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June 18/98 10:42 am - UCI Rankings, HP, Ontario

Posted by Editor on 06/18/98

UCI Mountain Bike Rankings (as of June 17th)


1 Sydor, Alison CAN VOL-CA 1234.0
2 Pezzo, Paola ITA GARY-F 1200.0
3 Dunlap, Alison USA TEAMGT 974.0
4 Leboucher, Laurence FRA 970.0
5 Furst, Silvia SUI BE-ONE 958.0
5 Tomlinson, Lesley CAN POLOSP 958.0
7 Daucourt, Chantal SUI TREKVW 939.0
8 Grigson, Mary AUS 897.0
9 Matthes, Ruthie USA 880.0
10 Redden, Christina CAN RITCHY 866.0
11 Epifanova, Alla RUS VOL-CA 861.0
12 Dahle, Gunn Rita NOR AM-EAG 860.0
13 Temporelli, Sandra FRA 776.0
14 De Negri, Nadia ITA BIANCH 761.0
15 Fullana Riera, Margarita ESP SPECZD 733.0
16 Zu Putlitz, Hedda GER BE-ONE 722.0
17 Gassmann, Daniela SUI 719.0
18 Stropparo, Annabella ITA VOL-CA 709.0
19 Rovira Planas, Silvia ESP 621.0
20 McQuaid, Melanie CAN ROCKY 619.0

Other Canadians

25 Dorion, Melanie CAN 531.0
38 Sinclair, Trish CAN 377.0
48 Palmer-Komar, Susan CAN 272.0
72 Greene, Leslie CAN 189.0
85 McGilvray, Lisa CAN 159.0116
113 Platt, Christine CAN 106.0
125 Fedyna, Marg CAN 96.0
139 Dwyer, Jeanie CAN 84.0
153 Premont, Marie-Helene CAN 73.0
161 Petit, Nadine CAN 70.0
198 Padua, Suzan CAN 51.0
253 Healy, Anna CAN 39.0
261 Robichaud, Linda CAN 37.0
281 McGann, Erin CAN 32.0
293 Holmes, Kerri CAN 28.0
293 Carmichael, Sally CAN 28.0
346 Haagimans-Hawk, Kim CAN 19.0
346 Stoner, Jessica CAN 19.0
360 Millar, Kathleen CAN 17.0
397 McKeown, Jane CAN 13.0
410 Kassel, Nikki CAN 11.0
410 Mogg, Karen CAN 11.0
410 Chorney, Amber CAN 11.0
427 Webb, Adrienne CAN 9.0
427 Heintzman, Erin CAN 9.0
427 Waldner, Charlene CAN 9.0
448 Haley, Barb CAN 7.0
448 Heggtveit, Catherine CAN 7.0
448 Kilby, Diana CAN 7.0
448 Viens, Edith CAN 7.0
480 Spencer, Stacey CAN 5.0
480 Phillips, Vanessa CAN 5.0
480 Biscud, Kiara CAN 5.0
496 Larocque, Dominique CAN 4.0
504 Bisano, Ivana CAN 3.0
504 Buckley, Tracy CAN 3.0
520 Steeves, Tina CAN 2.0
527 Schlebach, Leslie CAN 1.0
527 Wulff, Rayna CAN 1.0
527 Allen, Sylvie CAN 1.0


1 Martinez, Miguel * FRA SUNN 1267.0
2 Evans, Cadel * AUS VOL-CA 1169.0
3 Pallhuber, Hubert ITA DIAMBK 1067.0
4 Hoydahl, Rune NOR GIANT 945.0
5 Tcherkassov, Pavel RUS DIAMBK 927.0
6 Dupouey, Christophe FRA SUNN 921.0
7 Frischknecht, Thomas SUI RITCHY 867.0
8 Ostergaard, Jan Erik DEN CORTEC 835.0
9 Meirhaeghe, Filip BEL SPECZD 798.0
10 Vollet, Gregory FRA GIANT 780.0
11 Brentjens, Bart NED SPECZD 773.0
12 Brenes, Andres CRC RITCHY 735.0
13 Chiotti, Jerome FRA TEAMGT 699.0
14 Wabel, Beat SUI K2BIKE 672.0
14 Hestler, Andreas CAN VOL-CA 672.0
16 Juarez, David "Tinker" USA VOL-CA 671.0
17 Dubau, Ludovic FRA SUNN 670.0
18 Hochstrasser, Thomas * SUI SCOTT 668.0
19 Craig, Nick GBR DIAMBK 655.0
20 Green, Roland CAN 642.0

