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May 10/05 8:11 am - Columbia Plateau Stage Race: Results from Women's and Master's races

Posted by Editoress on 05/10/05

Columbia Plateau Stage Race Oregon, May 7-9

WomenSt 1St 2St 3St 4Final GC
1. Leah Goldstein (Isr) Trek2:57:260:06:293:31:354:57:236:35:30
2. Suz Weldon (USA) Subway Professional Racing Team2:57:260:06:323:31:354:57:23at 0:03
3. Sima Trapp (USA) Subway Professional Racing Team2:57:260:06:373:31:354:57:330:08
4. Liza Rachetto (USA) Lipton2:57:260:06:503:31:354:57:230:21
5. Linda Finegold (USA) Wenatchee Valley Velo2:57:360:06:513:31:354:57:230:32
6. Sarah Barber (USA) George's/BODE2:59:500:06:523:31:354:57:232:47
7. Alice Pennington (USA) DeSalvo3:00:100:06:543:33:294:57:235:03
8. Allison Beall (USA) 2:59:500:06:413:38:174:57:239:18
9. Martha Walsh (USA) First Rate Mortgage2:59:500:06:453:38:174:57:239:22
10. Alex Wrubleski (Can) Regina Cycle Club2:59:500:06:563:38:174:57:239:33
11. Christine Fletcher (Can) Unattached2:59:500:07:053:38:174:57:239:42
12. Leah Guloien (Can) Team Coastal2:59:500:07:083:38:174:57:239:45
13. Naomi Cooper (Can) dEVo/Powerbar/Ryders2:59:500:07:123:38:174:57:239:49
14. Moriah MacGregor (Can) BC Team2:59:500:07:173:38:174:57:239:54
15. Virginie Calme (USA) Sorella Forte2:59:500:07:253:38:174:57:2310:02
16. Gill Walker (Can) BC Team3:00:080:07:103:38:174:57:3310:05
17. Shari Shanks (USA) Half Fast Velo2:59:500:07:343:38:174:59:1510:11
18. Alena Radomsky (Can) Team Coastal2:59:500:07:063:43:044:57:2314:30
19. Carrie Eller (USA) Team Tamarack2:59:500:07:173:43:044:57:2314:41
20. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Can) Team Coastal2:59:500:07:213:43:044:57:2314:45
21. Laura Schmidt (USA) Terry Precision2:59:500:07:473:42:394:59:0914:46
22. Barbara Zimich (Can) Team Coastal2:59:500:07:303:43:045:02:5914:54
23. Amanda Butler (Can) Team Coastal2:59:500:07:333:43:045:09:1214:57
24. Suzanne Macht (Can) Adventurebound.ca3:08:150:06:503:38:174:57:2317:52
25. Lisa Dunnwald (USA) Team Group Health3:08:150:07:123:38:175:02:5918:14
26. Julia Hlynski (Can) BC Team3:08:150:07:193:38:174:57:2318:21
27. Annie Cox (USA) Aurora Cycling3:08:150:07:373:38:175:02:4918:39
28. Melissa Kerr (Can) BC Team3:08:150:07:313:43:045:09:1223:20
29. Claire Cameron (Can) Blak Dog2:59:500:07:253:55:504:58:1327:35
30. Traci Carroll (USA) Team Rubicon2:59:500:07:284:01:104:59:2532:58
31. Catherine Diviney (USA) Half Fast Velo3:08:150:07:154:01:104:59:5341:10
32. Leslie McCullough (USA) WWU Cycling3:08:150:07:454:05:534:59:2546:23
33. Alison Howard (USA) Byrne Spec. Gases3:12:140:07:184:04:095:11:2748:11
34. Jaini Crawford (USA) Paul's Bicycle Way of Life3:12:140:07:494:05:535:09:1250:26
37. Shanhong Lu (USA) unattached3:43:540:08:254:19:065:09:311:35:55
38. Lisa Jaffary (Can) Kelowna Cycle3:43:540:08:444:33:015:30:001:50:09
35. Kim Wilson (USA) Byrne Specialty Gases3:12:140:08:114:05:53DNFDNS
36. Anna Repetto (USA) Mount Shasta Pedali3:40:140:08:264:19:06DNFDNS
39. Emily Westbrook (USA) Subway Professional Racing Team3:08:150:08:02DNFDNSDNF
40. Andrea Fisk (USA) Rad Racing NW3:40:140:08:20DNFDNSDN

