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August 30/03 7:14 am - Masters Worlds XC Full Results

Posted by Editor on 08/30/03

Women 30-34
1. Marie-Claude Letarte (CAN) Independant27:57.6
2. Stephanie Martinek (CAN) Squire Johns/ Specialized35:06.4
3. Lauren Costantini (USA) Independant36:22.0
4. Ruby Evans (USA) Helens Cannondale40:24.5
5. Julie St-Cyr (CAN) La Cordée42:59.6
6. Josée Riverrin (CAN) Normandin/CBSF46:21.3
7. Mary Lynn g. Wikar (USA) Independant47:49.1
Tricia Spooner (CAN) IndependantDNF
Stephanie Warrington (CAN) IndependantDNS
Cathy Allison (CAN) IndependantDNS
Women 35-39
1. Isabelle Noe (USA) US Orleans VTT (France)31:47.7
2. Sarah Robbins (CAN) Cycledelia32:21.4
3. Aletta Wykerd (RSA) Durban MTB Club37:34.6
4. Jessica Kisiel (USA) Velo del Norte39:22.3
5. Sue Reid (CAN) Kappa Cycling Club45:19.6
6. Katina Sayers (USA) Independant49:04.0
7. Caroline Patry (CAN) Independant50:09.9
8. Kim Haagmans-Hawke (CAN) D'ornellas Team Lifesavers51:09.9
Lisa Cotton (USA) Structural SystemsD.N.F.
Women 40-44
1. Gjertrud Boe (NOR) Follo Sykkelkbulb26:09.0
2. Sharon McDowell-Larsen (USA) Pikes Peak Velo32:57.5
3. Becky Smith (USA) Souh Park Cycles36:00.8
4. Shelly Wilson (USA) Bell's Beer38:22.9
5. Karen Brems (USA) Webcor / AHO Velo43:52.9
6. Sharon Heap (AUS) Independant48:32.9
7. Emmy Monahan (USA) Independant54:46.1
8. Beth Everist (CAN) AO Bikes & Boards02:12.5
Women 45-49
1. Isabelle Cantin (CAN) Le pédalier10:36.0
2. Jane Finsterwald (USA) Aspen Cycling Club11:58.0
3. Ellen White (USA) Ramapo Valley Cycling Club14:17.5
4. Nancy Manning (CAN) Independant16:38.5
5. Vivian Chwalinski (USA) Independant17:47.5
6. Deborah Ellis (USA) Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club18:57.2
7. Anne Grofvert (USA) Riverfront Cycling Club29:11.8
8. Lori Kofman (CAN) midweek club30:29.9
9. Margaret E Thompson (USA) Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club32:14.2
Linda Copley (USA) IndependantD.N.F.
Women 50+
1. Lydia Barter (USA) Team Bicycle Alley11:20.5
2. Ann Pearton (RSA) Rockhoppers12:58.4
3. Kathy Burns (USA) Table rock Tours29:24.0
4. Patricia J. Konantz (CAN) Independant32:35.6
Doris Matyasovich (USA) IndependantDNS
Men 30-34
1. Trabucchi Moreno (Italie) Emmedue Bicycle team25:32.4
2. Geoffrey Maes (BEL) Stripem Cycling Team27:08.9
3. Guido Visser (CAN) Xcluziv/Pepsi27:42.6
4. Daniel Duske (GER) KJC Ravensburg31:35.1
5. George Visser (CAN) Cycles Performances32:56.5
6. Jose Erasmo Quintero (COL) Independant33:34.7
7. Ignacio Velazquez (MEX) Benotto35:37.1
8. Troy Barry (USA) Independant36:04.4
9. Paolo Previsdomini (ITA) G.S. Rapid Bike Cicli Franzi36:11.9
10. Jon Barnes (CAN) Independant36:24.5
11. Eric Jobin (CAN) Velogamik-vm39:00.6
12. Sébastien Beauvais (CAN) Club Cycliste Bromont39:29.0
13. Eric Lemaire (CAN) Independant40:42.3
14. Duane Ashley Myers (CAN) Independant41:09.9
15. Sébastien Gravel (CAN) Independant41:33.2
16. Jean-François Blais (CAN) Cycles Performance41:50.4
17. Ed Rushton (CAN) Cyclesmith Cycling Club42:05.4
18. Dennis Du Toit (RSA) Western Province Club42:47.5
19. Yale Iverson (USA) Rose Bike43:12.9
20. Frédéric Massé (CAN) Independant44:32.0
21. Craig Hawkes (CAN) Independant45:50.1
22. Rock Desbiens (CAN) Club cycliste Vélo-Action47:08.1
23. Xavier Scheepers (RSA) South Africa47:58.1
24. Olivier Blain (CAN) Independant48:17.0
25. Kurt Schmid (USA) Independant48:24.8
26. Dominic Gagnon (CAN) Independant48:51.9
27. Jhon Bairo Casallas (COL) Industriales del Quindio49:22.1
28. David Gazsi (CAN) Independant50:17.4
29. Alan Starrett (USA) Bikeman53:36.5
30. Brian Kelley (USA) Independant53:47.1
31. Michael Bennett (CAN) Independant54:59.3
32. Dan McDonogh (CAN) Fityplay56:04.2
33. Joël Simard (CAN) Independant56:49.2
34. Stéphane Pascal (CAN) SOS Vélo Ski57:10.1
35. Paul Belhumeur (CAN) Bicycle Nova Scotia/Cyclesmith58:14.4
36. Chris Cyr (USA) Independant58:30.4
37. Derek MacNeil (CAN) GearsRacing.com59:01.1
38. Paul Martinek (CAN) Squire Johns59:28.4
39. Paul Chedore (CAN) Cycle Logik Racing59:50.8
40. Shawn Ito (CAN) Gears Racing01:55.1
41. Neale Hicks (CAN) Independant02:49.6
42. Michael Abraham (CAN) Woodcock Cycleworks02:56.1
Alexandre Barcelos (BRA) Federaçao PaulistaD.N.F.
