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June 19/04 12:41 pm - Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce: Stage 5 Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/04

Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce

Stage 5: St. George ITT, 14km
1. Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Colavita Olive Oil17:09.09
2. Victor Rapinski (Blr) Navigators Insuranceat 0:00.57
3. Tomasz Brozyna (Pol) Action ATI0:16.12
4. Thomas Liese (Ger) Winfix Arnolds0:18.26
5. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling0:22.41
6. Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net Maxxis0:30.99
7. Timo Scholz (Ger) Winfix Arnolds0:41.33
8. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Canadian National Team0:47.28
9. Eugen Wacker (Kgz) Action ATI0:56.66
10. Aaron Olson (USA) Colavita Olive Oil1:01.65
11. Radoslaw Romanik (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat1:01.74
12. Jeff Louder (USA) Navigators Insurance1:10.04
13. Maxim Iglinskiy (Kaz) Capec1:12.93
14. Mike Jones (USA) Health Net Maxxis1:17.40
15. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance1:22.19
16. Dylan Sebel (Can) Symmetrics Cycling1:22.25
17. Kazimierz Stafiej (Pol) Action ATI1:25.58
18. Seweryn Kohut (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat1:25.96
19. Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators Insurance1:28.60
20. Kevin Lacombe (Can) Volkswagen Trek1:28.93
21. Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Volkswagen Trek1:30.51
22. Dominique Perras (Can) Canadian National Team1:32.15
23. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance1:33.00
24. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling1:34.60
25. Charles Dionne (Can) Canadian National Team1:35.06
26. Dan Bowman (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine1:40.48
27. David Mckenzie (Aus) Navigators Insurance1:43.35
28. Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics Cycling1:44.90
29. Kairat Baigudinov (Kaz) Capec1:45.82
30. Cory Jay (Can) Canadian National Team1:48.08
31. BrIce Jones (USA) Health Net Maxxis1:52.37
32. Arkadiusz Wojtas (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat1:54.00
33. Chris Isaac (Can) Ital Pasta1:55.54
34. Assan Bazaev (Kaz) Capec1:56.23
35. Piotr Chmielewski (Pol) Action ATI1:58.52
36. Plamen Stoyanov (Bul) Hoop CCC Polsat1:58.69
37. Colby Pearce (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine2:00.32
38. Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen Trek2:01.06
39. Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita Olive Oil2:03.24
40. Dominique Rollin (Can) Equipe Quebec2:06.68
41. Andrew Randell (Can) Canadian National Team2:13.82
42. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Equipe Quebec2:16.36
43. Ivan Dominguez (Cub) Colavita Olive Oil2:16.95
44. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling2:17.89
45. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Team Ontario2:17.97
46. Ronny Lauke (Ger) Winfix Arnolds2:21.47
47. Bruno Langlois (Can) Volkswagen Trek2:22.67
48. Gustavo Artacho (Arg) Colavita Olive Oil2:25.27
49. Creg Henderson (NZl) Health Net Maxxis2:25.52
50. Alexander Dymovskikh (Kaz) Capec2:28.56
51. Siro Camponogara (Ita) Navigators Insurance2:29.95
52. Dennis Kraft (Ger) Action ATI2:30.35
53. Ryan Mckenzie (Can) Canadian National Team2:40.91
54. Jaroslaw Zarebski (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat2:41.35
55. Joe Giuliano (Can) Ital Pasta2:47.63
56. Alexandre Lavallee (Can) Volkswagen Trek2:49.12
57. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Maxxis2:50.05
58. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Les Espoirs De Laval2:50.12
59. Kevin Noiles (Can) Les Espoirs De Laval2:53.67
60. Andrey Medyannikov (Kaz) Capec2:54.19
61. Mark Pozniak (Can) Team Ontario2:54.51
62. Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita Olive Oil2:59.72
63. Greg Roth (Can) Ital Pasta3:00.16
64. Thorsten Rund (Ger) Winfix Arnolds3:01.65
65. Dave Mustaikis (Can) Equipe Quebec3:08.33
66. Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Health Net Maxxis3:08.55
67. Bakhtiyar Mamyrov (Kaz) Capec3:08.59
68. Todd Yezefski (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine3:09.01
69. Adam Wadecki (Pol) Action ATI3:13.25
70. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Ital Pasta3:29.26
71. Daniel Olszewski (Ger) Winfix Arnolds3:31.47
72. Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Winfix Arnolds3:33.00
73. Jason MacLaren (Can) Ital Pasta3:42.52
