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June 22/98 12:34 pm - HP Final Standings, Ontario Track, Manitoba Results, Beauce Photos

Posted by Editor on 06/22/98

Hewlett Packard International Women‚s Classic

Stage 6- Emmett to Boise, 39 miles

1Petra RossnerGER1:36:14
2Karen LivingstonUSA1:36:14s.t.
3Svetlana SamokhvalovaRUS1:36:14s.t.
4Evi Gensheimer*GER1:36:14s.t.
5Anna WilsonAUS1:36:14s.t.
6Pam Schuster**USA1:36:14s.t.
7Diana Ziliute*LIT1:36:14s.t.
8Zita UrbonaiteLIT1:36:14s.t.
9Ina TeutenbergGER1:36:14s.t.
10Heidi Van De VijverBEL1:36:14s.t.
11Julie YoungUSA1:36:14s.t.
12Jolanta PolikeviciuteLIT1:36:14s.t.
13Marie HoljerSWE1:36:14s.t.
14Carmen RichardsonUSA1:36:14s.t.
15Cheryl BinneyUSA1:36:14s.t.
16Vera HohlfeldGER1:36:14s.t.
17Mirjam Melchers*NED1:36:14s.t.
18Anne SamploniusCAN1:36:14s.t.
19Stacey PetersUSA1:36:14s.t.
20Marisa Vande Velde*USA1:36:14s.t.
23Leigh HobsonCAN1:36:14s.t.
29Cybil Di Guistini*CAN1:36:14s.t.
31Chrissy ReddenCAN1:36:14s.t.
32Kim LangtonCAN1:36:14s.t.
51Linda Jackson**CAN1:36:14s.t.
54Melanie McQuaidCAN1:36:14s.t.

Note: these are all the results for the stage provided to us by the organizer.

Final GC

1Linda Jackson** CAN11:11:420:00:00
2Valentina Polkhanova RUS11:12:320:00:50
3Diana Ziliute* LIT11:12:570:01:15
4Jeannie Longo** FRA11:13:040:01:22
5Rasa Polikeviciute LIT11:13:070:01:25
6Edita Pucinskaite* LIT11:13:130:01:31
7Alessandra Cappellotto ITA11:13:210:01:39
8Meike de Bruijn NED11:13:430:02:01
9Jolanta Polikeviciute LIT11:13:440:02:02
10Alison Sydor CAN11:13:470:02:05
11Susy Pryde NZL11:14:090:02:27
12Kathy Watt AUS11:14:150:02:33
13Mari Holden USA11:14:240:02:42
14Zulfija Zabirova RUS11:14:250:02:43
15Barbara Heeb SWZ11:14:260:02:44
16Anna Wilson AUS11:14:340:02:52
17Marie Holjer SWE11:14:400:02:58
18Julie Young USA11:14:580:03:16
19Alison Dunlap USA11:15:220:03:40
20Karen Kurreck** USA11:15:310:03:49
29Chrissy Redden CAN11:16:440:05:02
31Leigh Hobson CAN11:16:490:05:07
39Melanie McQuaid CAN11:18:050:06:23
48Lyne BessettCAN11:21:050:09:23
51Muffy Roy**CAN11:23:100:11:28
52Cybil DiGuistini*CAN11:26:020:14:20
53Lesley TomlinsonCAN11:26:060:14:24
54Kim LangtonCAN11:26:260:14:44
58Sandy EspesethCAN11:27:520:16:10
65Leah GoldsteinCAN11:33:230:21:41
69Stacey SpencerCAN11:39:340:27:52
75Annie GariepyCAN11:45:080:33:26
84Marg FedynaCAN11:48:500:37:08
88Nicole GinglesCAN11:51:490:40:07
92Sophie St. JacquesCAN11:54:160:42:34
101Anne SamploniusCAN12:02:160:50:34
104Karen TimewellCAN12:06:000:54:18
105Mandy Poitra CAN12:06:200:54:38
111Gina GrainCAN12:15:031:03:21

U.S. National Rankings (after HP)

1 LINDA JACKSON, SAECO-TIMEX, Nepean, Ont., Canada 453 points
2 Nicole Freedman, Shaklee, Palo Alto, Calif. 297
3 Susy Pryde, Saeco-Timex, Auckland, New Zealand 282
4 Clara Hughes, Saturn, Hamilton, Ont., Canada 273
5 Marie Holjer, Ralph's-Klein, Sweden 270

17 Leigh Hobson, Canadian National, Kitchener, Ont., Canada 153
21 Alison Sydor, Volvo-Cannondale, N.Vancouver, B.C., Canada 130
41 Cybil Diguistini, Elita, Victoria, B.C., Canada 43
49 Sue Palmer, Haro, Hamilton, Ont., Canada 32

Ontario Track Championships
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Sprint Championships

Senior Men

1/8 Finals and Repechage

Keith Thorarinson bt. Darren Rac
Danielle DeFranceschi bt. Mike McCorkell
Gordon Singleton bt. Gerald Locke
Dave Swan bt. Craig DeVeer
Brookes Rapley bt. Peter Dedes
Darko Ficko bt. Greg Seganfredo