Patrick Bush (USA) IndependantDNF
Simon Despatie (CAN) IndependantDNF
Jimmy Gagné (CAN) S.O.S vélo SkiD.N.F.
Arthur Vital Junqueira (BRA) Federaçao Paulista de CiclisteD.N.F.
Daniel Lafrenière (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Rodney Puumala (CAN) Black SheepD.N.F.
Patrick Seguin (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 35-39
1. Ulf Johansson (SWE) Sodertalje ck33:21.7
2. Joachim Oechsner (GER) ESV 27 Regensburg34:28.5
3. Bill Hurley (CAN) West QC Wheelers36:11.8
4. Valentin Herrera (MEX) Independant36:22.6
5. Michael Patrick (USA) Gary Ficher / Tonys bikes37:22.0
6. Jonathan Owens (USA) Missing Link40:05.2
7. Robert Cotton (USA) Structural Systems42:35.8
8. Roger John Blewett (RSA) Independant43:19.4
9. Rick Noonan (USA) Independant43:26.8
10. Luc Hamel (CAN) OGC / Gary Fisher43:48.0
11. Brent Schmidt (CAN) Independant44:01.8
12. Andrew Holdsworth (USA) Peninsula Velo46:18.3
13. Marcelo Prodel (ARG) Independant46:51.9
14. Anthony Cipolla (USA) Fiordifrutta Organic Jams47:07.2
15. Patrick Reglain (CAN) Independant47:20.5
16. Fred Coleske (RSA) Western Province Mountain Biking Club48:11.3
17. Peter Holzhuter (CAN) Independant48:17.0
18. Philippe Souveton (FRA) Record50:22.9
19. Kenneth Kisiel (USA) Velo del Norte51:50.9
20. Steve Thaxton (USA) Team West Virginia52:19.1
21. Serge Alfaro (CAN) Cycle Outaouais58:06.9
22. Marc Dufour (CAN) Independant58:28.1
23. Sassan Filsoof (CAN) Independant01:55.2
24. Charles-Etienne Giguère (CAN) Normandin/CBSF03:32.0
Gerald Adams (CAN) Birch Mountain Bike ClubDNS
Robert Givens (CAN) IndependantDNF
Jeff Hehn (CAN) CycledeliaDNF
Carlos Alberto Luz (Brézil) IndependantD.N.F.
Reece Rendall (CAN) Ride With RendallDNS
Hugo Scott (CAN) IndependantD.N.F.
Barry Goldenberg (USA) IndependantD.N.F.
