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September 7/04 6:27 am - Green Mtn: Men Stage 2, 3 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 09/7/04

Green Mountain Stage Race Vermont


Stage 2: Sugarbush Resort Mad River Road Race, 103 miles/165.7km
1. Mark McCormack (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team4:29:40.48
2. Charles Dionne (Can) Webcor Builder4:29:44.72
3. Peter Baker (USA) Team Snow Valley4:29:52.07
4. Dan Cassidy (USA) Fiordifrutta4:30:00.48
5. Dominique Perras (Can) Ofoto-Lombardi Sports4:30:06.34
6. Aaron Olson (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team4:30:06.96
7. Peter Hult (USA) Fiordifrutta4:30:10.86
8. Joshua Dillon (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:30:13.07
9. Ian Dille (USA) Team Snow Valley4:30:29.57
10. Dan Vaillancourt (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:30:31.46
11. Chris Brennan (USA) JDR/Trek/VW4:30:32.18
12. Dan Timmerman (USA) Maxxis/Spokepost.com4:30:34.32
13. Cristian Meier (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale4:30:36.42
14. Lawrence Perera (USA) Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers4:30:40.31
15. Keith Jennings (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:30:53.75
16. Andrew Randell (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee4:31:07.54
17. Mark Pozniak (Can) Team Ontario4:31:15.23
18. Robbie King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:31:20.86
19. Stig Somme (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee4:31:25.62
20. Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team4:31:42.65
21. Joseph Papp (USA) America's Cycling Team - UPMC4:31:50.58
22. Lisban Quintero (USA) necsa cuevas4:32:02.89
23. Ryan Dewald (USA) Team Snow Valley4:32:09.66
24. Dave Mustaikis (Can) Premier Tech4:32:18.30
25. Claude Samson (Can) Ste-Foy (Que Metro) Inc4:32:23.85
26. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Ofoto Cycling Team4:32:34.35
