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November 23/04 7:31 am - Centennial Park `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 11/23/04

Centennial Park CX Etobicoke ON, Nov. 21st
Courtesy organizers

Jr Men
1. Andrew Wilson (3Rox Racing)
2. Damian Kurzawinski (Midweek CC)
2 Starters
Master B Men
1. John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction)
2. Ed Campbell (St. Cathrines CC)
3. Dave Dermot (True North)
4. Hugh Hill (Team Hardwood)
5. Terry Rice (Silver Spokes)
6. Dave Van de Laar (St. Cathrines CC)
7. Ron Spencer (Ind.)
8. Paul Dean (Westhaven Homes)
9. Scott Roberts (
10. Al Hawley (Ind.)
11. Phil Rinaud (Ind.)
12. Phil Robinson (Ind.)
DNF. Glen Laycock (Ind.)
13 Starters
Master C Men
1. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton CC)
2. Richard Wade (Newmarket)
3. Martin Kohn (Ind.)
4. John Waron (Ind.)
5. Tim Buckley (Midweek CC)
6. Frank Morrow (Hamilton CC)
7. Marin Sowden (Chain Reaction)
8. Richard Jackson (St. Cathrines CC)
DNF. Don Perry (Newmarket)
9 Starters
Master D Men
1. Elmore Brenton (Newmarket)
DNF. Jan Kocemba (Ind.)
2 Starters
1. Anita Lagler (Mississauga BRC)47:55
2. Rhonda Stickle (Team Diet Cheerwine)48:17
3. Carolyne Haill (Midweek CC)49:10
4. Lesley Honsberger (St. Catharines CC)49:37
5. Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction)49:59
6. Kim Haagmans-Hawke (Team Lifesavers)50:13
7. Heidi Nixdorf (Ind.)
8. Christine Hauk (
8 Starters
Sr/MA Men
1. Matt Hewitt (Ind.)1:04:58
2. Peter Morse (Midweek CC)1:05:01
3. David Coughlin (Ind.)1:07:27
4. Nathan Chown (St. Catharines)1:07:54
5. Steve Heck (MA) (Sport Swap)1:08:16
6. Kevan Cranmer (Freewheel Cycle )1:08:32
7. Michael Dennis ( )1:10:58
8. Vernon Chant (MA) (Sport Swap)1:12:14
9. Paul Greene (MA) (Chain Reaction)1:12:23
10. Kevin Black (Cavern Cycles)1:12:43
11. Lorne Anderson (MA) (La Bicicletta)1 lap
36 finishers/40 starters

The Elite/MA results are incomplete, organizers have promised to send a follow up with the complete Elite/MA results.


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