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November 13/04 10:14 am - Victoria Island `Cross Championships

Posted by Editoress on 11/13/04

1st Victoria Island `Cross Championships
Courtesy Normon Thibault

1. Darren Carmichael (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)30:51:00
2. Gary Croome (Victoria) Schwalbe (M)30:51:00
3. Ted Radstake (Nanaimo) (M)30:58:00
4. Jeff Croft (Nanaimo) (M)31:28:00
5. J.P Baron (Vancouver) Frontrunners (M)31:32:00
6. Mark Overton (Nanaimo) (M)32:45:00
7. Jeff Gallimor (Nanaimo) Fire Dept. (M)32:56:00
8. Ron Williams (Nanaimo) Fire Dept. (M)35:30:00
9. Christine Baron (Vancouver) Frontrunners (F)35:57:00
10. Krissy Johnson (Nanaimo) (F)36:10:00
11. Kjersten Lone (Victoria) Dirty Girls (F)37:11:00
12. Carrie Willekes (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (F)37:54:00
13. Liz Williams (Nanaimo) (F)38:05:00
14. Sue Handel (Nanaimo) (F)38:27:00
15. Kemel Holubeshen (Nanaimo) (M)39:30:00
16. Trish Maguire - the 1st (Seattle) (F)39:42:00
17. Layth Holubeshen (Nanaimo) (M)41:02:00
18. Lorne Bucholz (Seattle) (F)44:01:00
19. Mary Mark (F)44:30:00
20. Alison Keple (Duncan) Frontrunners (F)-1 Lap
21. Helly Visser (Calgary) (F)-2 Laps
DNF. Marilyn KittleJay (Nanaimo) (F)
DNF. James Young (M)
1. Andrew Pinfold (Victoria) Symmetrics (M)38:15:00
2. Basse Clement (Vancouver) Solo (M)38:50:00
3. Normon Thibault (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)38:51:00
4. Kelly Guest (Victoria) Frontrunners (M)39:25:00
5. Stefan Jakobsen (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)39:46:00
6. Sean Lunny (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)39:50:00
7. Derek McMaster (Victoria) Team Costal (M)39:50:00
8. Jason Fluckiger (Surrey) Bayside (M)39:51:00
9. Wendy Simms (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (F)39:51:00
10. Chris Barth (Delta) Bayside (M)39:57:00
11. Andrew Kent (Ladysmith) Aerosmith (M)40:09:00
12. Peter Stevenson (Duncan) Experience Cycling (M)40:27:00
13. Peter Reid (Victora) Specialized (M)40:41:00
14. Graeme Martindale (Vancouver) Frontrunners (M)41:55:00
15. Justin Mark (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)41:55:00
16. Nathaniel Morton (Ladysmith) N.B.L. (M)41:22:00
17. Mason McGarrigle (Nanaimo) (M)42:24:00
18. Steve Crowley (Nanaimo) Aerosmith (M)42:45:00
19. Chris Red (Guelph) OakBay (M)42:49:00
20. Jason Sandquist (Duncan) Frontrunners (M)42:55:00
21. Ian Abbott (Victoria) (M)42:59:00
22. Gray Taylor (Burnaby) Brooks (M)43:59:00
23. Kurt Knock (Duncan) B.C. Masters (M)44:00:00
24. Corey Piket (Nanaimo) Frontrunners (M)44:21:00
25. Jeff Sparling (Calgary) Bow Cycle (M)46:04:00
26. Sean Clark (North Vancouver) (M)46:55:00
27. Hugh Fletcher (Qualicum) Aerosmith (M)-1 lap
28. Jason Howard. Aerosmith (M)-1 lap
29. Louis Brossard (Nanaimo) Nanaimo Cycling Club (M)-1 lap
DNF. Darren Mealing
DNF. Drew MacKenzie
DNF. Kevin Calhoun
DNF. Rob Britton
DNF. Justin Maguire - the 3rd


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