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August 21/03 11:39 am - Manitoba Provincial XC Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/21/03

Manitoba Provincial XC Championships
Courtesy Wayne Lacko

Results from the Manitoba Provincial XC Championships held at Asessippi Ski Area MB, on Sunday, August 17

Elite 4 Laps Minus 2 Minutes
Neil Grover1:31:45
Jim Brogden1:40:15
Ron Kaulins1:45:30
Patrick Humennydnf
Jonah Clarkdnf
Espoir 4 Laps Minus 2 Minutes
Ed Blanchette1:36:54
Leith McLeod1:49:39
Rylan Lundgren1:53:16
Junior Expert 3 Laps
Phil Bietz1:13:21
Jon Benson1:19:35
Justin Enns1:22:02
Daniel Nemetchek1:23:24
Eric Scheepers1:31:58
Jay Hawranik1:33:16
Drew Hawranikdnf
Senior Expert 3 Laps Minus 3 Minutes
Ryan Fillion1:15:56
Jeremy Doerksen1:17:33
Leonard Levine1:18:25
Jonathan Durocher1:21:55
Allan Robertson1:26:36
Vincent Boothe1:28:31
Ian Halldnf
30+ Expert 3 Laps Minus 3 Minutes
Dallas Sigurdson1:23:20
Steve Hjorleifson1:28:39
Delwin Dueck1:48:42
David Dorningdnf
40+ Expert 3 Laps Minus 3 Minutes
Rob Brigden1:20:04
Don Sissons1:22:41
Bill Benson1:23:38
John Hillis1:27:59
Tim Friesen1:35:56
Bill Ralphdnf
Junior Expert (F) 2 Laps Minus 4 Minutes
Kylie Case1:00:27
Senior Expert (F) 2 Laps Minus 4 Minutes
Naomi Humenny1:02:32
Ginette Bazin1:34:47
30+ Expert (F) 2 LapsMinus 4 Minutes
Karin McSherrydnf
Under 17 Expert 2 LapsMinus 4 Minutes
Nick Lacko56:34
Vincent Blanchette56:35
30+ Sport 2 Laps Minus 7 Minutes
Mike Abraham59:24
Kevin Braun1:02:27
Doug Loeppky1:03:08
Chris Reimer1:07:58
Tim Loewen1:08:12
Scott Jardine1:09:55
Danny Reimer1:11:49
Tim Woodcock1:12:50
Eric Larson1:12:58
Chris Labossiere1:13:54
Rob Kirchmann1:15:00
Arthur Gullachsen1:16:55
Jason Bergerondnf
Senior Sport 2 LapsMinus 7 Minutes
Terry Friesen1:02:38
Nolan Koop1:05:11
Jeremy Silcox1:06:06
Chad Finlay1:16:22
Tyler Neufelddnf
Junior Sport 2 LapsMinus 7 Minutes
Gregg Semiuk1:11:52
Chris Ciastko1:28:00
40+ Sport 2 Laps Minus 9 Minutes
Richard Pettit1:07:58
Cameron McLaren1:08:00
Rob Nagy1:08:23
Garth McLaren1:11:38
Don Sawatsky1:12:08
Brad Enns1:14:00
Murray Kernaghan1:17:17
Andre Compte1:19:38
Mike Kuezer1:23:32
Dave Johnston1:24:55
John Scheepers1:30:47
Kevin Newtondnf
Gary Sewelldnf
Harold Loewendnf
50+ Sport 2 LapsMinus 9 Minutes
John Hawranik1:13:50
Dave Benson1:17:36
Ron Reimer1:30:17
Under 15 2 Laps
Paul Benson1:06:33
Michael Johnston1:07:04
Mac Brentnall1:10:46
Steffan Reimer1:16:30
Tyler Routledge1:20:39
Russell Thiessendnf
Under 17 Sport 2 Laps50:1
Matthew McLaren1:16:28
David Peters1:29:39
Tyler Brigden1:39:23
Under 15 (F) 1 LapMinus 11 Minutes
Leah Kirchmann47:14
Amanda Hardie1:24:26
Senior Sport (F) 2 Laps
Heather Grover1:19:36
Deanne Cote1:23:58
Seema Saini1:51:57
Laura Braundnf
Roxanne Koopdnf
30+ Sport (F) 1 Lap Minus 11 Minutes
Laurie Murray1:17:08
40+ Sport (F) 1 LapMinus 11 Minutes
Lee Benson50:10
50+ Sport (F) 1 LapMinus 11 Minutes
Dianne Reimer1:01:12
Under 13 3 Laps
Scott Benson12:11
John Kernaghan16:06
Zac Page19:2
Marcus Gooch22:55
Under 13 (F) 3 Laps
Paige Murray16:16
Cede Brentnall17:55
Anna Schappert19:40
Under 11 2 Laps
Christopher Benson8:36
Austin Blanchette10:57
Under 11 (F) 2 Laps
Teagan Routledge17:50
Under 9 (F) 1 Lap
Mil Brentnall7:26
Mackenzie Murray7:38
Sydney Murray8:40


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