Repechage 1 Greg Seganfredo
Repechage 2 Peter Dedes

1/4 Finals

Keith Thorarinson bt. Peter Dedes
Gregory Seganfredo bt. Danielle DeFranceschi (crashed)
Gordon Singleton bt. Darko Ficko
Dave Swan bt. Brookes Rapley

1/2 Finals

Keith Thorarinson bt. Dave Swan
Gordon Singleton bt. Greg Seganfredo


1. Keith Thorarinson
2. Gordon Singleton
3. Dave Swan
4. Greg Seganfredo
5. Peter Dedes
6. Brookes Rapley


1/2 Final

Chloe Black bt. Julia Bradley
Allyson Fox bt. Jennifer Pilzecker


1. Chloe Black
2. Allyson Fox
3. Jennifer Pilzecker
4. Julia Bradley


1/2 Final

George Fraser bt. Dave Lee Shee
Brad Day bt. Rob Cheskey


1. Brad Day
2. Dave Lee Shee
3. George Fraser

4000m Senior Men Individual Pursuit

1/2 Final

Darko Ficko bt. Scott Nagy
Sean Way bt. Kevin Speacht

Sean Way's time was 1-10.40 which is a new track record.


1. Sean Way
2. Darko Ficko
3. Kevin Speacht
4. Scott Nagy

Veteran 3000m Individual Pursuit

1/2 Finals

Rob Cheskey bt. Larry Burge
Scott Buschlen bt. Brad Day


1. Scott Buschlen
2. Rob Cheskey
3. Larry Burge
4. Brad Day


1/2 Finals

Allyson Fox bt. Julia Bradley
Chloe Black bt. Jennifer Pilzecker


1. Chloe Black
2. Allyson Fox
3. Julia Bradley
4. Jennifer Pilzecker (J)

Veteran Points Race

1. Scott Buschlen
2. Rob Cheskey
3. Dave Lee Shee
4. Brad Day

Women's Points Race

1. Chloe Black
2. Julia Bradley
3. Allyson Fox

Olympic Sprint

1. Keith Thorarinson, Peter Dedes, Jennifer Pilzecker 59.17
2. Dave Swan, Craig DeVeer, George Fraser 1-00.04
3. Darko Ficko, Greg Seganfredo, Kevin Speacht 1-00.30
4. Maogosha Pyjor, Adrienne Kraw, Sarah Heisman 1-07.11


1. Sean Way - Scott Nagy
2. Dave Swan - Craig DeVeer
3. Peter Dedes - Keith Thorarinson

NOTE: Keith Thorarinson set a new track record for the 200m of 12.80 and Sean Way broke the 4000m track record 3 times. It now stands at 5-10.40

Previous announcements that Danielle DeFranceschi broke the Kilo record were incorrect. I apologise for the error.

There were no Junior Championships as no Junior riders attended the event.

Pan Am Test Event, Manitoba
(courtesy Dave Benson)

The Pan Am Games Mountain Bike Test Event was held at Roseisle Manitoba Sunday, June 21st. Approximately 130 riders from around the world attended today's race under cloudy skies with occasional mist to slick portions of the course up quite nicely. Local riders welcomed the addition of two newly installed bridges to modify the course and to rid the annual problem of recovering washed out planks to ford the creek crossings.

We also welcomed Mr. Benito Sobrero, the UCI Delegate to the Pan Am Games who was in Winnipeg to inspect the venues. He was impressed by the course and Louis‚ new switchbacks under construction (not quite ready this weekend, but soon!).


1st N. Blain 1:00:45
2nd K. Newton 1:01:25
3rd R. Kalmacoff 1:02:10

Minime Male

1st M. Thompson 1:00:58
2nd J. Turnbull 1:03:30
3rd T. Benson 1:10:08

Minime Female

C. Peters 1:16:16
A. Rudy 1:35:00
N. Peterson 1:35:01

Cadet Male:

1st J. Benson 54:22
2nd M. Kliewer 56:00
3rd I. Case 56:07

Junior Sport Male:

1st M. Sudermann 1:31:24
2nd L. McLeod 1:33:25
3rd J. Kneivel 1:36:07

Senior Sport Male:

1st H. Friesen 1:29:55
2nd J. Harrison 1:30:39
3rd L. Giesbrecht 1:34:20

Senior Sport Female

W. Carnegie 2:24:17

Senior Expert Male:

1st M. LaFreniere 2:07:13
2nd J. Brodowski 2:10:17
3rd T. Unger 2:12:17

Senior Expert Female

H. Strachan 2:10:44

Veteran Expert Male:

1st P. LaPointe 2:03:28
2nd G. Hamm 2:05:29
3rd S. Miller 2:05:32

Veteran Expert Female

J. Ayers 1:50:20
J. Blatz 1:55:22
G. Blatz 2:04:44

Junior Expert Male: approx distance 31 km

1st Richrad Clapperton Steinbach 2:03:31
2nd Adrian Alphonso Gords 2:07:33
3rd Matt Brown Olympia 2:33:00

Pro Elite Male approx distance 41.2 km

1st Gilles Corbeil Olympia 2:20:36
2nd Laurence Mote Giant/New Zealand 2:23:50
3rd Sean Anastasiadis Olympia 2:24:47

Photos From GP Cycliste de Beauce

We have photos from Stage 6 here


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