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September 13/04 7:57 am - Alberta Masters Road Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/13/04

Alberta Masters Road Race Championships September 12th
Courtesy Andy Holmwood, ABA

The 2004 Alberta Masters' Road Race Championships were held Sunday near Davisburg, approximately 30 kilometres south of Calgary. The race was contested on a 16-kilometre circuit which featured sharp, rolling hills, less-than-perfect pavement, and one stray horse. Thanks to Jim Oldham and his Crankmasters Club of Calgary for organizing another fine event.

Master A Men - 110 Km
1. Gary Alexander (TRS Racing)3:10:09
2. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)3:11:53
3. Wade Wallace (TRS Racing)st
4. Kirk Loberg (Revoluzione)3:11:57
5. Brad Wilfley (Crankmasters)3:12:04
6. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike)3:13:25
7. Steve German (Revoluzione)3:13:43
8. Rod Walker (Crankmasters)st
9. James Ritchie (Deadgoat)3:25:39
10. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead)3:33:23
dnf. Spencer Royds (Independent)
dnf. Bob McKerrell (CABC/Projekt 1)
dnf. Stephen Couse (Deadgoat)
dnf. Frank Kovacs (Snakebite Society)
dnf. Brennan Bagdan (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
dnf. Sean Huggins-Chan (bicisport)
dnf. Noel Flatters (Sport X)
Master B Men - 92 Km
1. Peter Toth (ERTC/redbike)2:41:16
2. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:41:40
3. Stephen Mundy (ERTC/redbike)st
4. Phil Rayner (Headwinds)st
5. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle)st
6. David C. Watson (Velocity)2:43:13
7. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)2:46:19
8. Andrew Gage (Eurotech)2:48:11
9. John Kovacs (Independent)2:48:15
10. Paul Ermantrout (Velocity)2:49:30
11. Carlos Salas (TRS Racing)2:51:43
12. Orest Massitti (bicisport)st
13. Gerry McCuaig (Deadgoat)st
14. Craig Horon (Velocity)2:57:58
15. Michael Zelensky (Pedalhead)3:01:37
dnf. Rob Reid (Crankmasters)
dnf. Dwayne Ellis (GS Campione)
dnf. Jacek Kasprzyk (Crankmasters)
dnf. David Ariano (ERTC/redbike)

Master C and D - 62 Km
1. Neal Stoughton* (Simple Green)1:51:20
2. Paul MacDonald (United Cycle)stgold - Master C
3. Wayne Long (United Cycle)1:55:47silver - Master C
4. Steve Sampson (Crankmasters)stbronze - Master C
5. Henry Yau (Deadgoat)1:55:53
6. Thom Steenaerts (Eurotech)stgold - Master D
7. Michael Faulkner (Edmonton Masters' CC)2:06:24
dnf. Lev Krivitsky (Crankmasters)
*out-of-province rider
Master Women and Master E Men - 48 Km
1. Gail Wozny (Edmonton Masters' CC)1:28:21gold - Master A Women
2. Peter Bigg (Edmonton Masters' CC)1:31:08gold - Master E Men
3. Carolyn Soules (Crankmasters)1:32:05gold - Master B Women
4. Victoria Dodd (Revoluzione)1:33:58silver - Master A Women
5. Sandra Yaworski (Crankmasters)1:34:42silver - Master B Women
6. Terii Kovacs (Snakebite Society)1:38:37bronze - Master A Women
7. Susan Sutherland (Synergy)1:44:47bronze - Master B Women
dnf. Liz Ariano (ERTC/redbike)


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