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May 18/04 5:31 am - Accept the Challenge - Alberta MTB Cup XC #2

Posted by Editoress on 05/18/04

Accept the Challenge - Alberta MTB Cup XC #2 May 16
Courtesy ABA

Sr Elite Men
Roddi Lega(United Cycle)2:02:00
Mark Webster(Bianchi/Bike Shop)2:04:08
Andre Sutton(Hardcore)2:05:22
Evan Sherman(United Cycle)2:08:21
Bryant Hebert(Bianchi/Bike Shop)2:08:45
Pat Doyle(Deadgoat Racing)2:11:39
Jonathan Nutbrown(Bow Cycle)2:14:27
Nick Lynem(Ridley's)2:16:39
Steve Martins(Hardcore)2:22:25
Dave Kennedy(CMC/Bow Cycle)2:25:45
Shawn Bunnin(Cycle Delia)
Gord Kennedy(CMC/Bow Cycle)
Sean Anastasiadis(Sport Chek)
Byron Davis(Pedalhead)
Jr Exp Men
Brian Bain(CMC/Bow Cycle)1:50:09
Ryan Anderson(Juventus)1:50:10
Kevin Lega(United Cycle)1:55:31
Eric Magee(Rundle Mt Cycle Club)2:01:09
Shaun Adamson(United Cycle)2:01:13
Jared Wilson(RVC)2:02:57
Pat Berry(Deadgoat Racing)2:18:32
Kevin Bowser(CMC/Bow Cycle)
Steve Yau(CMC/Bow Cycle)
Master Exp Men A
Stephen Couse(Deadgoat Racing)1:50:05
Andrew Anastasiadis(Sport Chek)1:50:45
Rik Tykwinksi(Pedalhead)1:51:10
Lonn Bate(Terrascape Racing)1:52:09
Peter Yez(Juventus)1:55:18
Jason Nadeau(Crazy Legs Racing)1:55:59
Mark Fedoroshyn(Independent)1:56:46
Neil Johns(Hardcore)1:57:15
Jeff Seaborn(Terrascape Racing)1:57:30
Tom Brodzinski(DEADGOAT RACING)1:57:40
Nick Woodhouse(Sport Chek)1:58:04
Chris Check(Pedalhead)
Jeffrey Franc-Law(Juventus)
Sr Exp Men
Ryan Hopping(United Cycle)1:51:32
Jonathan Keats(Pedalhead/Bicardi)1:51:42
Mike Sarneki(United Cycle)1:52:16
Craig Stappler(Bianchi/Bike Shop)1:54:02
Devin Erfle(Deadgoat Racing)1:54:29
Dan Mcdonogh(Independent)1:54:44
Anthony Bjorge(RVC)1:55:06
Alan Whitten(United Cycle)1:58:00
James Rasmussen(United Cycle)1:58:19
Kirk Hamilton(RVC)1:59:04
Dion Clark(CMC/Bow Cycle)2:00:27
Dominic Gauvin(Rocky Mtn Bike N' Board)2:02:24
Paul Ignatiuk(ERTC/Redbike)2:06:43
Brys Fransis(United Cycle)
Jordan Girman(Terra Scape)
Sr Elite Women
Madelaine Bate(Terrascape Racing)1:59:49
Annie Tykwinski(Pedalhead)2:02:07
Trish Gradjczyk(Deadgoat Racing)2:03:41
Sandy Ayre(Pedalhead)2:12:41
Sr Sport Men
Neall Banner(Bow Cycle)1:32:13
Jonathon Shalapay(United Cycle)1:35:21
Will Critchley(Pedalhead)1:35:46
Gunnar Giese(United Cycle)1:36:18
Kevin Bladon(United Cycle)1:36:56
Phillip Harvey(Pedalhead)1:37:00
kevin Noble(United Cycle)1:37:39
Jeremy Myers(Deadgoat Racing)1:38:32
Robert Leeds(CMC/Bow Cycle)1:42:01
Nikolas Jackman(United Cycle)1:43:40
Simon Richard(RVC)1:44:18
James Cocchio(Cranky's Cranksters)1:45:34
Dale Skulsky(Sport Chek)1:48:16
Mark Wolstenholme(Cranky's Cranksters)1:48:59
Adam Chalkley(Pedalhead)1:50:40
Stevan Vinci(Snakebite Society)1:55:26
Darryl Cormier(Independent)1:57:37
Scott Middleton(Cranky's Cranksters)2:08:34
John Vanderveen(Arrowhead Riders)2:15:53
Kien Tran(Pedalhead)2:17:25
Nathan Fochler(Independent)
Rob Wirtz(Hardcore)
Euan Allan(Independent)
U17 Exp Men
Cody Canning(United Cycle)1:35:03
Mike Bidniak(Juventus)1:36:34
Jordan Brietzke(Snakebite Society)1:58:39
Jr Sport Men
Slawomir Szulc(United Cycle)1:51:25
Master Exp Women
Loni Klettl(Freewheel)1:46:45
Juliette Franklin(Deadgoat Racing)1:59:39
Michelle Hook(Pedalhead)2:00:39
Judy Harlton(Dirt Girls)2:10:36
Sr Exp Women
Marisa Tosi(Terrascape Racing)1:50:36
Nicole Gemel(Deadgoat Racing)1:53:37
Pepper Harlton(Dirt Girls)1:55:54
Kristy Sarnoski(Dirt Girls)1:58:11
Linda Green(DEADGOAT RACING)2:01:13
