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June 14/04 4:33 am - Fraser Added to Olympic Pool, Grand Prix Espoirs Laval

Posted by Editoress on 06/14/04

Gord Fraser Added to Olympic Pool

Joan Fraser has informed us that after the Wachovia Cycling Series, Gord Fraser has been added to the rider list from which the team for the 2004 Athens will be chosen. An official press release from the COA is expected after the 15th.

Grand Prix SG/ Espoirs Laval , Mirabel, QC.
Courtesy Marc-Wayne Addison

7 laps, 111.5 km

Hugue Lapointe, Maxime Vives From SG/espoir Laval and Kevin Lacombe
Volkswagen/Trek-RP went on a break that lasted for 105kms. Perras led the the chase. Pierre Olivier Boily took the sprint.

1. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Devinci-SportRack-RP), 2:38:22
2. John Malois (CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP Indépenda)
3. Martin St-Laurent (Volkswagen/Trek-RP)
4. Alexandre Cloutier (Volkswagen/Trek- RP)
5. Francois Sztuke (Espoirs de Laval - RP)
6. Dominique Perras (OFOTO cycling Team- TT III)
7. Samuel Thibodeau (Devinci-SportRack-RP)
8. Olivier Trempe (Ste-Foy (Qué Métro)Inc-RP)
9. Frédéric Millette (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
10. François Doyon (Devinci-SportRack-RP Cybercycl)
11. Steve Maurice (CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP)
12. Theo Padnos (Cyclonauts Racers)
13. Kevin Lacombe (Volkswagen/Trek-RP)
14. Yann Deville (CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP)
15. Marc Coté (Cycles Performance-RP)
16. Tait Simpson (Independant)
17. Maxime Vives (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
18. Pierre-Yves Gagnon (Sherbrooke-RP)
19. Alexandre Lavallée (Indépendant-RP)
20. Etienne Larivée (Cybercycle-VM Indépendant-)
21. Nick Tosques (SportsExperts MartinSwiss-RP)
22. Jean-François Fortin (Devinci-SportRack-RP)
23. Tim McKeough (Indépendant-RP)
24. Jérôme Côté (Ste-Foy (Qué Métro)Inc-RP)
25. Carl Desroches (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
26. Alexy Viktor (Sherbrooke)
27. Paul Migner (CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP)
28. Robin Bolduc (Vélo Sommet- RP)
29. Alain Major (Cycles Performance-RP)
30. Enzo Cicoria (ElioPizzeria/Centre du Vélo-RP)
31. Osmond Bakker (Catena Networks Cycle Logik Rac)
32. David Roy (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
33. Marc- Wayne (Addison Espoirs de Laval-RP)
34. Antoine Stundner (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
35. Hugues Lapointe (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
36. Mathieu Roy (Indépendant-RP)
36. Luc Dionne (CIBC-Wood Gundy-RP) all s.t.
DNS. Andrew Leach (Espoirs de Laval-RP)
DNF. Eric Desjardins (équipe Perigny-RP)


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