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May 11/05 8:30 am - Columbia Plateau Stage Race: Results from Men's 3 and 4 categories

Posted by Editoress on 05/11/05

Columbia Plateau Stage Race Oregon, May 7-9

Category 3 MenSt 1St 2St 3St 4Final GC
1. Sam Johnson (USA) Squash Racing3:45:050:05:303:06:104:00:4710:57:32
2. Jeffrey Morgan (USA) Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts3:45:050:05:443:06:104:00:47at 0:14
3. Daniel Watson (USA) OSU3:45:050:05:563:06:104:00:470:26
4. Blake Wiedenheft (USA) GAS-Heritage Homes3:45:050:06:123:06:104:00:560:51
5. Trevor Connor (Can) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles3:45:050:05:583:06:104:01:160:57
6. Nathan Coffey (USA) Team Oregon3:45:050:05:553:06:104:03:052:43
7. Tim Abercrombie (Can) Escape Velocity3:48:250:05:493:05:214:00:472:50
8. Mark Davies (USA) Lake Washington Velo/Broadmark3:48:250:06:013:06:104:00:564:00
9. Paul Beard (Can) Atomic/Haywood3:48:250:06:043:06:104:03:056:12
10. Jackson Buehler (Can) Devo Powerbar Ryders Cannondale BSP3:48:250:06:013:06:104:03:126:16
11. Dan Quirk (USA) Veloce / Felt3:48:250:06:153:06:104:03:126:30
12. Mark Vergari (USA) Hutch's Bicycles of Bend3:48:250:05:593:06:104:03:516:53
13. Brett Williams (USA) Team Oregon3:48:250:06:043:09:314:03:129:40
14. Mike Boehm (Can) Bike Co.3:51:480:06:053:06:104:03:129:43
15. Tom Woodcock (USA) Team Oregon3:51:480:06:163:06:104:03:129:54
16. Shane Fletcher (USA) Veloce / Felt3:51:480:06:193:06:104:03:129:57
17. Michael Benno (USA) Veloce3:51:480:06:253:06:104:03:1210:03
18. Bevan Hughes (Can) Atomic/Haywood3:51:480:06:253:06:104:03:1210:03
19. Erik Bailly (USA) MSU Cycling3:51:480:06:293:06:104:03:1210:07
20. Graeme Bant (Can) Sugoi / Giant / Maxxis3:51:480:06:333:06:104:03:1210:11
21. Brandon Weil (USA) Squash Racing3:51:480:06:093:06:104:04:0910:44
22. Richard Sweet (USA) Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team3:48:250:06:193:08:074:06:2411:43
23. Jakob MacArthur (USA) Broadmark Capital3:48:250:06:003:06:104:08:4211:45
24. Jason Lewis (USA) Veloce/Felt3:51:480:06:293:06:104:09:0616:01
25. Joseph King (USA) Hayden Homes4:00:150:06:233:06:104:03:0518:21
26. Garth White (Can) Comox Valley Cycle Club4:00:150:06:293:06:104:03:1218:34
27. Tom Wick (USA) Byrne Specialty Gas3:51:480:06:143:06:104:14:5421:34
28. Ed Harley (USA) Mobile Money4:00:150:06:183:09:314:03:1221:44
29. Bradley Marquardt (USA) Broadmark3:51:480:06:023:06:104:15:5822:26
30. David Varoujean (USA) Oregon State University4:00:150:05:533:06:104:08:3323:19
31. Bob Presta (USA) Team Stampede/5 Valley Velo3:51:480:06:343:06:104:16:5423:54
32. Timothy Hittner (USA) guinness4:00:150:06:333:06:264:09:2325:05
33. Soren Klingsporn (USA) Broadmark Capital3:51:480:06:103:07:464:16:5425:06
34. Galen Mittermann (USA) Hayden Homes4:00:150:06:263:08:074:09:1926:35
35. Lauren Johnson (USA) Wenatchee Valley Velo4:00:150:06:183:09:314:08:3327:05
36. Damian Schmitt (USA) Sunnyside Sports4:09:250:06:063:06:104:03:1227:21
37. JP Dunlop (Can) Adventure Bound4:09:250:06:363:06:104:03:1227:51
