 3 Crit.Place"Stage 4 Prime/BonusGC TimeGC PlaceTime Diff.City/Club
82Ben Remple1:44:5130:19:4310:30:4710:00:202:35:011Saskatoon
81Tyler Foy1:44:4520:20:1430:30:4720:00:152:35:312-0:00:30Prince Albert
89Bob Yee1:44:5440:20:1220:30:5032:35:563-0:00:55Regina Cycle Club
88Cody Canning1:44:4310:21:0340:30:5640:00:052:36:374-0:01:36Lumsden
85Zlatan Fazlagic1:44:5650:21:4650:33:3152:40:135-0:05:12Regina
84Enio Ricci 1:45:2260:21:5560:33:3162:40:486-0:05:47Regina Cycle Club
#WomenStage 1 Road RacePlaceStage 2 Time TrialPlaceStage 3 Crit.Place"Stage 4 Prime/BonusGC TimeGC PlaceTime Diff.City/Club
63Susan Clarke1:46:4410:23:1820:31:2720:00:202:41:091Saskatoon
61Crystal Barlas 1:55:4930:29:4360:31:2710:00:152:56:442-0:15:35Regina Cycle Club
62Sarah Figley2:13:4340:24:0430:31:3230:00:053:09:143-0:28:05Saskatoon
87Hannah Dueck2:25:2050:26:0340:31:3443:22:574-0:41:48Saskatoon
86Nicole Lynn2:43:1660:26:1350:31:5153:41:205-1:00:11Saskatoon
60Susan Bladykodnf0:22:271dnsRegina Cycle Club
64Saskia Harvey1:48:372dnsMoose Jaw/Multi-Laser


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