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March 30/04 9:49 am - B.C. Results, Women's Team Grants, Devine Camp, Lemieux Website, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 03/30/04

Joe Hailey Memorial Stage Race - B.C.
Courtesy Jeremy Storie

Full Results from Mar 27 and 28 Joe Hailey Stage Race, presented by dEVo/Powerbar

Stage 1 Road Race Mar 27

A Group 140 km
1. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling)
2. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)
3. Luca Segato
4. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)
5. Chris Gruber

B Group 101 km
1. Dan Schmit (Bayside)
2. Doug Litke (Bayside)
3. Steve German (Revolution)
4. Josh James (Trek/VW)
5. Adam Elliot

C Group 70 km
1. Matt Campbell
2. Bryan Henderson
3. Brian Wong (Coastal)
4. Andrew Smith
5. Kerry Kunzli (Webber Naturals)

Stage 2 Criterium Mar 28

A Group 75 minutes
1. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics Cycling)
2. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)
3. Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling)
4. Murray Solem (Schwable)
5. Keith Stark

B Group 60 minutes
1. David Slater
2. Tony Routley (Norco)
3. Steve German
4. Jim Kwasnicki (Coastal)
5. Josh James (Trek/VW)

C Group 45 minutes
1. Ian Fingler
2. Jak New (Escape Velocity)
3. Tom Locke (Escape Velocity)
4. Kerry Kunzli (Webber Naturals)
5. Matthew Campbell

Stage 3 Time Trial 10 km March 28

A Group
1. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics Cycling) 12:22
2. Scott Slater (Rocky Mountain/Adobe) 12:46
3. Chris Gruber 12:54.73
4. Ken Johnson (Schwable) 12:54.95
5. Wilbur Routley (Symmetrics Cycling) 12:58
** Tandem of Murray Solem/Brian Cowie 12:02

B Group
1. Jim Kwasnicki (Coastal) 13:49
2. Dave Dunnison 13:59
3. David Slater 14:10
4. Mike Burns (dEVo/Powerbar) 14:11
5. Craig Premack 14:15

C Group
1. Jak New (Escape Velocity) 14:58
2. Ian Fingler 15:03
3. Bryan Henderson 15:06
4. Graeme Bant 15:06 ( Cadet rider )
5. Kerry Kunzli (Webber Natural) 15:08

Final GC

A Group
1. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics Cycling) 30 pts
2. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling) 27 pts
3. Chris Gruber 23 pts
4. Wilbur Routley (Symmetrics Cycling) 20 pts
5. Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling) 15 pts

B Group
1. David Slater 28 pts
2. Dan Schmit (Bayside) 26 pts
3. Jim Kwasnicki (Coastal) 24 pts
4. Steve German 20 pts
5. Josh James (Trek/VW) 17 pts

C Group
1. Ian Fingler 31 pts
2. Jak New (Escape Velocity) 27 pts
3. Kerry Kunzli (Webber Natural) 25 pts
4. Matthew Campbell 23 pts
5. Wayne Henderson 16 pts

Cycling BC 2004 Junior Challenge Road Race Series - B.C.
Courtesy Jeremy Storie

Race #2 - March 28th, 2004
Escape Velocity Spring Series Criterium

U15 W
1 Alyssa Garrison (dEVo/ Powerbar) 12 points

U17 W
1 Micayla Gatto (On The Edge Bike Shop) 12 points

U17 M
1 Nathan MacDonald (Lactic Acid) 12 points
2 Jeff Castenmiller (Lactic Acid) 10
3 Trevor Bant 8
4 Graeme Bant (dEVo/ Powerbar) 7
5 Matt Potma (Lactic Acid) 6
6 Maurie Kowalski (Lactic Acid) 5
7 Brandon Carey (dEVo/ Powerbar 4

U19 W
1 Lisa Tasa (Lactic Acid) 12 points

U19 M
1 Neal Kindree (Corsa Cycles) 12 points
2 Neil Truncik (Lactic Acid) 10
3 Austin MacDougall (dEVo/ Powerbar) 8
4 Reid Tucker (Lactic Acid) 7

Columbia River Bank Cascade Cycling Classic Women's Race

Sponsored by: The Nicole Reinhart Tribute Fund

July 8-11, 2004
Bend Oregon

This year, through the generosity of the contributors to the Nicole Reinhart Tribute Fund, the CCC will offer travel grants of $250 to any women's team of at least 4 riders to help offset your expenses. The CCC feels that the women's competition is important to the future of our race. Please come and take part in celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the finest stage races in the U.S.

Entry fee: $100 per racer
Host housing available - $15 individual, $25 team

Total purse (not including primes): $4500

The Columbia River Bank Cascade Cycling Classic is a National Racing Calendar event

For race information contact: Brad Ross ( or,
The Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation (

"The decision is based on the fact that the women's race is of too great a value to both the racers and the community to risk losing it due to a lack of competitors. We realize that Central Oregon can be costly to travel to and wanted to address that," said MBSEF Director Chuck Kenlan.

Interested parties should contact Race Director Brad Ross at: 503-806-6943 for more information about how to apply for these travel grants.

The purse for 2004 will be $4500-$5000, not including primes. This race is a National Racing Calendar event and one of the finest stage races in the U.S.

For more information, please contact Kalisha Fleischmann at, or at: (541)388-0002.

Mountain Bike Camps in Rossland BC

Rossland, B.C. - The DevineRIDE Bike Camps are proud to announce their inaugural season of bike camps for youth, women-only and co-ed in Rossland on selected weekends from June to September 2004.

The DevineRIDE Mission Statement is simple: Have FUN, Get FIT, Be FAST.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider DevineRIDE offers you appropriate skill sessions and afternoon rides to take you to a new level of ability and self-confidence.

DevineRIDE Mountain Bike Camp is located in Rossland nestled in the Monashee Mountains of the West Kootenays of British Columbia. Rossland, known as Canada's Alpine City, offers world-class terrain for riders of all levels. From beginner rolling singletrack through forest and meadow, to more advanced rides with two-foot jumps, log rides, and plenty of steeps, Rossland has a trail for everyone. Check out the vast network of connecting trails on

Canadian Cycling Legend and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee Cindy Devine, has teamed up with local Extreme Ski Champion, Kirsty Exner, to teach you how to enjoy Rossland's renowned trails with confidence and new skill. All DevineRIDE instructors are certified and the team has over 17 years combined coaching experience.

For DevineRIDE information, visit
For registration, call Rossland Recreation at 250 362 7191 or

Lemieux Website

Road racer Audrey Lemieux is the latest to have a website launched. The site for the new Quark rider can be found at

Happy Birthday To...

Bruno Lafountaine, today.


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