74. Ryan Roth (Can) Team Ontario3:48.93
75. Sheldon Deeny (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine4:35.78
76. Jean-Sebastien Maheu (Can) Volkswagen Trek5:05.94
DNS. Martin Gilbert (Can) Volkswagen Trek
DNS. Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Equipe Quebec
1. Tomasz Brozyna (Pol) Action ATI16:46:32
2. Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Colavita Olive Oilat 0:41
3. Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net Maxxis0:47
4. Radoslaw Romanik (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat1:01
5. Victor Rapinski (Blr) Navigators Insurance1:45
6. Maxim Iglinskiy (Kaz) Capec1:59
7. Thomas Liese (Ger) Winfix Arnolds2:48
8. Timo Scholz (Ger) Winfix Arnolds3:02
9. Mike Jones (USA) Health Net Maxxis3:07
10. Kazimierz Stafiej (Pol) Action ATI3:08
11. Seweryn Kohut (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat3:19
12. Arkadiusz Wojtas (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat3:29
13. Dominique Perras (Can) Canadian National Team3:57
14. Eugen Wacker (Kgz) Action ATI4:44
15. Jeff Louder (USA) Navigators Insurance4:44
16. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance5:36
17. Kairat Baigudinov (Kaz) Capec11:00
18. Charles Dionne (Can) Canadian National Team12:09
19. Assan Bazaev (Kaz) Capec12:37
20. Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Volkswagen Trek13:58
21. Plamen Stoyanov (Bul) Hoop CCC Polsat14:10
22. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Canadian National Team14:46
23. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance17:30
24. Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics Cycling17:56
25. Dan Bowman (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine18:14
26. Joe Giuliano (Can) Ital Pasta19:39
27. Aaron Olson (USA) Colavita Olive Oil20:40
28. Jaroslaw Zarebski (Pol) Hoop CCC Polsat21:31
29. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Maxxis22:08
30. Chris Isaac (Can) Ital Pasta22:46
31. Alexander Dymovskikh (Kaz) Capec23:01
32. Dominique Rollin (Can) Equipe Quebec23:52
33. Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen Trek24:27
34. Jean-Sebastien Maheu (Can) Volkswagen Trek24:49
35. Daniel Olszewski (Ger) Winfix Arnolds25:40
36. Piotr Chmielewski (Pol) Action ATI26:29
37. Bakhtiyar Mamyrov (Kaz) Capec27:08
38. Kevin Lacombe (Can) Volkswagen Trek28:40
39. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling28:54
40. Brice Jones (USA) Health Net Maxxis29:07
41. Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators Insurance29:41
42. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling30:23
43. Andrew Randell (Can) Canadian National Team30:50
44. Siro Camponogara (Ita) Navigators Insurance30:50
45. Andrey Medyannikov (Kaz) Capec30:59
46. Dennis Kraft (Ger) Action ATI31:01
47. Colby Pearce (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine31:11
48. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling31:41
49. Todd Yezefski (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine32:00
50. Ivan Dominguez (Cub) Colavita Olive Oil32:08
51. Dustin Mac Burnie (Can) Les Espoirs De Laval32:17
52. Ryan Mckenzie (Can) Canadian National Team33:52
53. David Mckenzie (Aus) Navigators Insurance34:28
54. Greg Roth (Can) Ital Pasta34:40
55. Ronny Lauke (Ger) Winfix Arnolds35:01
56. Adam Wadecki (Pol) Action ATI35:52
57. Sheldon Deeny (USA) Tia-Cref/5280 Magazine36:12
58. Dylan Sebel (Can) Symmetrics Cycling36:26
59. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Team Ontario37:44
60. Dave Mustaikis (Can) Equipe Quebec37:56
61. Jason MacLaren (Can) Ital Pasta38:13
62. Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita Olive Oil38:26
63. Creg Henderson (NZl) Health Net Maxxis41:36
64. Thorsten Rund (Ger) Winfix Arnolds44:18
65. Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Winfix Arnolds44:20
66. Cory Jay (Can) Canadian National Team44:21
67. Bruno Langlois (Can) Volkswagen Trek48:49
68. Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Equipe Quebec49:08
69. Alexandre Lavallee (Can) Volkswagen Trek49:18
70. Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Health Net Maxxis49:30
71. Mark Pozniak (Can) Team Ontario49:59
72. Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita Olive Oil56:02
73. Ryan Roth (Can) Team Ontario1:02:43
74. Gustavo Artacho (Arg) Colavita Olive Oil1:03:31
75. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Ital Pasta1:04:35
76. Kevin Noiles (Can Les Espoirs De Laval1:05:35


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