MastersStage 1
1. Agamenoni, Jeff (USA) Echelon3:17:43
2. Nigbor, Jon (USA) Huntair0:13
3. Routley, Tony (Can) FloraGlo/Norco0:13
4. West, Richard (USA) Echelon0:13
5. Clerc, Christian (USA) Wenatchee valley0:13
6. Bruce, Greg (USA) Hutch's - Bend0:13
7. Allen, Matt (USA) 0:13
8. DeCoursey, Paul (USA) Snake River0:13
9. Burck, Marty (USA) Disco Velo0:13
10. Leigh, Alistair (USA) Byrne Specialty Gas0:13
11. Joe, Howard (Can) Independent0:13
12. Schlatter, Bruce (Can) BC Masters0:13
13. Mitchell, Rob (USA) AeroCyclos0:13
14. Magilner, Mark (USA) Half Fast Velo0:13
15. Yenne, Steve (USA) Excel Sports0:24
16. Forgeron, Ted (USA) Team Rose City6:32
17. Bandura, Jeff (Can) FloraGlo / Norco/6:32
18. Sagers, Pat (USA) Hutch's of Bend6:32
19. Milan, Paul (USA) First Rate Mortgage6:32
20. McMichael, Bob (USA) AERO Cyclos6:32
21. Palmer, Dave (USA) Guinness Cycling6:32
22. Christenson, Eric (USA) Team Rose City6:32
23. Matteson, Kirk (USA) Half-Fast Velo6:32
24. Wilson, Michael (USA) EWeb Windpower11:01
25. Weyhrich, John (USA) Excel Sports / 5 Valley11:01
26. Shuster, Chuck (USA) unattached11:01
27. Ryan, Michael (Can) 11:01
28. Murray, Blair (USA) First Rate Mortgage11:01
29. Cramer, Rich (USA) Bike N Hike / Giant11:01
30. Stadick, Mark (USA) Vision Tech 4 Corners11:01
31. Mullen, Steven (USA) Nomad Racing Team11:01
32. Becker, Tim (USA) Byrne Gas11:01
33. Boswell, Grant (USA) Hutchs-Bend11:01
34. Seaton, Scott (USA) Hutch's Bend11:01
35. MacGraw, Gary (USA) Cycle Sport11:01
36. Wiley, Alan (USA) Byrne Specialty Gas11:01
37. Root, David (USA) Huntair11:01
38. Eddy, Mike (USA) Jet City velo11:01
39. Chase, Clint (USA) Byrne Spec. Gases11:01
40. Connelly, Bruce (USA) Bike Gallery/Trek11:01
41. Pennington, Jim (USA) DiscoVelo11:01
42. Holland, Steve (USA) Huntair11:01
43. Hecht, David (USA) Bryne Gas11:01
44. Dunn, Michael (USA) Half Fast Velo11:01
45. Robbins, Derek (Can) Glen Valley36:30
46. Donnison, David (Can) Team CoastalDNS
47. Scott, Blair (Can) Mighty CyclingDNS

St 2St 3St 4Final GC
1. Chase, Clint (USA) Byrne Spec. Gases5:353:10:274:07:197:23:21
2. Holland, Steve (USA) Huntair5:563:10:274:07:19at 0:21
3. Wiley, Alan (USA) Byrne Specialty Gas5:483:11:394:07:191:25
4. Seaton, Scott (USA) Hutch's Bend5:523:11:394:07:191:29
5. Connelly, Bruce (USA) Bike Gallery/Trek5:583:11:394:07:191:35
6. Cramer, Rich (USA) Bike N Hike / Giant6:023:11:394:07:191:39
7. Stadick, Mark (USA) Vision Tech 4 Corners6:043:11:394:07:191:41
8. Wilson, Michael (USA) EWeb Windpower6:063:11:394:07:191:43
9. Becker, Tim (USA) Byrne Gas6:073:11:394:07:191:44
10. Eddy, Mike (USA) Jet City velo6:073:11:394:07:191:44
11. Ryan, Michael (Can) 6:023:13:384:07:444:03
12. Schlatter, Bruce (Can) BC Masters6:163:15:494:07:446:28
13. Weyhrich, John (USA) Excel Sports / 5 Valley Velo6:013:11:394:14:469:05
14. Boswell, Grant (USA) Hutchs-Bend6:343:11:394:15:380:10:30
15. Pennington, Jim (USA) DiscoVelo6:323:13:384:15:330:12:22
16. Shuster, Chuck (USA) unattached6:313:14:524:17:340:15:36
17. Mullen, Steven (USA) Nomad Racing Team5:523:11:394:24:420:18:52
18. Nigbor, Jon (USA) Huntair6:383:18:094:19:220:20:48
19. Murray, Blair (USA) First Rate Mortgage6:223:23:194:17:400:24:00
20. Root, David (USA) Huntair7:073:23:194:19:220:26:27
21. Routley, Tony (Can) FloraGlo/Norco6:313:26:044:17:290:26:43
22. West, Richard (USA) Echelon6:383:26:044:19:220:28:43
23. Hecht, David (USA) Bryne Gas6:113:15:304:31:440:30:04
24. Clerc, Christian (USA) Wenatchee valley velo7:083:26:044:25:410:35:32
25. Mitchell, Rob (USA) AeroCyclos6:253:25:414:27:160:36:01
26. Leigh, Alistair (USA) Byrne Specialty Gas6:263:18:094:36:190:37:33
27. Agamenoni, Jeff (USA) Echelon6:513:26:044:33:120:42:46
28. Burck, Marty (USA) Disco Velo6:373:26:044:35:200:44:40
29. Allen, Matt (USA) 6:493:26:044:35:580:45:30
30. Bruce, Greg (USA) Hutch's - Bend7:043:39:574:25:250:49:05
31. MacGraw, Gary (USA) Cycle Sport6:593:39:574:25:540:49:29
32. McMichael, Bob (USA) AERO Cyclos7:093:39:574:31:540:55:39
33. Christenson, Eric (USA) Team Rose City7:273:43:014:35:061:02:13
34. Sagers, Pat (USA) Hutch's of Bend7:073:39:574:39:371:03:20
35. Matteson, Kirk (USA) Half-Fast Velo7:363:39:574:45:101:09:22
36. Bandura, Jeff (Can) FloraGlo / Norco/Streethawkexpress7:273:44:144:45:101:13:30
37. Forgeron, Ted (USA) Team Rose City7:313:45:024:45:101:14:22
38. Joe, Howard (Can) Independent7:123:45:504:45:101:14:51
39. Palmer, Dave (USA) Guinness Cycling7:303:55:06DNSDNS
40. DeCoursey, Paul (USA) Snake River6:343:39:57DNSDNS
41. Milan, Paul (USA) First Rate Mortgage6:373:43:58DNSDNS
42. Yenne, Steve (USA) Excel Sports6:36DNFDNSDNF
43. Magilner, Mark (USA) Half Fast Velo6:08DNSDNSDNS
44. Dunn, Michael (USA) Half Fast Velo6:21DNSDNSDNS


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