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June 26/04 11:11 am - Mont Ste Anne World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 06/26/04

Mont Ste Anne World Cup - DH Qualifying

Results from this morning's qualifying runs

Finals start at 1:30pm EDT

1. Steve Peat (GBr) Team Orange 1:18.392:54.530
2. Samuel Hill (Aus)1:19.872:59.094.56
3. Greg Minnaar (RSA) Team G-Cross Honda1:21.682:59.705.17
4. Cedric Gracia (Fra) Siemens Mobile Cannondale1:21.563:05.6111.08
5. Jared Rando (Aus)1:23.063:06.6212.09
6. George Atherton (GBr)1:25.703:06.6412.11
7. David Vazquez Lopez (Esp) Maxxis-Msc1:27.613:07.0812.55
8. Nathan Rennie (Aus)1:27.503:07.8313.3
9. Daniel Atherton (GBr)1:23.053:08.4113.88
10. Kirt Voreis (USA)1:25.543:08.4213.89
11. Joel Panozzo (Aus)1:23.503:08.7914.26
12. Markolf Berchtold (Bra) Maxxis-Msc1:28.273:09.8515.32
13. Cyrille Kurtz (Fra) Team G-Cross Honda1:24.923:10.0915.56
14. Marc Beaumont (GBr) Team Orange 1:26.693:10.2315.7
15. Vincent Saut (Fra) Lapierre International1:28.463:10.4515.92
16. Jared Graves (Aus)1:26.973:11.1516.62
17. Neil Donoghue (GBr)1:28.773:11.4116.88
18. Will Longden (GBr)1:29.513:11.4416.91
19. Andrew Neethling (RSA)1:28.413:12.6318.1
20. Ivan Oulego Moreno (Esp)1:27.103:13.4018.87
21. Justin Leov (NZl)1:30.593:13.7119.18
22. Mathieu Laurin (Can)1:25.653:13.8819.35
23. Judd Devall (USA)1:29.623:14.6520.12
24. Guido Tschugg (Ger) Fusion Mtb Pro Racing Team1:28.803:14.7120.18
25. Matti Lehikoinen (Fin)1:30.073:14.7920.26
26. Justin Havukainen (Aus)1:27.353:15.4820.95
27. Bryn Atkinson (Aus)1:32.013:15.7521.22
28. Henry O'donnell (USA)1:31.973:15.7721.24
29. Dan Stanbridge (GBr)1:29.453:15.9921.46
30. Curtis Keene (USA)1:30.853:16.0721.54
31. Pascual Canals Flix (Esp)1:31.263:16.3821.85
32. Chris Ball (GBr)1:29.603:16.6922.16
33. Kyle Strait (USA)1:31.133:16.7022.17
34. Chris Vandine (USA)1:32.313:17.7223.19
35. Claudio Caluori (Sui) Be One / Madhouse1:31.583:17.7823.25
36. Nico Vink (Bel) Be One / Madhouse1:33.633:18.2823.75
37. Duncan Riffle (USA)1:31.913:18.4523.92
38. Julien Camellini (Fra)1:31.613:18.9324.4
39. Stuart Thomson (GBr)1:32.113:18.9524.42
40. Charles-Alexandre Dube (Can)1:31.043:19.8425.31
41. Colin Ross (Irl)1:32.533:19.9125.38
42. Jamie Popham (Irl)1:32.593:20.3025.77
43. Mathieu Troquier (Fra) Fusion Mtb Pro Racing Team1:33.623:20.3225.79
44. Iain Cookson (GBr)1:30.293:20.5926.06
45. Cody Warren (USA)1:31.573:21.5627.03
46. John Lawlor (Irl)1:30.133:21.5827.05
47. James Marples (GBr)1:32.653:21.6727.14
48. Ben Reid (Irl)1:32.273:21.7127.18
49. Rudiger Jahnel (Aut) Arbo Rsp Downhill Racing1:36.683:21.8527.32