38. Douglas Shanks (USA) Half Fast Velo3:48:250:06:183:09:314:23:1930:01
39. Matt Dolan (USA) O So Kleen4:15:570:06:363:06:104:03:1234:23
40. Glen Enzfelder (USA) U.S.C.G4:00:150:06:093:09:314:16:3935:02
41. James Newman (USA) Team Oregon4:09:250:06:153:09:244:09:2937:01
42. Richard Anderson (USA) Team Oregon4:00:150:06:073:09:314:23:1941:40
43. Matt Bodkin (Can) The Whistler Bike Company4:09:250:06:243:09:314:16:5144:39
44. Jeff Ain (Can) dEVO/Powerbar/Ryders/Sisu4:00:150:06:343:08:074:31:1148:35
45. Brad Cowley (USA) MobileMoney Racing4:09:250:06:163:22:114:08:4249:02
46. Rob Gosselin (Can) Atomic/Haywood4:13:130:06:423:14:074:16:4853:18
47. Rick Michel (USA) LWV/Broadmark4:00:150:06:423:22:114:23:1954:55
48. Alan Adams (USA) Broadmark4:09:250:06:333:22:014:23:191:03:46
49. Brian Marcroft (USA) Broadmark Cycling4:09:250:06:373:22:114:23:191:04:00
50. Paul Cross (Can) Atomic Racing Club4:21:160:06:263:22:014:16:541:09:05
51. Alan Schmitz (USA) Broadmark Cycling4:00:150:05:353:34:124:30:451:13:15
52. Tom Letsinger (USA) GVH Bikes4:09:250:06:493:24:574:30:451:14:24
53. Trevor Hopkins (Can) FloraGlow4:13:130:06:383:22:114:35:011:19:31
54. Asim Malik (USA) Team Eastside / Marin4:24:440:06:523:22:114:23:191:19:34
55. Aaron Coker (USA) Team Oregon4:09:250:06:383:22:114:38:541:19:36
56. Matthew Wolpert (USA) Unattached4:00:150:06:283:36:114:34:301:19:52
57. James Crowe (Can) team squamish4:46:020:06:433:21:574:03:121:20:22
58. Mark Franks (USA) The Valley Athletic Club4:09:250:06:533:31:074:31:111:21:04
59. Troy Smith (USA) Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts4:17:430:06:563:22:114:34:541:24:12
60. Duncan Steele (Can) dEVo/Powerbar/Ryders4:48:410:10:553:20:354:03:121:25:51
61. Robin White (Can) Adventure Bound4:09:250:06:493:30:024:39:301:28:14
62. Brian Storey (Can) Escape Velocity4:09:250:07:173:34:124:38:541:32:16
63. David Schneider (USA) Escape Velocity4:09:250:09:013:34:124:38:211:33:27
64. Chuck Sowers (USA) Huntair4:26:420:06:493:48:344:55:522:20:25
65. Ted Chauvin (USA) Broadmark Cycling Team3:51:480:06:444:02:45DNFDNF
66. David Diviney (USA) Half Fast Velo4:19:400:07:203:49:31DNFDNF
67. Craig Pack (USA) Aeros Cyclos4:00:150:06:313:06:10DNSDNS
68. Jay Freyensee (USA) Easton/Specialized- LGBRC4:18:000:06:223:36:11DNSDNS
69. Riley MacGraw (USA) Cycle Sport3:51:480:06:09DNFDNSDNS
70. Tim Welter (USA) Mobile Money Racing3:51:480:06:23DNFDNSDNF
71. David Rosen (USA) Team Oregon4:23:420:07:04DNFDNSDNF
72. Brad Farnand (USA) Therapeutic Associates Cycling4:54:350:06:36DNFDNSDNF
73. Jason Walker (USA) Reno Wheelmen / Bicycle Bananas4:00:15DNFDNSDNSDNS
74. Patrick Adrian (USA) University of Puget Sound/ Old Town Bicycles4:13:13DNSDNSDNSDNS
75. Mikkel Anderson (USA) Nomad4:28:22DNSDNSDNSDNS
76. Paul Anderson (USA) Half Fast Velo4:33:37DNSDNSDNSDNS
77. Scott Grealish (USA) huntair4:38:32DNSDNSDNSDNS
78. Stephen Maluk (USA) DeSalvo Custon CyclesDNFDNFDNFDNFDNF
79. Nathan Hobson (USA) Half Fast VeloDNFDNFDNFDNFDNF
80. Pascal Teste (Can) AtomicDNFDNSDNSDNSDNS
