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October 28/04 9:15 am - Nissan Xterra World Championship: Canucks 2nd, 3rd and 11th

Posted by Editoress on 10/28/04

Nissan Xterra World Championship Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii, October 24th
Courtesy Xterra

The Nissan Xterra World Championship on October 24 was the final stop on the XTERRA Global Tour - a national and international series of 78 qualifying events held in Saipan, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, Germany, Canada, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

The course, considered XTERRA's toughest and most demanding, consisted of a 1.5-kilometre rough water swim at Wailea Beach, a grueling 30-kilometer mountain bike on the lower slopes of Haleakala, and an 11-kilometre trail run from through the rugged Maui outback.

The field was limited to 400 competitors, including 70 pros, who represent the best off-road multisport athletes on the planet. They come from more than 20 countries and compete for one of the richest pro purses in multisport at $130,000.

Mealanie McQuaid (reigning champ) took the lead on the bike portion, and held onto it part way through the run, where Jamie Whitmore took it and held on to win.

1. Jamie Whitmore:22:4601:56:1200:42:373:01:35
2. Melanie McQuaid:22:2101:53:3800:48:263:04:25
3. Danelle Kabush:25:0201:57:0300:43:143:05:19
4. Melissa Thomas:26:0801:50:3200:48:583:05:38
5. Katrin Helmcke:25:0101:58:5000:43:523:07:43
6. Sibylle Matter:20:5502:06:0900:41:133:08:17
7. Erika Csomor:25:0902:10:4700:38:183:14:14
8. Lynley Allison:22:0302:07:2500:46:003:15:28
9. Candy Angle:21:2002:01:0700:54:073:16:34
10. Stefania Bonazzi:24:4602:11:4700:40:063:16:39
11. Chrissy Redden:30:2601:57:2900:49:403:17:35
12. Jeannie Bomford:22:5202:08:4500:47:353:19:12
13. Sonia Foote:35:2902:01:5300:42:213:19:43
14. Heather Fuhr:23:1802:20:0800:38:323:21:58
15. Lisa Isom:28:4602:09:0000:44:173:22:03
16. Cherie Touchette:21:3802:05:2700:55:113:22:16
17. Christy Murphy:27:3102:09:2600:48:163:25:13
18. Erin McCarty:21:2602:12:3200:51:383:25:36
19. Imke Schiersch:26:2802:13:2600:47:023:26:56
20. Linda Gabor:28:1802:09:1500:50:443:28:17
21. Jari Kirkland:25:0602:13:2200:54:273:32:55
22. Nicole Newton:23:4502:21:0500:52:123:37:02
23. Cristina Begy:36:5502:09:0300:52:033:38:01
24. Catherine Dunn:27:1802:22:0900:50:003:39:27
25. Virginia Berasategui Luna:21:1402:39:1100:40:103:40:35
26. Yasuko Miyazaki:25:2702:27:2100:47:483:40:36
27. Kelly Reed:22:3602:33:4100:53:373:49:54


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