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June 1/98 1:23 am - B.C., Ontario, Manitoba, Anand Wins, Giro

Posted by Editor on 06/1/98

Canada Cup Downhill - Horseshoe Valley
(notice from Glenn Meeuwisse - Hardwood Hills)

I have just spoken to the management at Horseshoe Valley, and there is considerable concern about riders on the ski hill and course.  There is no First Aid available and this poses a huge liability risk.  It was made very clear on the entry form that pre-riding is restricted to specific training times only.  Horseshoe will remove their support as a Downhill site if this continues. There has been reports of renegade trail "work" and destruction by unapproved individuals trying to make the course better (read easier).

Any person found riding the course, or changing the course without specific permission may be charged with TRESSPASSING, VANDALISM, and we will request their DISQUALIFICATION by the Chief Official. Sorry for the heavy hand - we want to keep this fun and fair. See you Thursday for walking inspection, Friday for full training with the lift running.

P.S. Entries are still being accepted for pre race day prizes and draws, so get yours in today!

Cyclo-Cross Nationals in Doubt

We are sorry to report that the organizer for the `Cross Nationals has withdrawn. Citing work-related commitments, Valerie Davidge has informed the CCA that she will not be able to organize the event this year. The CCA has not had a chance to respond to this decision yet, but I spoke with Pierre Hutsebaut and Lisa Davey at the Victoria World Cup. They said that the CCA is certainly willing to consider other bids from interested parties. Please contact them if you are interested. The e-mail address is:

UBC Time Trials Cancelled

The weekly UBC Thursday Night Timetrials have bee canceled until further notice due to road access problems. Race will be moved to possibly Iona, Richmond in the next week or two. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you want to know the new race location or when the race will start again, please email Rodney Hsu ( or phone (604) 272-6956.

Manitoba Report (courtesy Dave Benson)

Wow what an event!  Today's Bring - a - Friend Mountain Bike event at Roseisle attracted approximately 170 riders, from all ability levels and ages.  Hardcore riders rattled the corridors and hallways and brought out their friends to test their skill at the sport we have become so involved in.

A special thanks to race organizer Dave Barclay for the superb effort in organizing and presenting the day to the mountain bike community.  The course was challenging and  exceptionally well marked.

There were several race categories competing on one of three different courses with some shared sections.  The Gaffers  (10 and under) were the first to try out the new starter lap which gives all the spectators a chance to see the riders before they head out on the main course.  A feature being added to accommodate the Pan Am Games event at this location next summer.

Race Results are as follows:

Under 14: Modified Single Lap - Winning time 20:51

1st Kelley Borup,
2nd George McMillan,
3rd Joshua Friesen,
4th Justin Stadnyk,
5th Rene Regimbald

Beginner: Modified Double Lap - Winning time

They got a little lost on  the starter loop - results are a little confusing....Congratulations to David Gerrard, Kevin Clapperton, Don Fuentes, Sheila Thompson, Kent Woloschuk and Myron Dirks, Jeff Braun, Daniel Corbeil, Laura Petkau, Gaye Clapperton.

Sport 1 approx 9km - Winning Time 43:20

1st Corey Dyck
2nd Mike Davies,
3rd Howard Ryant,
4th Kevin Newton,
5th Matthew Blatz

Sport 2 approx 17 km - Winning time  1:05:59

1st Vychan Penner,
2nd Jay Harrison,
3rd Hans Friesen, 
4th Neil Jenkins,
5th Jason Holm

Sport Women approx 17km - Winning time 1:33:12

1st Gwen Blatz,
2nd Lynn Colliou,
3rd Janet Blatz,
4th Carol Luttmer,
5th Sherry Reich.

Veteran Expert: approx 33km - Winning time 1:54:29

1st Paul Lapointe - Olympia
2nd Lindsay Gauld - Olympia
3rd Scot Miller - Olympia
4th Gord Hamm - Olympia
5th Louis Corbeil - Olympia

Expert:  approx 33 km - Winning time: 2:03:30

1st Richard Clapperton - Steinbach
2nd Ken Stojak - Good Guys/Kona
3rd Alex Mann - Golden Boy
4th John Hillis -  A&L
5th Bob Moritz - A&L

Expert Women approx 25 km - Winning time - 2:14:28

1st Dionne Williams

Elite:  approx 41 km

1st Sean Anastasiadis - Olympia - 2:08:30
2nd Gilles Corbeil - Olympia - 2:14:34
3rd Brett Zagozewski - Olympia - 2:15:34
4th Andy Anastasiadis - Olympia - 2:19:59
5th Morgan Porath - Olympia - 2:23:00

Commissaires:  Michelle Barclay and Tom Stadnyk

Ziggy‚s O‚Cup Road Race

Keith Peck has just sent us the address for the website for this race:

Anand, Schuster Win Overall Titles At Enchanted Mountain
(courtesy Frank Stanley, USA Cycling)

OLEAN, N.Y. -- The final stage of the Enchanted Mountain stage race provided no major upsets to the overall competition, but this technical criterium course provided plenty of excitement. With eight corners packed into a 0.85-mile loop, along with numerous painted crosswalks causing slick corners, the race leaders were kept anxious.

