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September 23/04 12:43 pm - Harris+Harris Midweek Madison Evening

Posted by Editoress on 09/23/04

Harris+Harris Midweek Madison Evening
Peter McCaffery, Organizer

Since there was a small turnout, the Madison evening turned into a mini track meet. The club set up a 70 meter oval in the Hershey north car park and ran interesting programme that included a 10 minute pace line session lead by Pavan ex trackies Ed Maset and Mark Polsinelli, a 1 kilometer time trial, a series of match sprints, and a miss-and-out. The Hershey people kindly turned on the lights for us and we were able to complete the schedule without a hitch.

Despite the fact that most of the 12 participants had not ridden on a track, the kilo's were remarkably well-ridden, and the majority of riders had decent starts and managed to hold their speed quite well into the final 200meters, where most slowed.

The sprints were also keenly contested and there were some remarkable displays of tactical savvy. The miss-and-out, or "Devil take the hindmost" as a few of us knew it, was another matter and several fast riders were eliminated by being caught off guard.

The evening was a great success, and most riders asked if we could have more evenings like it. Thanks to Peter Rodrigues for donating the miss-&-Out prize money.

1. Hamish Gordon (Midweek CC - MB), 1:22.8
2. Chris Atkins (Midweek Elite - S1), 1:23.2
3. Peter Morse (Midweek Elite - S1), 1:24.1
4. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction - ), 1:25.3
5. Ed Maset (Pavan - MB), 1:25.8
6. Bruce Krip (Midweek Elite - S1), 1:27.0
7. Jamie Gildiner (Independent - S3), 1:27.4
8. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan - MB), 1:27.2
9. Robert D'Amico (Pavan - MA), 1:28.3
10. Greg Moore (Independent - MA), 1:31.0
11. Mark Precious (Independent - S2), 1:35.9
12. Peter Rodrigues (MBRC - MB), 1:44.3

Chris Atkins beat Peter Morse

Miss & Out
1. Hamish Gordon
2. Jamie Gildiner
3. Ed Maset


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