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September 19/04 3:03 am - Univest GP: RR Results

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/04

Univest Grand Prix

Souderton RR

Pro 1/2 Men - 100 miles/160km
1. Stephane Bonsergent (Fra) France /Alderfer Auction Compan3:19.05
2. Pascal Lievens (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Compat s.t.
3. Kevin Maene (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp0:18
4. Ryan Roth (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee0:50
5. Frank Kwanten (Ned) Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shopssame time
6. Michael Lange (USA) Sharper Image/Colavita-Mathis B1:00
7. Tom Huyvaert (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp1:32
8. David Wenger (USA) Sharper Image/Colavita-Mathis B1:34
9. Russ Langley (USA) Team Snow Valley2.58
10. Brian Sheedy (USA) ABC-Cycling Center3:02
11. Frederik Toortelboom (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comps.t.
12. Jelle Hanseeuw (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp3:07
13. Tim Henry (USA) Jittery Joe's3:11
14. Mike Voigt (USA) ABC-Cycling Center
15. Jurgen Van Pelt (Ned) Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops
16. Jonathan Erdelyi (USA) Velocity Sports/CCE
17. Morris Possoni (Ita) Italy/Doylestown Hospitalall s.t.
18. Joseph Papp (USA) America's Cycling Team-UPMC3:54
19. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Endeavor Cycling Team
20. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Subway-Express
21. Jake Rosenbarger (USA) Jittery Joe's
22. Yoann Simon (Fra) France /Alderfer Auction Compan
23. Andy Lannoo (Bel) Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Compall s.t.
24. Bryan Smith (USA) Endeavor Cycling Team4:29
25. Jean Baptiste-Beraud (Fra) France /Alderfer Auction Compan4:43
26. Jenning Huizinga (Ned) Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shopss.t.
27. Roel De Vries (Ned) Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops6:42
28. Eneas Freyre (USA) America's Cycling Team-UPMC7:25
29. Reid Peacock (USA) Velocity Sports/CCE
30. Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni
31. David Jungels (Fra) France /Alderfer Auction Companall s.t.
Women - 25 miles/40 km
1. Kori Kelly (USA) Genesis Scuba57:05
2. Laura Van Guilder (USA) Genesis Scubaat 2:55
3. Catherine Powers (USA) LaGrange
4. Brooke O'connor (USA) Colavita Olive Oil
5. Cassandra Ramirez (USA) Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri-State
6. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Verizon
7. Katherine Lambden (USA) CRCA
8. Hiroko Shimada (USA) Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto
9. Kristen Lasasso (USA) CRCA/ Aquafinaall s.t.
10. Sami Fournier (USA) Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto5:10
11. Marcie Massaro (USA) Tri-State Velo/ Amorosos.t.
12. Sarah Caravella (USA) Team Cadence6:09
13. Alicia Genest (USA) Laurel Bicycle Club
14. Jessie Peil (USA) Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto
15. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Velo Bella Fed by Caruso Tratto
16. Lynda Maldonado (USA) Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri State
17. Laury Saligman (USA) Revolution/ Rock Creek Racers
18. Diana Sosnowski (USA) East Coast Velo
19. Caroline Hacker (USA) Evolution Racing
20. Diane Castor (USA) Tri State Velo / Amorosoall s.t.
21. Alison Fischer (USA) East Coast Velo8:46
22. Michelle Suplick (USA) Wissahickon8:55
23. Tammy Ebersole (USA) Evolution Racing18:18
Best Climber
1. Kori Kelly (USA) Genesis Scuba20
2. Kristen Lasasso (USA) CRCA/ Aquafina5
3. Catherine Powers (USA) LaGrange3
Sprint Points
1. Kori Kelly (USA) Genesis Scuba20
2. Catherine Powers (USA) LaGrange10
3. Brooke O'connor (USA) Colavita Olive Oil6


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