The 60 rider women's pack quickly began thinning out in the first few laps, before a four-rider breakaway pounded off at the mid-way point of the 23 mile race. The four riders - Saturn's Dede Demet, Giana Roberge and Susy Pryde (both Saeco-Timex), and Joan Wilson (Celestial Seasonings) swelled their lead to 35 seconds at the bell lap. Demet popped out of the last corner in the top spot, almost crashing as her bike slid sideways on a dry but slick crosswalk marking. Pryde wasn't so lucky, as she hit the tarmac right behind. Demet snagged the stage win, with Wilson in second. Race leader Pam Schuster (Saeco- Timex) cruised in with the field 39 seconds later to take the overall win.

The 35-mile Pro-1-2 men's race began without incident, but after just eight laps officials ordered the race neutralized and instructed riders to take cover - lightening was crashing, and rain began pouring down. With the streets soaking wet, many riders and managers were calling for the potentially hazardous stage to not be counted for overall classification. But after a 45-minute delay, and the skies yielding only occasional drizzle, the race continued as planned. Numerous riders chose not to start. On the wet streets, the field began breaking up, with the eventual fallout being a lead pack of only 30 riders. Shooting off the front with 15 laps to go was Iowa Spoke's Jason McCartney, who tempoed away and built his lead to a maximum of 40 seconds. McCartney held on for the win, with GS Mengoni's Oscar Pineda edging Go-Mart's Ashley Powell in the group sprint. Mercury's Matt Anand finished safely in the field to claim the overall win.

Stage Three, Baxter/Snow Memorial Criterium

Men, 35 miles

1.JASON MCCARTNEY (IOWA SPOKE), n.a., one hr, 2.52 secs;
2. Oscar Pineda (GS Mengoni), Bronx, N.Y., @:27;
3. Ashley Powell (Go-Mart), Greensboro, N.C., s.t.;
4. Tom Davis (Team Jeep), s.t., Mashpee, Mass.;
5. Kevin Monahan (Breakaway Couriers), Northampton, Mass., s.t.

Final GC

1. MATT ANAND (MERCURY), Calgary, Alb., Canada, four hrs, 20 mins, 34 secs
2. David Zabriskie (Team Jeep), Salt Lake City, Utah, @:34;
3. Curt Davis (Wheelworks), Branford, Conn., @:44;
4. T. Davis, @:50;
5. Adam Sbeih (Nutra Fig), Sacramento, Calif., @:57,
6. Paul Martin (Navigators), N. Royalton, Ohio, @1:04;
7. McCartney, @1:11
8. Thurlow Rogers (Mercury), Van Nuys, Calif., @1:16;
9. T. Burke Swindlehurst (Nutra Fig), Hurricane, Utah, @1:16;
10. Sean Nealy (Kissena), Boston, Mass., @1:22.

Women, 21 miles

1. DEDE DEMET (SATURN), Boulder, Colo., 51 mins, 18 secs;
2. Joan Wilson (Celestial Seasonings), Palo Alto, Calif., s.t.;
3. Giana Roberge (Saeco-Timex), Saratoga Springs, N.Y., s.t.;
4. Susy Pryde (Saeco-Timex), Auckland, New Zealand, s.t.;
5. Kendra Wenzel (Saeco-Timex), McKenzie Bridge, Ore., @:35.

Final GC

1. PAM SCHUSTER (SAECO-TIMEX), Northridge, Calif., three hrs, 23 mins, 29 secs;
2. Pryde, @:55;
3. Louisa Jenkins (Shaklee), Boulder, Colo., @1:38;
4. Elizabeth Emery (Saturn), New York, N.Y., @1:46;
5. Wilson, @2:22;
6. Roberge, @2:24;
7. Tina Mayolo,(PowerBar), Athens, Ga., @5:11;
8. Wenzel, @5:23;
9. Demet, @5:24;
10. Cheryl Binney (Ralph's-Klein), Los Angeles, Calif., @5:52.

Giro d‚Italia

Stage 16 - Udine to Asiago, 227 km

1 FONTANELLI Fabiano ITA 5:53:53
3 SCIREA Mario ITA all s.t.
4 PICCOLI Mariano ITA at 0:07
6 LODA Nicola ITA
8 OCHOA P. Javier ESP all s.t.
9 MOLLER Claus Michael DEN 0:13
10 GUIDI Fabrizio ITA 3:11


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