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June 14/98 4:50 am - Quebec Results, Fraser Signs

Posted by Editor on 06/14/98

GP de L‚Amiante (courtesy J.L.)

The first of two stages of the GRAND PRIX DE L'AMIANTE was held yesterday in Thetford Mines, Quebec. The weather for the senior 1-2 race was simply miserable - heavy downpour and high wind.

The Senior 1-2 road race, shortened to 45 km, was won by Pierre Chevrier of the Radio-Energie team, who took the sprint of the 7 racer breakaway.

Earlier in the day, in the junior category, Petur Mazur easily won the 60k race in weather that was a bit more clement. Please note that Mazur is still a cadet who races junior.

And in the Senior 3-4 race, the winner was David Dulude of Brossard.

SENIOR 1-2 :

1 - Pierre Chevrier (Radio-Energie) 1:03:05
2 - Charles Dionne (Radio-Energie)
3 - Mathieu Fagnan (Ind.)
4 - Michael Barry (Radio-Energie)
5 - Dominique Perras (Espoirs-Laval)
6 - Alexandre Lavallee (Espoirs-Laval)
7 - Etienne Tremblay (Espoirs-Laval) (all s.t.)
8 - Joshua Thornton (USA) at 0:48
9 - Hugo Ledoux (Excellence sports) s.t.
10 - Jacques Landry (Radio-Energie) s.t.


1 - Peter Mazur (Saeco) 1:21:41
2 - Cedric Greaux (Ste-Foy) at 0:20
3 - Philippe Rollin (Espoirs-Laval) s.t.
4 - Martin St-Laurent (Brossard) s.t.
5 - Mathieu Beliveau (Bois-Francs) s.t.
6 - Guillaume Provencher (Brois-Francs) s.t.
7 - Charles Gorman (Espoirs-Laval) s.t.
8 - Jean-Charles Pinsonneault (Pentagone) s.t.
9 - Jean-Francois Racine (Ste-Foy) s.t.
10 - Hugo Chevrette (Pentagone) s.t.

Today, the racing started at 9 am with rainy weather again.

Finally, the first reports mention that Samuel Thibodeau, from Excellence Sports, suffered a broken collar bone in a fall involving 3 cyclists in the Senior 1-2 race.

Fraser Inks Longterm Deal

We were told at the Montreal World Cup that Gord Fraser has signed on for an additional 2 years with Mercury. Guess they are happy with all the races he has been winning for them...


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the coverage of the Women's World Cup!!

Regarding the CC#2 Results, the short story said Danna Ruddy was a Roadie, well he may be putting in some more road miles this season, but he is a Mountain Biker.

In 1997 he was Alberta Provincial XC Champion, and rode for Alberta at Nationals, placing 3rd. Based on these and some other good results last season he was selected to the National Mountain Bike Team. This is Dana's last year in the Junior category so he should be up there again.

Not that there's anything wrong with being a roadie....

Steve Lund
CCSD National Cycling Centre
Victoria, BC


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