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Specialized Spring Into Summer CC1 May 5

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August 30/03 12:56 pm - Green Mtn Prologue, BC Track

Posted by Editor on 08/30/03

Green Mountain Stage Race - Vermont

Prologue ITT 8.1 miles

1Mark McCormackSaturn28:16.91
2Cameron HughesLeMond Fitness/Captain Cra-Z Soap28:20.42
3Tim JohnsonSaturn28:21.73
4Jon HamblenFiordifrutta/Wheelworks28:27.46
5Justin SpinelliNavigators Cycling Team28:41.75
6Ciaran PowerNavigators28:50.53
7Philip WongEssex County Velo28:51.16
8Mike DietrichFiordifrutta/Wheelworks28:52.21
9Robbie KingGS CIAO28:53.12
10Andrew KnightLouis Garneau Racing28:55.15
14Ian BeilbyLouis Garneau Racing29:08.93
15Jean-Francois Larochetrek volkswagen29:10.37
16Alexandre NadeauAD OPT Cycling Team29:11.40
18Stig SommeJet Fuel Coffee29:13.96
19Alex LavalleeVolkswagen-Trek29:19.78
23Christian MeierCanadian National development29:28.49
25Jean-luc PiloteClub Espoirs de Laval29:31.53
27Mark WaltersNavigators Cycling Team29:40.13
32Dan MaggiacomoGearsRacing.Com29:45.62
39Bruno Langloisvolkswagentrek30:08.17
40Martin St-LaurentTeam Volkswagen Trek30:09.00
42Brandon CrichtonCanadian National development30:16.18
48Martin LazarskiGearsracing.com30:23.61
50Dan CassidyLouis Garneau Racing30:30.25
51Yann DevilleClub Gervaix Rioux/Medico-Sportif30:35.03
57Mathieu RoyEspoirs Laval30:45.21
59Pascal Choquettetrek-volkwagen30:50.92
62Antoine StundnerEspoirs de Laval31:04.16
65Teddy KingLouis Garneau Racing31:14.92
66Matt PattersonGearsracing.com31:20.64
68Raphaël TremblayCanadian National development31:24.48
73Kevin LacombeCanadian National development31:35.54
76Warren TilbrookGearsRacing.Com32:15.75
1Geneviève JeansonRona-Esker 31:44.01
2Johanna BuickRona-Esker 34:06.47
3Shani BlockRona-Eskar 34:25.99
4Kristen LasassoRona-Esker 34:50.03
5Kerry LitkaDansko/Wheelworks 34:52.73
6Sara BresnickDansko-Wheelworks34:56.52
7Aimee VasseIF/Wheelworks35:01.41
8Stéphanie BourbeauÉquipe du Québec35:07.08
9Katheryn CuriRona-Eskar35:15.06
10Suz WeldonAshmead College / King 5 TV35:15.42
11Émilie RoyCanadian Cycling35:19.02
13Danelle KabushTeam Ontario35:25.60
17Brooke OuradaRona-Eskar35:46.11
21Audrey LemieuxQuebec Team36:15.27
24Jennifer StephensonTeam Ontario36:19.51
25Tara MulderTeam Ontario36:23.08
27Amy MooreTeam Ontario36:28.33
28Julie HutsebautÉquipe du Québec36:40.70
29Julie Belanger36:42.74
33Anna GarnettTeam Ontario37:07.16
38Magalie BoulayÉquipe du Québec37:28.72
40Emily SandwithCanadian National development37:36.11
43Geneviève LeblancÉquipe du Québec38:07.70
45Marie-Pier BédardCanadian National development38:32.70
49Geneviève GagnonÉquipe du Québec38:52.40
51Anna TratnyekCanadian National development39:23.92
dnfMylène LalibertéQuebec Team

Thursday Night Track Cycling Series - Juan de Fuca Velodrome, Victoria, B.C.

August 28, 2003

30 lap Scratch Race

Group A
1st. Charles Durrant
2nd. Chris Anstey
3rd. Mark Butschler

Group B
1st. Bart McCombe
2nd. Dave Shishkoff
3rd. Sarah Kirby

Miss and Out Race (last rider each lap eliminated)

Group A
1st. Rumon Carter
2nd. Keith Bruneau
3rd. Chris Anstey
4th. Kerry Blain

Group B
1st. Jim Holtz
2nd. Sarah Kirby
3rd. Dave Shishkoff

Chariot Race (one lap from standing start)

Group A
1st. Keith Bruneau
2nd. Charles Durrant
3rd. Kerry Blain
4th. Chris Anstey

Group B
1st. Jim Holtz
2nd. Sarah Kirby
3rd. Bart McCombe

Flying One Lap Time Trial
1st. Dave Shishkoff - 24.19 sec.
2nd. Jim Holtz - 24.76
3rd. Bart McCombe- 26.51

Dr. Wayne Walker
Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team


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