Christina Bruns(Dirt Girls)2:04:09
Carrie Williamson(Terrascape Racing)
U17 Exp Women
Danielle Kenny(CMC/Bow Cycle)
Master Sport Men A
William Carry(Pedalhead)1:33:40
Scott Furber(Deadgoat Racing)1:35:01
Wayne Calder(Deadgoat Racing)1:35:25
Bruce Penner(United Cycle)1:36:03
Darren Shepherd(Pedalhead)1:38:39
David Ford(Deadgoat Racing)1:38:59
Alistair Abdai(Deadgoat Racing)1:39:07
Trevor Pombert(United Cycle)1:39:18
Vaughn Shears(Pedalhead)1:39:26
Mark Stranzinger(Independent)1:39:37
Stacey Mateika(cabc projekt one)1:40:33
Jeff German(Deadgoat Racing)1:40:56
Tim Reiss(Pedalhead)1:40:57
Quentin Blindenbach(Hardcore)1:41:00
Andrew Phelps(Cranky's Cranksters)1:42:36
Murray Aubin(ERTC/Redbike)1:43:04
Daryl Lehocky(ERTC/Redbike)1:45:00
Rene Corbet(Independent)1:47:16
Travis Nesdole(Pedalhead)1:48:20
Clayton Stafford(Independent)1:49:03
Kevin Haugjord(Velocity)1:49:26
Adam Lee(Pedalhead)1:53:33
Terry Williams(RVC)1:53:35
Daniel Grufman(RVC)1:53:55
William Harvey(Independent)1:58:57
Jamie Tomes(United Cycle)2:05:16
Brad Kane(Deadgoat Racing)DNF
Douglas Roch(Hardcore)DNF
Doug Jordan(Independent)DNS
Master Men B
Stan Magee(Rundle Mt Cycle Club)1:35:38
Dave Whitten(Hardcore)1:36:38
John Riess(Pedalhead)1:41:23
Michael Zelensky(Pedalhead Bicycle Works)1:43:54
Garry Ogletree(Hardcore)1:44:37
Shawn Wells(Cycling BC)1:45:59
Ivan Dansie(Deadgoat Racing)1:46:59
Gerry Mccuaig(Deadgoat Racing)1:47:29
Dan Fox(Juventus)1:48:24
Harvey Brauer(Velocity)1:51:23
George Enseil(Independent)1:52:17
Lawrence Keller(Deadgoat Racing)1:57:13
Mike Kohlenberg(Independent)2:12:58
Henry Yau(Deadgoat Racing)DNS
U17 Sport Men
Drew Smith(Rundle Mt Cycle Club)1:10:55
Leo Lacourciere(Couloir Bike & Ski)1:10:56
Brian Robinson(CMC/Bow Cycle)1:12:47
Spencer Smitheman(Juventus)1:16:53
Logan Brauer(Juventus)1:19:10
Will Monteath(Juventus)1:24:22
Tyler Rushselldt(Juventus)1:26:06
Brendon Wolthius(Arrowhead Riders)1:30:06
Josh Shankowsky(Cranky's Cranksters)DNF
Sr Beg Men
Thomas Aver(Pedalhead)1:19:48
Ros Evans(Independent)1:23:08
Matt Szarko(Pedalhead)1:27:00
John Stellingwerff(Arrowhead Riders)1:31:17
Craig Lee(Independent)1:35:20
Harold Roscher(Arrowhead Riders)1:43:14
Sr Sport Women
Marcie Reinhart(Independent)1:28:42
Angie Hodgson(Snakebite Society)1:33:03
Monique Robertson(Pedalhead)1:35:19
Kim Ellis(Dirt Girls)1:38:13
Katy Curtis(Hardcore)1:39:06
Shannan Roberge(Dirt Girls)1:46:21
Tara Whitten(Independent)DNF
Master Sport Women
Carolynne Laughy(Pedalhead)1:34:04
Michele Mcdononald(Tech Shop)1:36:37
Michelle Wolstenholme(Cranky's Cranksters)1:58:55
Caroline Schwabe(United Cycle)DNS
Sr Beg Women
Vanessa Voss(Dirt Girls)1:28:33
Kim Ritter(Independent)1:33:29
Deb Rawluk(Independent)1:41:21
Leslie Peterson(Independent)1:41:25
Lindsey Oliver(Independent)1:44:46
Lauri Wischoff(Dirt Girls)1:49:06
Mandy Berndsen(Independent)1:49:08
Alison Supina(Dirt Girls)1:52:24
Jennifer Woroniuk(Dirt Girls)1:53:55
Erin Hutman(Dirt Girls)2:08:01
U17 Sport Women
Danielle Kenny(Bow Cycle)1:28:14
Torie Grant(Juventus)1:37:32
Lindsey Walker(Juventus)1:38:17
U15 Men
Robert Mcphalen(Calgary Cycle)0:55:24
Kolton Canning(United Cycle)0:59:35
Cody Grant(Juventus)1:02:29
Nathaniel Preston(Juventus)1:05:11
David Larson(Juventus)1:08:50
U13 Men
Alexander Bosch(Calgary Cycle)1:04:90
Keith Ogletree(Hardcore)1:04:47
Kevin Stafford(Independent)1:08:30
Trevor Bosch(Calgary Cycle)1:08:53


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