Other Canadians

33 Sheppard, Chris CAN 518.0
52 Grover, Neil * CAN ROCKY 355.0
67 McGrath, Seamus * CAN 301.0
81 Tourville, Eric CAN 239.0
88 Wedge, Peter CAN 206.0
107 Hurley, Bill CAN 164.0
140 Kabush, Geoff * CAN 121.0
166 Sallenbach, Warren CAN 100.0
170 Toulouse, Mathieu * CAN 97.0
189 Crookham, Jason CAN 85.0
193 Visser, George CAN 83.0
193 Paradis, Sebastien * CAN 83.0
247 Hall, Joshua * CAN 60.0
250 Stark, Keith CAN 59.0
269 Cobham, Paul CAN 51.0
337 Pruner, Michael CAN 36.0
372 Lavallee, Philippe CAN 30.0
389 Vezina, Jocelyn CAN 27.0
389 Spadaccini, Paul CAN 27.0
421 Boucher, Matthieu CAN 23.0
437 Wauthier, Philippe CAN 21.0
459 Sternthal, Scott CAN 19.0
459 Landry, Jacques CAN 19.0
470 Schnyder, Rudi CAN 18.0
479 Walker, Adam CAN 17.0
479 Boudreault, Yanick CAN 17.0
499 Williams, Kevin CAN 16.0
510 Blais, Jean-Francois CAN 15.0
510 Larson, Adam CAN 15.0
510 Large, Geoff CAN 15.0
510 Jones, Chris CAN 15.0
510 Christoffersson, N. CAN 15.0
531 Lafontaine, Bruno * CAN 14.0
544 Nuckle, Martin CAN 13.0
570 Curran, Lucas * CAN 11.0
570 Larsson, Adam CAN 11.0
570 Decore, Matthew CAN 11.0
583 Weber, Jeff CAN 10.0
586 Irving, David CAN 9.0
586 Hovey, Carter * CAN 9.0
604 Miles, Chad CAN 8.0
618 Pannell, Ryan CAN 7.0
618 Rodland, Rick CAN 7.0
618 Cousineau, Marc CAN 7.0
618 Beauchemin, Pascal * CAN 7.0
618 Sonntag, Marc * CAN 7.0
645 Freemantle, Marc CAN 6.0
668 Bilous, Ken CAN 5.0
700 Horton, Marcus CAN 4.0
700 Lapointe, David CAN 4.0
723 Robert, Jean-Francois CAN 3.0
758 Holmgren, Robert CAN 2.0
782 Faulkner, Nat CAN 1.0
782 Teghimeyer, John CAN 1.0

Ziggy‚s MTB Race, Ontario (courtesy Keith Peck)

Ziggy's Cycling Club is hosting an OCA sanctioned event on Saturday June 20th, and Sunday June 21st, 1998.

Ziggy's Hot Summer Classic DH + XC
Mountain Bike Points Race
Chicopee Ski Club, Kitchener ON

I have prepared some www pages that include the race schedule, driving directions, and a map. Go to:

Wilson Wins Stage One At Hewlett-Packard International Women‚s Challenge
(courtesy USA Cycling)

IDAHO CITY, Idaho -- Australian Anna Wilson bested some of the world‚s top sprinters Wednesday to win the 47.5-mile first stage of the Hewlett-Packard International Women‚s Challenge.

Wilson (Australia), the 1996 overall champion of this race, edged Petra Rossner (Office Max) of Germany in the final 300 yards. Wilson had moved past Rossner and Diana Ziliute (HP Toner) to lead through the final corner.

