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May 11/05 1:29 am - Bristol Road Race Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/11/05

Bristol Road Race Rochester NY, May 8th

PRO 1/2 Men
1. Chris Isaac (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
2. Brandon Cricthon (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
3. Nathan Chown (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
4. Nat Faulkner (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
5. Richard Bowker (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport

6. Jason Skalski (USA) Preferred Care
7. Paul Komanecky (USA) Preferred Care
8. Eric Pardyjaic (USA) Park City Cycling
9. Adam Garlapow (USA) Shickluna
10. Jason MacLaren (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
11. Dan Maggiacomo (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport

12. Andrew Chadeayne (USA) Swan Cycles/ Chris Cookies
13. Ben Jamesson (USA) Shickluna
14. Matt Forfar (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club
15. Daniel Staffo (USA) Verge Sport
16. Jeremy Burton (USA) Ind
17. Todd Scheske (USA) Preferred Care Chili
18. Jason Hilimire (USA) SBRT/Dutch Wheelman
19. Peter Sanowar (Can) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
20. John Roden (USA) Shickluna
DNF. Christian Garlapow (USA) Century Tel/VRAD
DNF. Stan Ambis (Can) Team Rochelle
DNF. Jonathan Dechau (USA) Preferred Care
DNF. Shane Lavell (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club
DNF. Michael Luther (USA) Preferred Care

1. Peter Culley (USA) Allegheny Cycling
2. Andrew Melnychenko (USA) unattached
3. Stephen Cummings (USA) Allegheny Cycling
4. Mark Hinnen (Can) LaBicicletta
5. Paul Tolomiczenko (Can) Aquilaraiy

6. Mike Mathis (USA) JW Dundee's Premium Beer/GVCC
7. William Nicholson. Ind
8. Stephane Deshaies (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club
9. Chad Byers (USA) Unattached Wallkill
10. Timothy Finnegan (USA) Hollyloft
11. Mike McKnight (USA) Navigators
12. Justin Thompson (USA) Chris Cookies Groton
13. Mike Minerva (USA) Navigators/R3 Rochester
14. Dana Alia (USA) Liberty Cycle Catskill
15. Paul Amaral (Can) BikeSports-PFAFF Racing Team Maple
16. Bob Dahl (USA) Hollyloft Lakewood
17. Kevin Mahoney (USA) Handlebars CC
18. Brett McKay (USA) Hollyloft
19. Mark Somers (USA) Navigators/R3
20. Nick Mahood (USA) euroTEK/BostonSci/Farina's
21. Jeffrey Thomas (USA) GVCC
DNF. Chris Riley (USA) Navigators/R3
DNF. Jeremy Bickling (USA) hollyloft cycling team
DNF. Robert Hanlon (USA) Maxxis Cycling
DNF. Dwight Roth. JW Dundee/GVCC
DNF. Stanley Skotnicki. Handlebars Cycle
DNF. Taylor Hogan (USA) Gvcc
DNF. Ken Thomas (USA) BBC Orchard Park
DNF. James Cowle (USA) BBC W. Seneca

1. Robert Dietrich (USA) GVCC Farmington
2. Mark Atwood (USA) GVCC Honeoye
3. Andrew Barnard (USA) ChrisCookies
4. Eric Grim (USA) GVCC Rochester
5. Randy Eadie (USA) Ind
6. Brett Rothmeyer (USA) Kranicks
7. Jason Dellilo (USA) Ind
8. Jason Urckfitz (USA) GVCC
9. Brian Cardona (USA) Full Moon Vista / GVCC
10. John Mannion (USA) Chris's Cookies/Swan Cycles/Cornell
11. Bruce Hayward (USA) GVCC
12. Mark Dux (USA) GVCC Rush
13. John Compton (USA)
14. John Hunter (USA) U of R
15. Donald Fitterer (USA) Fingerlakes Cycling Club
16. Tom Emerich (USA) GVCC
17. Tom Gaborski (USA) U of R
18. Peter Pelychaty (USA) Team Trailblazers
19. Matthew Delisa (USA) FLCC/Chriscookies/Swan Cycles
10. John Garret (USA) BBC
DNF. Aaron Dinoto (USA) Thompson Health /Towners Bike Shop
DNF. Ed Munch (USA) Team Hollyloft
DNF. Doug Rusho (USA) Ind
DNF. Frank Steiner (USA) Team Race
DNF. Mark Rowley (USA) GVCC conesus
DNF. John Ormsby (USA) Ind
DNF. David Rowley (USA) GVCC Hemlock
DNF. Michael Lawler (USA) U of B
DNF. Rich Furstoss (USA) GVCC
DNF. Todd Furstoss (USA) GVCC
DNF. Duane Wisniewski (USA) BBC
DNF. James Randall (USA) Aurora CC
DNF. Aaron Consul (USA) GVCC
DNF. Brian Thomas (USA) U of R
DNF. Adam Leman (USA) U of R
DNF. Elliot Pennington (USA) U of R
DNF. Mark Herman (USA) GVCC
DNF. Severin Flanigan (USA) GVCC
DNF. Volodymyr Spantchak (USA) GVCCr
DNF. Pierre Perrin (Can) MBRC

