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November 24/04 5:39 am - Victory Brewing Announces 2005 Team, Bruno Langlois Joins Jittery Joe's-Kalahari

Posted by Editoress on 11/24/04

Victory Brewing Announces 2005 Team
Courtesy Mike Tamayo, Victory Brewing Women's Team

America Velo Sports, management firm of Victory Brewing Women's Team is excited to announce its 2005 roster.

The Victory Brewing women’s cycling team is heading into its third season and has been growing stronger as the years pass. The team was formerly known as Amoroso’s for two years prior, when the team began as a U.C.I. registered project. The team has now grown into one of the top teams in the USA and has not missed the podium in the 2004 season.

Mike Tamayo continues to Direct and manage the team for 2005. He explains, “I am very excited with our choice of riders. The lineup is solid in strength and experience. More excitedly I am looking forward to managing the team that will animate Women’s bike racing in North America. With this group all of them can win the race, and are smart and strong enough to be a threatening opportunist.”

Returning from the 2004 season is 2 year Veteran to the team Gina Grain. Grain has had a stellar season finishing 1st in the Pro Cycling Tour, 2nd at Liberty Classic, and 2nd in the New York City Criterium. The team will also be keeping US Espoir Time Trial Champion Lauren Franges, Nicole Demars, Sandy Espeseth and Kirsten Robbins.

New signings to Victory Brewing for the 2005 season are Stacey Peters, Amy Moore, Kate Sherwin, Erin Carter and Kim Geist.

The new riders bring on board a refreshing mixture of experience and youth. Stacey has had 2 solid seasons in Europe riding for T-Mobile, while Amy has more than proven her strength on Saturn and Quark. A new face to the pro women’s field, Kate earned her spot on the team with an aggressive racing style. To help with the lead out, Erin is working back from injury in 2004. And rounding it all up, Kim at 18 years old brings youth and a hard earned bronze medal at the JR Pursuit World Championships.

2005 Roster
Erin Carter
Nicole Demars
Sandy Espeseth
Lauren Franges
Kim Geist
Gina Grain
Amy Moore
Stacey Peters
Kirsten Robbins
Kate Sherwin

Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Announces 2005 roster

by Micah Rice

The Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Pro Cycling Team has announced their rider roster for 2005.

Tim Johnson
Jeff Hopkins
Jesse Lawler
Jonny Sundt
Evan Elken
Thad Dulin
Christian Foster
Craig Wilcox
Bruno Langlois
Geoff Kabush
Trent Lowe

"We have four very strong returning riders, Jeff, Jesse, Jonny and mid-season addition Evan Elken," says Micah Rice, General Manager of the Team. "Tim from Saunier Duval-Prodir was obviously our big pickup in the off-season. We picked up Thad from Colavita and Christian from the Subway team. Craig is a neo-pro from Oregon and Bruno is a French Canadian training partner of Tim's. A huge addition to the team will be Geoff and Trent who race mountain bikes for Team Maxxis. Both of them will be a huge asset at the big races where they can take time out of their busy mountain bike schedules to join us."

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Courtesy Samuel Thibodeau
Bruno Langlois to join Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Bruno Langlois joint l'équipe américaine Jittery Joes

Cette nouvelle au sujet de Bruno Langlois, qui faisait partie de l'équipe Volkswagen depuis plusieurs années, n'a pas encore fait l'objet d'un communiqué de presse, selon les recherches de VÉLOPTIMUM.


Eh bien, nous l'avons découvert en lisant l'excellente entrevue que Randall Butler de a fait avec Lyne Bessette et dont la première partie paraît ce 23 novembre.

Voici l'extrait :

Randall Butler : Does Tim speak French ?

Lyne Bessette : No - well he's getting better. I think he's going to learn more this year. He just signed with Jittery Joes and he has a Quebec teammate, Bruno Langois. Bruno is not as good as me in English, so I think he will get Tim to speak French I think more than I do.

La nouvelle nous a ensuite été confirmée par M. Micah Rice de l'équipe Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Pro Cycling Team, qui nous indique qu'un communiqué de presse sera publié le 24 novembre.


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