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November 14/04 7:02 am - World Cup 'Cross, B.C. 'Cross, Ontario 'Cross, SCCC Banquet, Birthdays

Posted by Editor on 11/14/04

Cyclo-cross World Cup #3 - Pijnacker, Netherlands

1 Sven Nys (Bel) Rabobank
2 Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank at 0:25
3 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) Quickstep - Davitamon 0:49
4 Ben Berden (Bel) Saey-Deschacht 1:10
5 Zdenek Mlynar (Cze) AC Sparta Praha 1:26
6 Jiri Pospisil (Cze) Stevens International Cyclocross Team 1:32
7 Davy Commeyne (Bel) - Palmans 1:39
8 Enrico Franzoi (Ita) Saeco 1:49
9 Bart Aernouts (Bel) Rabobank 2:17
10 Tom Vannoppen (Bel) - Palmans 2:43
11 Wim Jacobs (Bel) Fidea Cyclocrossteam 2:49
12 Petr Dlask (Cze) Author Praha 2:51
13 Erwin Vervecken (Bel) Fidea Cyclocrossteam 3:18
14 John Gadret (Fra) Chocolade Jacques s.t.
15 Jonathan Page (USA) Cervelo-HotTubes-Adidas-Mavic 3:27
16 Christian Heule (Sui) Stevens International Cyclocross Team 3:47
17 Camiel van den Bergh (Ned) Saey-Deschacht 3:49
18 Tim Van Nuffel (Bel) Saey-Deschacht 3:58
19 Vaclav Jezek (Cze) Author Praha 4:06
20 Arnaud Labbe (Fra) 4:09
21 Martin Nijland (Ned) Didata 4:27
22 Ondrej Lukes (Cze) Tatramleko 4:34
23 Michael Baumgartner (Sui) 4:39
24 Wilant van Gils (Ned) Rietveld WTC wielerteam 4:44
25 David Derepas (Fra) 4:53
26 Malte Urban (Ger) Stevens International Cyclocross Team
27 Jens Schwedler (Ger) Stevens International Cyclocross Team both s.t.
28 Vladimir Kyzivat (Cze) Johnson Controls AS MB 5:21
29 Dariusz Gil (Pol) 6:16
30 Guillaume Benoist (Fra) 6:35
31 Francis Mourey (Fra)
32 Anders Klinkby (Den) Vejen BC 6:43
33 Robert Glajza (Svk) CK ZP Sport A:S: 6:56
34 Thorsten Struch (Ger) 7:01
35 Peter Presslauer (Aut) Stevens International Cyclocross Team 7:41
36 Jean-Pierre Leyten (Ned) 7:54
37 Martin Zlamalik (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tabor 8:19
38 Gusty Bausch (Lux) 8:30
39 Igor Tavella (Ita) 9:01

at 1 lap
40 Alessandro Fontana (Ita)
41 Finn Heitmann (Ger) Stevens International Cyclocross Team
42 Mike Muller (Ger)
43 Mariusz Gil (Pol)
44 Steffen Weigold (Ger)
45 Jens Reuker (Ger)
46 Joachim Parbo (Den) Cycling Aarhus
47 Vaclav Metlicka (Svk) CK ZP Sport A.S.
48 Isaac Suarez Fernandez (Esp)

First Vancouver Island C-X Championships
Courtesy Normon Thibault

With only a very short 2 week lead in time we were very pleased to have 57 athletes turn out for our event. The biggest winner was the sport of c-x, as it was the first official sanctioned event on Vancouver Island (that we know of). Also, we had 23 people in the beginner event and a total of 30 people that had never done a c-x race before in their lives. We started the afternoon with Canadian National c-x Champion (Wendy Simms) leading almost all of the first timers over the course to explain barriers, run ups, sand and mud.

Beginner Event
Despite being a beginner event it did not lessen the competitive nature of the race. There were lots of lead changes and passing. Darren Carmichael on the last straight away of Grandview Bowl just pulled ahead of Gary Croome for the victory. Also notable was Helly Visser at 72 years old doing the event on a borrowed Brodie Spark. Our youngest competitor was 13 year old Kjersten Lorne from Victoria who usually competes in x-c MTB events on the Island.

"A" Race
The unique LeMans start proved to be one of the highlights of the event with 34 racers furiously running 100 meters of grass before finding and mounting their bikes for the opening lap of Grandview Bowl. Once onto the Parcourse Drew Mackenzie lead it out with Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics), Basse Clement (Solo), Sean Lunny (Frontrunners), Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) and Graeme Martindale(Fontrunners) in line. The first split occurred at the BMX track (noted as the most favorite part of the course by almost all surveyed after the event) where those with technical skills pulled away and splits in the field started to appear. The BMX track was also where the first major crash of the day occurred when Justin Maguire (Frontrunners), following Ironman Peter Reid (Specialized), attacked the first set of jumps and launched his Moser into the air and into the next jump.

Off the BMX track Pinfold started to gap the field with Drew Mackenzie, Thibault and Martindale in a small group 5 seconds behind. Mackenzie showed great skills by riding the steepest hill on the course while most others ran. At the end of lap one Pinfold was in the un-official pits bumming a wheel off a lady from the beginner race after he had a flat and Clement, Martindale and Thibault were trying to gap the rest of the field.

The BMX track took another casualty on lap two with Martindale hitting the dirt. Pinfold made his way back up to the front, and Clement and Thibault were trading places in second and third. The only woman in the race, Wendy Simms (Frontrunners), was sitting in 5th with a group of guys after tearing her shorts wide open on a snag.