27. Matthew Novakovich (USA) Ibex / Fitwerx4:33:00.97
28. Andrew Knight (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:33:12.35
29. Luc Dionne (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team4:33:35.86
30. Matt White (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com4:33:53.95
31. Robert Giannini (USA) CRCA/Sakonnet Technology4:34:21.85
32. Ian Ayers (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team4:34:24.43
33. Nathan Chown (Can) Gearsracing.com4:34:52.39
34. Chris Hardee (USA) LSV/Kelly4:35:07.09
35. Jesse Anthony (USA) Essex County Velo4:35:17.59
36. Edward King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:36:11.65
37. Justin Spinelli (USA) CYBC/RICHARD SACHS4:36:29.71
38. Craig Upton (USA) CRCA/VISITBRITAIN.COM4:36:34.16
39. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni4:37:30.29
40. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club4:38:28.01
41. Bruno Lafontaine (Can) Perigny4:39:09.98
42. Jean-francois Racine (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale4:39:27.92
43. Cory Jay (Can) Espoir Laval4:39:37.99
44. Philip Wong (USA) Fiordifrutta4:42:20.23
45. Michael White (USA) NCVC/Edge Technologies4:42:42.69
46. Yann Deville (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team4:44:55.66
47. Eneas Freyre (USA) Americas Cycling Team4:46:30.95
48. Jason Baer (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:47:15.03
49. Toby Walch (USA) Portland Velo Club4:47:55.23
50. Chad Butts (USA) Verge Sport/Test Pilot4:48:42.26
51. Louis-Francois Guimont (Can) Premier Tech4:50:01.04
52. Aidan Charles (USA) ACT/NECSA Espoir Elite Team4:50:09.77
53. Brian King (USA) Landrover4:50:16.02
54. John Fee (Can) Velocity Racing4:50:29.54
55. Ian Beilby (USA) Louis Garneau Racing4:50:39.40
56. Chris Samuel (USA) Pro Pedals4:50:52.26
57. Patrick Sullivan (USA) NCC/Bikereg4:51:07.19
58. Sean Cahill (USA) US Armed Forces4:51:07.84
59. Ari De wilde (USA) Essex County Velo4:51:08.51
60. David Sachs (USA) Albertos Sport4:51:09.54
61. Chris Peck (USA) Fiordifrutta4:51:10.11
62. Russ Langley (USA) Team Snow Valley4:51:14.59
63. Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team4:51:15.75
64. Sebastien Rousseau (Can) Premier Tech4:51:25.93
65. Francois Sztuke (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale4:51:26.91
66. Jean-sebastien Perron (Can) Fresh air experience4:51:33.97
67. Peter Stewart (USA) LSV/Kelly4:51:53.17
68. Brian Sheedy (USA) Unattached4:52:02.85
69. Christopher Green (USA) Portland Velo Club4:52:20.53
70. Matthew Guse (Can) Team Ontario4:52:24.98
71. Bret Williamson (USA) Rover4:52:34.29
72. Alec Donahue (USA) Louis Garneau4:53:21.83
73. Bobby Bailey (USA) Rover Cycling4:54:01.05
74. Chris Harnish (USA) People Cycle-Stelvio-Peaks4:55:11.55
75. Alexi Richer (Can) Premier Tech4:56:04.18
76. Kevin Miller (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee4:58:11.36
77. Matthew Svatek (USA) Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers4:58:11.94
78. Kevin Noiles (Can) TSC BERLIN4:58:53.97
79. Joel Cote-Right (Can) Ital Pasta-Transport Belmire4:59:35.36
**80. Lyne Bessette (Can) Quark5:08:27.33
81. Matt Hansen (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee5:08:28.58
82. Brian Vaughan (USA) peerless/papawheelies5:10:21.02
83. Andrew Scott (Can) Flers Cyclisme 615:11:07.71
84. David Berryman (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com5:12:13.76
85. Adam Garlapow (USA) Shickluna5:15:03.58
86. Maxime Vives (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale5:17:33.47
87. Corey Piscopo (USA) NHCC/Team New Hampshire5:17:42.36
88. Antoine Stundner (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale5:17:58.64
89. Steve Maurice (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team5:18:13.29
90. Carl Desroches (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale5:18:14.48
91. Graham Howard (USA) Advantage Benefits Group5:18:26.48
92. Mark Olson (USA) Advantage Benefits Group5:18:45.32
93. Marc Bertucco (USA) Athletes By Design5:20:21.34
94. Damien Colfer (USA) NHCC/Team New Hampshire5:21:41.55
95. Jonathan St.onge (Can) Flers Cyclisme 615:21:47.16
96. Justen Peters (USA) Rover5:22:20.35
97. Daniel Gillespie (USA) Unattached5:23:09.95
98. Al Mcwilliams (USA) Advantage Benefits Group5:23:24.24
99. Robin Bolduc (Can) Velo Sommet5:35:47.00
100. Jake Hollenbach (USA) International5:44:49.00
101. John Mcgill (USA) NCVC-Edge Technologies5:44:50.00
DNF. Marc-Wayne Addison (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
DNF. Mukunda Feldman (USA) Louis Garneau
DNF. Andrew Hollopeter (USA) Bethel Cycle
DNF. Mark Nathe (USA) Ibex / FitWerx
DNF. Thomas Nelson (USA) Bike Doctor/Cannondale
Stage 3: Voler Burlington Criterium, 31 miles/49.88km
1. Charles Dionne (Can) Webcor Builder1:08:18
2. Mark McCormack (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team
3. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Ofoto Cycling Team
4. Russ Langley (USA) Team Snow Valley
5. Andrew Randell (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
6. Mark Pozniak (Can) Team Ontario
7. Peter Hult (USA) Fiordifruttaall s.t.
8. Aaron Olson (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Teamat 0:05
9. Dan Timmerman (USA) Maxxis/Spokepost.com0:28
10. Ryan Dewald (USA) Team Snow Valley
11. Bobby Bailey (USA) Rover Cycling
12. Nathan Chown (Can)
13. Joseph Papp (USA) America's Cycling Team - UPMC
14. Brian Sheedy (USA) Unattached
15. Robbie King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
16. Eneas Freyre (USA) Americas Cycling Team
17. Toby Walch (USA) Portland Velo Club
18. Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team
19. Matt White (USA) NCC /
20. Maxime Vives (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
21. Cory Jay (Can) Espoir Laval
22. Robert Giannini (USA) CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
23. Keith Jennings (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
24. Cristian Meier (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
25. Jason Baer (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
26. Aaron Fillion (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
27. Edward King (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
28. Peter Baker (USA) Team Snow Valley
29. Dominique Perras (Can) Ofoto-Lombardi Sports
30. Joshua Dillon (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
31. Stig Somme (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
32. Ian Beilby (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
33. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni
34. Lawrence Perera (USA) Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers
35. Chris Samuel (USA) Pro Pedals
36. Chris Harnish (USA) People Cycle-Stelvio-Peaks
37. Dan Cassidy (USA) Fiordifrutta
38. Dan Vaillancourt (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
39. Ian Dille (USA) Team Snow Valley
40. Adam Garlapow (USA) Shickluna
41. Francois Sztuke (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
42. Chris Hardee (USA) LSV/Kelly
43. Andrew Knight (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
44. Chris Brennan (USA) JDR/Trek/VW
45. Chris Peck (USA) Fiordifrutta
46. Matthew Svatek (USA) Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers
47. Kevin Noiles (Can) TSC BERLIN
48. Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team
49. Dave Mustaikis (Can) Premier Tech (pulled 1)
50. Jake Hollenbach (USA) International 1
51. Peter Stewart (USA) LSV/Kelly
52. Aidan Charles (USA) ACT/NECSA Espoir Elite Team
53. Brian Vaughan (USA) peerless/papawheelies
54. Corey Piscopo (USA) NHCC/Team New Hampshire
55. Michael White (USA) NCVC/Edge Technologies
56. Robin Bolduc (Can) Velo Sommet
57. Matthew Guse (Can) Team Ontario
58. Luc Dionne (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team
59. Jean-sebastien Perron (Can) Fresh air experience
60. Ari Dewilde (USA) Essex County Velo
61. Matthew Novakovich (USA) Ibex / Fitwerx
62. Jonathan St.onge (Can) Flers Cyclisme 61
63. Louis-Francois Guimont (Can) Premier Tech
64. Joel Cote-cright (Can) Ital Pasta-Transport Belmire
65. Marc Bertucco (USA) Athletes By Design
66. Justen Peters (USA) Rover
67. Andrew Scott (Can) Flers Cyclisme 61
68. Daniel Gillespie (USA) Unattached
69. John Fee (Can) Velocity Racing
70. Al Mcwilliams (USA) Advantage Benefits Group
71. Jesse Anthony (USA) Essex County Velo
72. David Berryman (USA) NCC /
73. Damien Colfer (USA) NHCC/Team New Hampshire
74. Carl Desroches (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
75. Yann Deville (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team
76. Alec Donahue (USA) Louis Garneau
77. Mukunda Feldman (USA) Louis Garneau Racing
78. Christopher Green (USA) Portland Velo Club
79. Matt Hansen (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
80. Graham Howard (USA) Advantage Benefits Group
81. Brian King (USA) Landrover
82. Bruno Lafontaine (Can) Perigny
83. Steve Maurice (Can) CIBC-Wood Gundy team
84. Kevin Miller (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee
85. Mark Olson (USA) Advantage Benefits Group
86. Lisban Quintero (USA) necsa cuevas
87. Jean-francois Racine (Can) Espoirs Laval / Societe Generale
88. Alexi Richer (Can) Premier Tech
89. Sebastien Rousseau (Can) Premier Tech
90. David Sachs (USA) Albertos Sport
91. Claude Samson (Can) Ste-Foy (Que Metro) Inc
92. Patrick Sullivan (USA) NCC/Bikereg
93. Bret Williamson (USA) Rover
94. Philip Wong (USA) Fiordifrutta
95. John Mcgill (USA) NCVC-Edge Technologiesall s.t.
Final GC
1. Mark McCormack (USA) Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team391pts
2. Charles Dionne (Can) Webcor Builder369
3. Andrew Randell (Can%2


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