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May 30/04 8:37 am - Houffalize World Cup: Full Women's Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/04

Houffalize World Cup Belgium

World Cup coverage sponsored by Vélirium 2004 and ORYX

Women: 38.30 km<

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle (Nor)2:08:50
2. Alison Dunlap (USA)at 3:12
3. Annabella Stropparo (Ita)3:17
4. Barbara Blatter (Sui)3:47
5. Marga Fullana (Esp)4:13
6. Marie-Helene Premont (Can)4:16
7. Kiara Bisaro (Can)4:24
8. Petra Henzi (Sui)4:37
9. Alison Sydor (Can)4:50
10. Laurence Leboucher (Fra)5:35
11. Irina Kalentieva (Rus)6:04
12. Mary McConneloug (USA)6:47
13. Maria Ostergren (Swe)6:55
14. Elsbeth Van Rooy-Vink (Ned)7:51
15. Susan Haywood (USA)8:14
16. Shonny Vanlandingham (USA)8:24
17. Katrin Leumann (Sui)9:43
18. Barbel Jungmeier (Aut)10:29
19. Yanping Ma (Chn)11:07
20. Ivonne Kraft (Ger)11:12
21. Sarah Noble (Can)11:16
22. Lene Byberg (Nor)11:35
23. Janka Stevkova (Svk)11:46
24. Sabrina Enaux (Fra)12:15
25. Severine Hansen (Fra)12:17
26. Katrin Schwing (Ger)12:25
27. Melanie McQuaid (Can)13:20
28. Lisa Mathison (Aus)13:28
29. Robyn Wong (Nzl)13:46
30. Catherine Delfosse (Bel)14:39
31. Daniela Louis (Sui)15:05
32. Saskia Elemans (Ned)15:06
33. Janet Puiggros Miranda (Esp)15:21
34. Xiaoning Gao (Chn)15:58
35. Evelyn Staffler (Ita)16:01
36. Birgit Jungst (Ger)16:32
37. Elisabeth Osl (Aut)16:57
38. Corine Dorland (Ned)17:07
39. Petra Schorkmayer (Aut)17:35
40. Elina Sophocleous (Cyp)18:05
41. Nadja Walker (Sui)18:09
42. Sonia Foote (Nzl)18:12
43. Regina Marunde (Ger)18:46
44. Mirjam Dieleman (Ned)19:28
45. Anna Enocsson (Swe)19:37
46. Cecile Rode (Fra)20:10
47. Mette Andersen (Den)20:17
48. Sarka Chmurova (Cze)21:14
49. Erica Osterlund (Swe)22:46
50. BARBARA Oberdorfer (Ita) -1Lap
51. Asa Erlandsson (Swe) -1Lap
52. Claudia Marsilio (Ita) -1Lap
53. Laura Turpijn (Ned) -1Lap
54. Adelheid Morath (Ger) -1Lap
55. Barbora Bohata (Cze) -1Lap
56. Arielle Van Meurs (Ned) -1Lap
57. Maaris Meier (Est) -1Lap
58. Maryline Salvetat (Fra) -1Lap
59. Almut Grieb (Ger) -2Laps
60. Jenny Mccauley (Irl) -2Laps
61. Tarja Owens (Irl) -2Laps
62. Sarah Koba (Sui) -2Laps
63. Stefania Zanasca (Ita) -2Laps
64. Petra Hofs (Ned) -2Laps
65. Francisca Campos (Chi) -2Laps
66. Audrey Middendorp (Ned) -2Laps
67. Tereza Jonsova (Cze) -2Laps
68. Ingrid Van Der Vlist (Ned) -2Laps
69. Githa Miechiels (Bel) -2Laps
70. Ruth Mcgavigan (GBr) -2Laps
71. Kristien Nelen (Bel) -2Laps
72. Femke Terpstra (Ned) -2Laps
73. Noelia Rodriguez (Arg) -2Laps
74. Monika Heuveling (Ned) -3Laps
75. Merel Koenen (Ned) -3Laps
76. Nina Kunz (Ger) -3Laps
DNF. Sabine Spitz (Ger)
DNF. Chrissy Redden (Can)
DNF. Nina Gohl (Ger)
DNF. Elena Giacomuzzi (Ita)
DNF. Paola Pezzo (Ita)
DNF. Maroussia Rusca (Sui)
DNF. Sandra Klose (Ger)
DNF. Eva Lechner (Ita)
DNF. Bernardine Boog Rauwerda (Ned)
DNF. Trish Sinclair (Can)
DNF. Franziska Roethlin (Sui)
DNF. Monica Brunati (Ita)
DNF. Maria Osl (Aut)
DNF. Valentina Pazitova (Rus)
DNF. Caroline Slikker (Ned)
DNF. Manouk Gugelot (Ned)
DNS. Bettina Schmid (Sui)


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