1. Daniel Kidney (USA) FLCC
2. Tom Wehling (USA) BBC a
3. Marc Sachdev (USA) GVCC
4. Todd Simonson (USA) GVCC
5. Trevor Holland (USA) Ind
6. James Walker (USA) Ind
7. Peter Hoag (USA) Ind
8. Scott McNitt (USA) GVCC
9. Sebastian Feuerlein (USA) GVCC
10. Eric Truelson (USA) Park Ave. Bike Shop
11. David Kina (USA) U of B
12. Eldon Borgus (USA) Ind
13. Steven Johnson (USA) GVCC
14. Charles Hamilton (USA) FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
15. Lawrence Beck (USA) GVCC
16. Robert Riehle (USA) BBC
17. Steve Wehling (USA) BBC
18. David Hoag (USA) GVCC
19. Sam Ward (USA) Ind
20. Mark McCarthy (USA) GVCC Pittsford
DNF. Joseph Bailey (USA) Chris Cookies/Swan's Cycles
DNF. Brian Beach (USA) Tioga Velo Club Owego
DNF. Blake Jenssen (USA) Ind
DNF. Ryan Rodriguez (USA) Bicycling Club
DNF. Stephen D'amico (USA) GVCC
DNF. Aaron Johnson (USA) Ind
DNF. Mark Paris (USA) GVCC Henrietta
DNF. Kevin Maier (USA) GVCC Webster
DNF. Dan Dakin (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club
DNF. John Caricati (USA) Jr.
DNF. Jose Rosario (USA) GVCC
DNF. Bryan Pennington (USA) U of R
DNF. Joe Dordoni (USA) Ind
DNF. Bryan Blake (USA) OCC
DNF. Chet Schwartz (USA) GVCC
DNF. Stephen Hoadley (USA) Ind
DNF. Bruce Wolcott (USA) Ind

1. Glen Synder (USA) Mredith Group
2. Robert Schultz (USA) Dutch Wheelman
3. Alan Cote (USA) Northhampton Cycling Club
4. Glenn Swan (USA) Cranford Bike Club / CTS
5. Malcolm Eade (Can) D'ornellas Racing Team
6. William Erichson (USA) Fingerlakes Cycling Club
7. David Fasso (USA) Aurora Cycling Club
8. James Andrews (USA) Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club
9. Steve Toorongian (USA) BBC
10. Earnie Bayles (USA) Fingerlakes Cycling Club
11. Guy Damiano (USA) Schuss Racing New
12. Dean Petro (USA) Aurora Cycling Club
13. Robert Fraser (USA) GVCC
14. Chris Fuller (USA) BBC
15. Ed Baumgartner (USA) Schuss Racing
16. Stephen Edgar (USA) Finger Lakes Cycling Club
17. Attilio NIcosia (USA) Job One Enterprises
DNF. Trevor Harrison (USA) Navigators
DNF. Doug Wabnitz (USA) GVCC
DNF. Frank Crillo (USA) BBC
DNF. Geoff Banner (Can) Oakville Racing Team
DNF. Jeffrey Felice (USA) Susquehanna cycling Club Shortsville

1. Anna Tratnyek (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club
2. Yvette Labombard (USA) Handlebars
3. Kerry Traynor (USA) Handlebars
4. Anne Guzman (Can) Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club
5. Anita Lagter (Can) Ind
6. Naomi Germak (Can) Hamilton Cycling Club

7. Cindy Dunn (USA) GVCC
8. Mellisa Ranson-Askers (USA) Ind
DNF. Mary D'Angilo (USA) Handlebars
DNF. Lesley Chown (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club
DNF. Tracy Coyell (USA) Hollyloft
DNF. Patricia Clark (USA) Kraynicks
DNF. Marie-Claude Paquette (Can) St. Catherines Cycling Club

Junior Men
1. Alex Korten (Can) St. Catherines CC
2. Cheyne Hoag (USA) GVCC
3. Jake Castor (USA) Ind
4. Alex Tratnyek (USA) Hollyloft Warren


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