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June 3/98 6:17 am - Racergirl, Giro GC

Posted by Editor on 06/3/98

Racergirl Launches

Last weekend, while in Victoria, I had dinner with Melanie McQuaid - the pro mountain biker sponsored by Rocky Mountain. We talked about a new initiative that she is heading up, called Racergirl. Racergirl is intended to encourage young girls and women to become involved in the sport of cycling. To that end, the Racergirl Foundation will invest in cycling programs and camps for women. Melanie has committed to donating 10% of her race winnings into the Foundation. The Racergirl website was launched today, and will contain (among other things) a weekly report from the pro circuit by Melanie. You can visit the Racergirl website at

Giro d‚Italia

General Classification (after stage 18)

1. Marco Pantani (Italy) Mercatone Uno 83:48:46
2. Pavel Tonkov (Russia) Mapei at 0:27
3. Giuseppe Guerini (Italy) Polti 1:47
4. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) Festina 2:08
5. Oscar Camenzind (Switzerland) Mapei 5:37
6. Nicola Miceli (Italy) Riso Scotti 8:07
7. Daniel Clavero (Spain) Vitalicio 11:59
8. Paolo Bettini (Italy) Asics 13:10
9. Joe Luis Rubiera (Spain) Kelme 13:23
10. Sergei Gontchar (Ukraine) Cantina Tollo 15:28
11. Gianni Faresin (Italy) Mapei 17:49
12. Wladimir Belli (Italy) Festina 18:05
13. Leonardo Piepoli (Italy) Saeco 18:32
14. Stefano Garzelli (Italy) Mercatone Uno 18:46
15. Massimo Podenzana (Italy) Mercatone 20:13
16. Daniele de Paoli (Italy) Ros Mary 21:23
17. Marco Magnani (Italy) Cantina Tollo 22:35
18. Riccardo Forconi (Italy) Mercatone Uno 24:10
19. Andrea Noe (Italy) Asics 24:17
20. Claus Moller (Denmark) TVM 24:18

New Sponsor

You will see a new, temporary, advertiser giving us a trial run over the next 24 hours - please make them feel welcome.

The Pro Comp Story

Stay tuned for the full story on why Pro Comp has pulled out of cycling - later this evening.


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