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June 16/04 10:20 am - Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce: Stage 2 Photos, more results

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/04

Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce


1. Kazimierz Stafiej Action ATA (Pol)26 points
2. Tomasz Brozyna Action ATA (Pol)25
3. Victor Rapinski Navigators Insurance (Blr)23
4. Arkadiusz Wojtas Hoop CCC Polsat (Pol)20
5. Maxim Iglinskiy Capec (Kaz)20
6. Radoslaw Romanik Hoop CCC Polsat (Pol)17
7. Ivan Dominguez Colavita Olive Oil (Cub)15
8. Charles Dionne Canadian National Team (Can)14
9. Mark Walters Navigators Insurance (Can)13
10. Scott Moninger Health Net Maxxis (USA)12
11. Nathan O'neill Colavita Olive Oil (Aus)12
12. Plamen Stoyanov Hoop CCC Polsat (Bul)10
13. Dominique Perras Canadian National Team (Can)7
14. Dennis Kraft Action ATA (Ger)6
15. Eugen Wacker Action ATA (Kgz)6
16. Adam Wadecki Action ATA (Pol)6
17. Mike Jones Health Net Maxxis (USA)5
18. Jeff Louder Navigators Insurance (USA)5
19. Eric Wohlberg Canadian National Team (Can)5
20. Ciaran Power Navigators Insurance (Irl)4
21. Seweryn Kohut Hoop CCC Polsat (Pol)3
22. Andrew Randell Canadian National Team (Can)3
23. BrIce Jones Health Net Maxxis (USA)3
24. Timo Scholz Winfix Arnolds (Ger)2
25. Assan Bazaev Capec (Kaz)2
26. Thomas Liese Winfix Arnolds (Ger)1
27. Joe Giuliano Ital Pasta (Can)1
28. Piotr Chmielewski Action ATA (Pol)1
29. Martin Gilbert Volkswagen Trek (Can)1
1. Adam Wadecki Action ATA (Pol)30 points
2. Buck Miller Team Ontario (Can)16
3. Nathan O'Neill Colavita Olive Oil (Aus)12
4. Todd Herriott Colavita Olive Oil (USA)11
5. Jeff Louder Navigators Insurance (USA)8
6. Eric Wohlberg Canadian National Team (Can)6
7. Martin St-Laurent Volkswagen Trek (Can)6
8. Dustin Mac Burnie Les Espoirs De Laval (Can)6
9. Mike Jones Health Net Maxxis (USA)5
10. Ciaran Power Navigators Insurance (Irl)4
11. Gustavo Artacho Colavita Olive Oil (Arg)4
12. Victor Rapinski Navigators Insurance (Blr)3
13. Charles Dionne Canadian National Team (Can)2
14. Mark Walters Navigators Insurance (Can)2
15. Tomasz Brozyna Action ATA (Pol)1
16. Linus Gerdemann Winfix Arnolds (Ger)1
Team GC
1. Action ATA (Pol)22:46:24
2. Hoop CCC Polsat (Pol)at 0:19
3. Navigators Insurance (USA)1:56
4. Winfix Arnolds (Ger)18:21
5. Health Net Maxxis (USA)19:37
6. Capec (Kaz)25:21
7. Canadian National Team (Can)34:12
8. Colavita Olive Oil (USA)38:01
9. Volkswagen Trek (Can)42:28
10. Symmetrics Cycling (Can)51:15
11. Equipe Quebec (Can)52:27
12. Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine (USA)52:45
13. Ital Pasta (Can)1:02:25
14. Les Espoirs De Laval (Can)1:21:10
15. Team Ontario (Can)1:21:48


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