50. Robin Baloochi (USA)1:32.133:21.8827.35
51. Jorge Aguin Castro (Esp)1:33.133:21.9927.46
52. Andrew Yoong (Irl)1:34.323:22.0127.48
53. Benjamin Cory (Aus)1:34.033:23.5028.97
54. Stephane Mailhot (Can)1:28.043:23.6429.11
55. Colin Bailey (USA)1:39.053:24.1529.62
56. Fabien Barel (Fra) Kona Clarks Les Gets1:40.153:25.2430.71
57. Liam Panozzo (Aus)1:33.423:25.5431.01
58. Brad Kelly (Aus)1:34.833:25.5731.04
59. Rob Warner (GBr)1:39.703:25.7731.24
60. Jon Cheetham (GBr)1:35.023:25.8631.33
61. Eric Goss (Can)1:39.923:25.8831.35
62. Louis-Philippe Leonard (Can)1:39.443:25.9931.46
63. Miles Mead (USA)1:38.203:26.7632.23
64. Karl Rogne (USA)1:38.413:26.7732.24
65. Thomas Braithwaite (GBr)1:38.273:27.1532.62
66. Marc Fontaine (Can)1:34.653:27.5633.03
67. Olivier Markon (Can)1:35.793:27.7533.22
68. Mathieu Lagrange (Can)1:32.893:28.4933.96
69. Steve Wentz (USA)1:37.153:28.8934.36
70. Hugo Donais (Can)1:40.673:29.9335.4
71. Frederic Belanger (Can)1:38.203:30.0535.52
72. Nicolas Gosselin (Can)1:37.543:30.1635.63
73. Christopher Herndon (USA)1:35.643:30.3735.84
74. Peter Fernbach (Aut) Arbo Rsp Downhill Racing1:35.963:31.4736.94
75. Simon Carbonneau (Can)1:40.403:31.6937.16
76. Sven Martin (RSA)1:36.973:32.5838.05
77. Tim Mackersy (NZl)1:41.253:32.7338.2
78. Matthew Johnston (USA)1:53.223:32.7938.26
79. Dustin Adams (Can)1:45.773:33.0838.55
80. Andy Smith (Irl)1:41.113:34.6840.15
81. Cameron Zink (USA)1:39.813:37.9843.45
82. Dominick Menard (Can)1:34.683:39.4844.95
83. Sean Brown (Can)1:44.823:39.8845.35
84. Jean-Philippe Da Silva (Can)1:35.343:40.1145.58
85. Ryan Bloch (USA)1:46.393:42.1247.59
86. Jonathan Pilon (Can)1:42.503:44.0949.56
87. Geoff Pendrel (Can)1:48.873:45.1050.57
88. Jocelyn Langlois (Can)1:52.663:50.5856.05
89. Travis Collins (USA)1:45.443:50.7556.22
90. Robert Davidson (Can)1:52.293:51.1456.61
91. Alain Lefebvre (Can)1:50.423:59.171:04.64
92. Masaru Akazawa (Jpn)2:03.384:05.601:11.07
93. Sebastien Thauvette (Can)1:54.364:08.981:14.45
94. Andy Sweeney (Irl)2:13.164:10.221:15.69
95. Jean Lemire (Can)2:03.214:13.621:19.09
96. Fraser Britton (Can)2:31.144:49.851:55.32
97. Peter Appleton (Can)2:33.494:54.471:59.94
98. Mickael Pascal (Fra) Maxxis-Msc2:10.657:26.804:32.27
DNF. Thibaut Ruffin (Fra)
DNF. Daniel Critchlow (GBr)
DNF. Ashley Mullane (GBr)
DNF. Neil Beytagh (RSA)
DNF. Albin Combe (Fra)
DNS. Eric Carter (USA)
DNS. John Kirkcaldie (NZl)
DNS. Paul Angus (GBr)
DNS. Steve Barker (GBr)
DNS. Chris Powell (USA) Specialized Mountain Bike
DNS. Nicola Giancola (Can)
DNS. Jean-Pierre Theriault (Can)


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