Michael Zocchi (USA) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 40-44
1. Steve Tilford (USA) Shimano/Moots29:26.4
2. Thierry Salomon (SUI) Zeta Cycling Club33:09.6
3. Patrick Meersschaert (BEL) Independant34:03.0
4. Jean Bijasson (FRA) VTT PRAZ-SUR-ARLY36:07.5
5. Michael C. Scanlon (USA) Aspen Cycling Club36:50.3
6. Mike Osborne (GBR) Independant39:02.7
7. Carlos Alfonso Munoz Rivera (COL) Futuras Estrellas40:28.3
8. Paul Becker (MEX) Benotto41:56.0
9. Dan Smith (CAN) Cyclesmith43:07.9
10. Chritopher Flagg (USA) Competitive edge43:40.6
11. Yann Engel (SUI) Zeta Cycling Club46:14.2
12. Bob Lesmerises (USA) Independant46:20.3
13. Bernard Leblanc (CAN) Independant47:24.8
14. David Dermont (CAN) Independant48:03.4
15. Serge Garceau (CAN) Independant48:48.9
16. Jean-Noël Savard (CAN) ORYX-VM49:50.5
17. Bruce Saxton (USA) Team Cutting Edge52:37.8
18. Robert Orange (CAN) Ride with Rendall58:16.3
19. Robert Letson (USA) Independant04:59.1
20. James Wilbur (USA) RVCC05:47.5
21. Karl Bellinger (CAN) Independant06:29.2
22. Norman Adams (CAN) Red Rof Racing06:40.8
23. Michael Van Randwyk (USA) Team Bicycle Alley14:11.1
24. David Harrison (CAN) Independant14:17.3
25. Terrence Plue (CAN) Independant17:08.0
26. Mark Bonham (CAN) GearsRacing24:51.2
Claude Boily (CAN) Gagnon Freres / DumoulinDNF
Christian Lalancette (CAN) ABC MontréalDNF
Rubens de Oliveira (BRA) IndependantD.N.F.
Eduardo Ramires (BRA) Houston BikeD.N.F.
Jeffrey Walker (USA) IndependantDNF
William Barrows (USA) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 45-49
1. Janes Silvano (Italie) L'Arcobaleno Carraro Team33:24.1
2. Robert Anderson (USA) Novadigm/Fralock43:16.8
3. Gilles Morneau (CAN) Le Pédalier45:21.3
4. Tony Routley (CAN) Independant45:28.3
5. Richard Juryn (CAN) Steed Cycles49:45.5
6. Christopher Logan (USA) Independant51:12.4
7. Scott Root (USA) Independant52:25.9
8. Scott Forsyth (CAN) Independant54:20.0
9. Albert Raine (USA) Independant54:40.1
10. Mark Virello (USA) Team Dayton57:49.1
11. Wayne Smith (CAN) Ellsworth Bicycles58:21.7
12. Carol Begin (CAN) Independant04:38.4
13. Norman Cowan (CAN) Ottawa Bicycle Club04:59.9
14. Brian Rafferty (USA) Independant05:55.3
15. Peter Kofman (CAN) Midweek / Coach Chris.ca07:40.3
16. Pierre Comptois (CAN) Independant08:14.5
Arthur White (USA) IndependantD.N.F.
Men 50-54
1. Jean-Claude Grange (FRA) Independant18:54.0
2. Linus Van Onselen (RSA) Independant19:59.3
3. John Barmettler (USA) Independant22:46.4
4. Tim Messersmith (USA) First Capital Velo25:11.5
5. René Levesque (CAN) Independant27:20.9
6. Ray Wilson (USA) Independant29:20.5
7. David Fabbro (CAN) Team Hardwood29:37.6
8. Shawn Grossman (USA) Big Bikes30:25.3
9. Réjean Levesque (CAN) Independant31:41.3
10. Luther Livermon (USA) EC Velo34:11.0
11. Daniel Lebrun (CAN) Independant38:32.4
12. douglas Miller (CAN) Independant07:49.1
Bernard Marechal (SUI) Club cycliste du LittoralD.N.F.
Men 55-59
1. Christian Jupillat (FRA) US Orléans VTT20:20.6
2. Ronald A. Lemos (USA) Eagle Cycling Club, Palisades Mountain Sport22:34.7
3. Richard Tétreault (CAN) Independant26:33.8
4. Alan Moats (USA) Independant30:10.3
5. Stephen Baker (CAN) Independant34:20.9
6. Richard Wall (USA) Independant48:16.5
7. André Leblanc (CAN) Independant11:57.1
James Carlson (USA) Potomac Velo ClubDNF
Larry Cosgrave (CAN) Cycling PEIDNF
Philip A. Thompson (USA) IndependantDNF
Men 60-64
1. James Wagner (USA) Ti Cycles02:18.8
2. Ed Hawkins (USA) Independant02:32.4
3. Albeo Arnaldo Otazo Perez (VEN) Sciulli Bike Center03:19.5
4. Cal Burgart (USA) Independant11:23.8
5. Ronald Near (CAN) Independant15:34.0
6. Robert Guichard (CAN) Independant16:35.4
7. Don Churchill (CAN) Ontario Cycling Asso.19:13.3
8. Charles Goodrich (USA) Independant23:40.3
9. James K. Craik (CAN) Independant23:51.5
10. George Henych (RSA) Rock Hoppers25:28.2
Frank Lively (USA) Pinnacle Peak RacingDNF
Men 65+
1. Frederic Schmid (USA) Waco Bicycle Club08:10.9
2. Charles Beristain (USA) Mudhounds08:12.5
3. Jerald Bliton (USA) Team Tri / Kenda28:11.4
4. William Stinson (USA) INERTIA Racing33:28.0


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