"I came around them to be first into the corner," Wilson said. "Then I thought, ŒOh, it‚s so far to go.‚ I half-expected to be second."

It was a quick turnabout for Wilson, who suffered a flat tire in Tuesday‚s prologue and placed 30th. Her Australian teammates helped set her up for the win, moving to the front of the 81-rider lead group. Tracey Gaudry, who celebrated her 29th birthday today, gave the final lead-out.

"It worked perfectly," said Gaudry, a 1996 Olympic teammate of Wilson‚s. "We‚re happy because today all of the sprinters were there. This is the sort of stage they want to win."

Americans Kendra Wenzel (Saeco-Timex) and Karen Bliss Livingston (Saturn) -- the winner of this stage in 1996 and 1997 -- finished third and fourth, respectively.

"It was more clustered closer to the finished than in other years," Livingston said. "Petra and Anna shot out on the inside and had a big gap."

Livingston‚s teammate, Karen Kurreck, placed sixth despite missing the start and joining the field 1.9 miles into race. She was fined, but not penalized.

The field rode together throughout the race with the brief exception of a five-rider break which formed after Mari Holden (Office Depot) won the mountain sprint at the top of the climb past Lucky Peak Lake. Holden was joined by Alison Dunlap (Office Max), Rasa Polikeviciute (HP Toner), Pam Schuster (Saeco-Timex) and Tammy Jacques (Polo Sport-Clif Bar). The break only stayed away for three miles on the downhill stretch.

Wenzel‚s teammate, Linda Jackson, finished in the field and kept the overall lead, six seconds ahead of Edita Pucinskaite (Boise Cascade) of Lithuania. Ziliute and Jeannie Longo (Longo-Ebly) are both 10 seconds behind.

Tomorrow‚s 78.8-mile Sourdough Lodge to Galena Summit road race is the first of two tough climbing days, featuring two long climbs and a mountain-top finish. Forty-six riders are within a minute of Jackson heading into the stage.

"There are a lot of good climbers here," Jackson said. "I feel confident going into tomorrow. I‚ve had a good race on Galena every year I‚ve been here."


Event Nine in the Mississauga Midweek criterium series had 57 starters, even though many of the regulars were off playing at The Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce. To make sure the handicap group didn't bridge to the 1/2's, as they did last week, the interval between starts was cut to ninety seconds. As the race progressed, the fast group steadily pulled back the handicap bunch and , within seven laps, all were together.

Then Mark Hibbert, Forest City, riding in his first Midweek Club race, made a lone break and, despite several half-hearted chases by different riders, stayed up to thirty seconds up on the field for the next nine laps.

With eight laps left, the riders were back together and Chris Atkins, Independent, took the cash prime at the end of the lap and stayed away. Don Zuck, Pavan and Scott Buschlen, Ind., bridged and this trio looked all set to time trial to the line. But finally the bunch woke up and pulled them back in short order.

With two laps to go, organizer Peter McC. Threw in another prime just to stir things up and this was won easily by Ottawa's speedy Vet. B, Peter Matuzals. At this point, the speed increased dramatically and during the final lap, the bunch split into several parts, with stragglers strung out all round the circuit.

At the line, it was vet. A , Rick Froner, showing us all a flash of his past, from fellow vet.,Greg Cavanagh, with youngster, Chris Atkins in third. No less than three of the next 5 places were also filled by veteran riders despite the presence of a good number of first category riders .

Series standings after this event : 1) Heath Cockburn, Jet Fuel, (away in Beauce) 58 points, 2) Greg Cavanagh closing in with 52, and 3) Chris Atkins moving up to equal third with Jeff Hansen, Neworld, 33. For detailed series informatio, contact Peter at (905) 271-8300 or email

Next week's 60 km event will start at 7.00pm prompt; registration at 6.30pm






Rick Froner





Greg Cavanagh

Woodstock C.C.




Chris Atkins








Scott Buschlen





Roy Zucchetto





Fred Perez

Guelph Olympic




Tony Abramavicius

Schwinn Canada




This event run as a handicap race with all 1/2 categories starting 1.5 minutes behind the rest of the field and free laps given until 22nd. lap.


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