With darkness approaching attentive race timers cut the race short by one lap. This was good, as it was getting really dark on a few sections of the course

The last lap saw Pinfold extending his lead to come across the line first. Thibault was out sprinted by Clement in the last 100 meters for 2nd. Kelly Guest (Frontrunners) after making his way from further back in the field took 4th, thinking Thibault was a lapped rider and he was getting 3rd. Simms came in 7th in a group from 5th to 10th, that came in within 10 seconds of each other.

Cleanup was done in the dark and the awards were later at the famous Frontrunners Annual party.

Thanks to everyone that came out including volunteers, spectators and racers. Special thanks to Nanaimo Parks and Rec, Nanaimo B.M.X., Frontrunners and Adidas (for bringing out their wicked RV).

Pictures will be available at: as soon as our Seattle friends make it back to their homes. (Currently there is only one shot marking the page).

Note: Results posted yesterday.

Baldwin 'Cross - WindyHill Farms, Kintore, Ontario
Courtesy OCA

Sunday November 14, 2004

Master B/C/D Men - 5 laps
1. John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction - RMB)53:37
2. Ed Campbell (St Catharines CC - RMB)at 0:54
3. Dave Dermont (True North Cycles - RMB)s.t.
4. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton CC - RMC)4:00
5. Terry Rice (Silver Spokes CC - RMB)4:10
6. Glen Laycock (Ind. - RMB)5:15
7. Paul Dean (Westhaven Homes - RMB)7:00
8. Dave Van de Laar (St Catharines CC - RMB)7:30
9. Hugh Hill (Team Hardwood - RMB)8:00
10. Francis Morrow (Hamilton CC - RMC)8:50
11. Gord Clarke (BikeSports - Pfaff - RMC)9:15
12. Martin Kohn (Ind. - RMC)9:20
13. Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Eagles - RMD)9:35
14. Richard Wade (Newmarket Eagles - RMC)11:00
15. Scott Roberts ( - RMB)11:20
16. John P Crumlish (Ind. - U.S.A - RMB)at 1 lap
17. Gord Avann (Skiis & Biikes - RMB)s.t.
18. Jan Kocemba (Ind. - RMD)1L + 1:15
19. John Walton (London CW - RMC)1L + 2:00
20. Tim Buckley (Midweek CC - RMC)1L + 2:55
21. Richard Jackson (St Catharines CC - RMC)1L + 6:35
22. Chris McDonald (Midweek CC - RMB)1L + 8:00
23. Phil Robinson (Ind. - RMB)1L + 12:30
24. Phil Renaud (Ind. - RMB)1L + 15:45
Women - 4 laps
1. Carolyne Haill (Midweek CC - RMW)53:00
2. Anna Tratnyek ( - RJ)at 5:27
3. Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction - RMW)7:17
4. Christine Hauk ( - RMW)14:17
5. Prisca Natterer (True North Cycles - RMW)at 1 Lap
Junior Men - 6 laps
1. Andrew Wilson (3 Rox Racing - RU17)1:05:37
2. Jeff Eades ( - RJ)at 5:31
Master A Men - 6 laps
1. Steve Heck (Sport Swap)1:01:57
2. Vernon Chant (Sport Swap)at 2:05
3. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction)3:50
4. Matt Berridge (Ind.)3:55
5. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta / J Lindeberg)4:15
6. Kris Tobias (Sport Swap)4:40
7. Mike Van Til (Ind.)6:00
8. Paul Tolomiczenko (Racer Sportif)s.t.
9. Eric Crudelli (BikeSports - Pfaff)6:30
10. Chris Kiziak (BikeSports - Pfaff)8:10
11. Chris Hauk (
12. Scott Doel (BikeSports - Pfaff)at 1 lap
13. Chris Redden (Speed River CC)1L + 2:38
14. Rod Olliver (Ind.)1L + 7:10
DNF. Bobby Mrvelj (Mississauga BRC)
DNF. Adam Woods (Speed River CC)
DNF. Darko Antic (Racer Sportif)
DNF. Andrew Cutts (London Centennial Wheelers)
Senior Men - 6 laps
1. Peter Morse (Midweek CC - RS1)58:37
2. David Coughlin (Ind. - RS3)at 1:50
3. Kevan Cranmer (Freewheel Cycle - RS2)3:35
4. Michael Dennis ( - RS2)5:10
5. Sean Sinclair (Speed River CC - RS3)at 1 lap
6. Scott Kelly (Ind. - RS3)1L + 1:00

SCCC Awards Banquet
Courtesy Tim Lefebvre

The St. Catharines Cycling Club held it's annual awards banquet over the weekend. A gala affair with plenty of Polish style food and drink followed by dancing till the wee hours. The awards went to:

Best All Rounder: Steve Ciazynski
Best Cadet: Alex Korten
"Colin Hearth Award" Best Road Man: Tim Lefebvre
"Karen Stron Award" Best Woman: Lesley Chown
Most Improved: Shane Lavell
Hill Climb Champion: Rob Hiscock
Carl Vandersanden Descend Champion: Tim Alakis
Jack Farrar Contribution to Cycling: Mayor of Pelham
Half Wheel Award: Ed Campbell
Fred "dent in the head" award (best crash): Al Worzobyt
Tour of Pelham Champion: Dan Lefebvre

Joining Steve Bauer, Gord Singleton, Peter Junek, Tim Lefebvre, Jim Greig and Karen Strong in the "Life time member" category are age group world champions in the triathlon - Linda Lemmon and Diane Eller.

Happy Birthday To...

Olympians Kiara Bisaro (Friday) and Linda Jackson (Saturday).


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