81. Ian Leitheiser (USA) Half Fast VeloDNFDNSDNSDNSDNS
Category 4 MenSt 1St 2St 3St 4Final GC
1. Alex Newport-Berra (USA) EWEB Windpower2:43:050:05:533:17:274:17:1610:23:41
2. Jim Fischer (USA) EWEB Windpower2:43:130:05:543:17:274:17:16at 0:09
3. Boyd Piebenga (USA) Paul's Bicycle Way of Life2:43:050:06:093:17:274:17:160:16
4. Chris Daifuku (USA) WWU Cycling2:43:050:06:113:17:274:17:160:18
5. Paul Craig (Can) Natural Earth Racing2:43:050:06:263:17:274:17:160:33
6. Eric Ziegler (USA) Northern Rockies2:44:250:06:213:17:274:17:161:48
7. Chris Kelsey (USA) Spokane Rocket Velo2:44:250:06:273:17:274:17:161:54
8. Zach Guy (USA) RNM Sports/ WWU Cycling2:44:250:06:213:17:274:18:563:28
9. Wes Stephens (USA) Paul's Bicycle Way of Life2:44:250:06:133:18:124:21:527:01
10. Scott Cooley (USA) Spokane Rocket Velo2:43:130:06:173:17:274:24:458:01
11. Andrew Leese (USA) WWU Cycling2:46:360:06:313:17:274:21:118:04
12. Matthew Campbell (Can) Bayside2:44:250:06:243:17:274:24:459:20
13. Alexandre Lussier (USA) GAS / Heritage Homes2:51:170:06:423:17:274:18:5610:41
14. Douglas Shaw (USA) Spokane Rocket Velo2:44:250:06:343:21:274:28:0716:52
15. David Hassinger (USA) Echelon2:44:250:06:323:18:584:35:1521:29
16. Christopher Orr (Can) Escape Velocity2:51:170:07:043:20:024:28:1322:55
17. Chris Smit (Can) Team Coastal2:51:170:06:313:18:584:31:4124:46
18. William Snider (USA) Great Divide Cycling Team2:44:250:06:473:24:064:34:5026:27
19. Austin MacDougall (Can) Devo/powerbar2:55:530:06:443:19:594:28:4827:43
20. Brian Sather (USA) Distance Education2:51:170:06:443:18:584:36:3029:48
21. Matt Robinson (USA) Therapeutic Associates Cycling3:02:570:06:413:18:584:28:2133:16
22. Julian Deiss (USA) MSU2:52:390:06:523:27:334:31:4135:04
23. Karl Choltus (USA) Team Oregon3:05:480:06:423:21:124:30:5941:00
24. Byron Dawson (Can) Devo Powerbar Ryders Cannondale BSP2:51:170:06:493:23:004:44:1541:40
25. Zach Frater (USA) Fred Meyer Cycling2:44:250:06:153:30:064:49:1746:22
26. John Rozell (Can) Team Costal3:02:570:06:373:21:274:39:4647:06
27. Alex Zeisberg (USA) BIKE2:58:250:06:423:23:134:43:1647:55
28. Dustin Gordon (Can) Team Flora Glo3:02:570:06:363:23:134:44:1553:20
29. Jess Graden (USA) Veloshop3:05:350:06:263:38:274:28:2155:08
30. Lucas Fennell (Can) Escape Velocity2:55:530:06:553:39:314:37:1755:55
31. Kevin Spiegel (USA) Whitman Cycling3:01:470:06:153:39:314:39:461:03:38
32. Matthew Wojcik (USA) Recycled Cycles3:18:440:07:063:23:004:49:171:14:26
33. Ted Gresh (USA) Team S&M3:18:440:07:553:49:574:44:151:37:10
34. Taku Imai (Can) Devo: Escape Velocity2:55:530:07:134:00:095:01:001:40:34
35. Arata Higashi (USA) N/A3:50:440:07:264:12:295:10:052:57:03
36. Hans Bauck (Can) Team Coastal2:44:250:06:473:18:58DNFDNF
37. Konrad Binder (USA) Avanti Racing / Ti Cycles3:04:380:06:373:52:15DNFDNF
38. Roger Lloyd (USA) Huntair2:55:530:06:55DNFDNFDNF
39. Stefan Negritoiu (USA) Rolling Bay Wheelmen4:08:200:07:48DNFDNFDNF
40. Bob Grover (USA) Etna Brewing Company2:55:440:07:173:42:56DNSDNS


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