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November 3/04 6:48 am - Shimano to Continue Sponsorship of UCI, Employment Opportunity, Alberta Provincial Cyclo-cross Championship

Posted by Editoress on 11/3/04

Shimano to Continue Sponsorship of UCI
Courtesy Shimano

Shimano will continue to be a main sponsor of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale - the World Cycling Federation) until at least 2008. Hein Verbruggen (Chairman of the UCI) and Yoshizo Shimano (Chairman of Shimano) signed a new sponsorship contract last Friday, October 29th in Beijing, China.

China as location of the signing ceremony was chosen for two reasons. First of all because Beijing will host the Olympic Games in 2008 and Shimano will be there to provide technical support during the cycling events. Furthermore, both the UCI and Shimano consider China as one of the main targets for promotion of the cycling sport.

Shimano has been promoting the development of cycling sport and cycling in general as a major sponsor of the UCI for 6 years now, from 1999 to 2004. In this period, Shimano has also been the official supplier of technical and mechanical services at UCI authorized world championships and cycling competitions such as Road Racing, Mountain Biking, Track and Cyclo Cross races and the cycling events at the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympic Games.

Shimano truly feels that the opportunity to extend this agreement in Beijing is a special one. We are looking forward to the continued co-operation with the UCI in the coming years.

Experienced Bicycle Mechanic/Sales Person Needed

A long time established bicycle store in southern Ontario is growing and is looking for a knowledgeable, hardworking bicycle mechanic who can also take a turn on the sales floor when needed. This store specializes in high end brands such as Trek, Cannondale and Giant, and offers a full range of bicycle products from racing bikes to children's gear. This is a great opportunity for the right person to grow with the business. It will require a combination of people skills and technical expertise to get the job done, and mechanic experience is a must. The position offers competitive pay, health care and dental benefits, a great work environment and the usual bike shop incentives in southern Ontario's premier bicycle store.

Contact Information:

Marta Generoux e-mail:

Alberta Provincial Cyclo-cross Championship Sunday, October 31st , Canmore Nordic Center
Courtesy Kevin "Goat" MacCuish, ABA Events Coordinator

Master Men
1 - Gold - Master A. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead)0:46:58
2 - Silver - Master A. Clayton Paradis (Pedalhead)0:47:39
3 - Bronze - Master A. Keith Bayly (Deadgoat)0:48:40
4. Kirk Loberg (Revoluzione)0:49:01
5 - Gold - Master B. Peter Toth (ERTC/redbike)0:49:15
6. Pat Doyle (Deadgoat)0:49:21
7 - Silver - Master B. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)0:50:40
8. Gary Brown (RMCC)0:50:54
9 - Bronze - Master B. Tim Brezsnyak (Deadgoat)0:51:02
10. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)0:51:10
11. Shane Rush (Velocity)0:51:20
12. Craig Good (Synergy)at 1 lap
13. Dan Bierd (bicisport)at 1 lap
14. Michael Johns (CABC/Projekt 1)at 1 lap
15. Michael Meeres (CABC/Projekt 1)at 1 lap
16. Phil Rayner (Headwinds)at 1 lap
17. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike)at 1 lap
18. Craig Horon (Velocity)at 1 lap
19. Derrill Shuttleworth (Pedalhead)at 1 lap
20. Alexander McCuaig (GS Campione)at 1 lap
DNF. Colin Walsh (Synergy)
DNF. Bob McKerrell (CABC/Projekt 1)
DNF. Phil McDonald (Snakebite Society)
DNF. John Riess (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. James Rasmussen (United Cycle)
DNF. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)
Sport Men
1 - Gold. Jason Frank (CABC/Projekt 1)0:50:27
2 - Silver. Chris Harrison (ERTC/redbike)at 1 lap
3 - Bronze. Chris Stipdonk (United Cycle)at 1 lap
4. Tim Riess (Pedalhead)at 1 lap
5. Manrique Bautista (Pedalhead)at 1 lap
6. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)at 2 laps
DNF. Orest Massitti (bicisport)
DNF. Don Fox (Juventus)
DNF. William Turner (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. Michael Zelensky (Pedalhead)
Junior Men
1 - Gold. Mark MacDonald (Sport Chek)0:47:16
2 - Silver. Michael Bidniak (Juventus)0:48:01
3 - Bronze. Brian Robinson (Bow Cycle/CMC)0:48:34
4. Cody Canning (United Cycle)at 1 lap
5. Shaun Adamson (United Cycle)at 1 lap
6. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)at 1 lap
7. Nic Andrichuk (Bow Cycle/CMC)at 1 lap
8. Evan Wick (Independent-OCA License)at 2 laps
Open Women
1 - Gold. Samantha Nicholson (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)0:46:18
2 - Silver. Marg Fedyna (Independent)0:48:06
3 - Bronze. Nola Zwarich (Bianchi/The Bike Shop)at 1 lap
4. Leslie Schlebach (bicisport)at 1 lap
Sport Women
1 - Gold. Stephanie Roorda (Synergy)0:49:35
2 - Silver. Janka Hegedus (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)at 1 lap
Elite Men
1 - Gold. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)0:57:42
2 - Silver. Paul Ignatiuk (ERTC/redbike)0:57:54
3 - Bronze. Jesse James Collins (bicisport)0:59:22
4. Per Strom (bicisport)1:01:32
5. Guri Randhawa (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)at 1 lap
6. Shawn Taylor (RMCC)at 1 lap
7. Brian Kullman (Synergy)at 2 laps
DNF. Byron Davis (Pedalhead)
DNF. Mike Sarnecki (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)


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