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May 20/05 11:26 am - Accept the Challenge XC

Posted by Editoress on 05/20/05

Accept the Challenge Edmonton AB

May 15

U17 Expert Women
DNF. Short, Alison (Rundle Mountain)
Master Expert Women
1. Kletti, Loni1:30:51.20
2. Hook, Michelle (PedalHead)10:43.61
3. Harlton, Judy (Dirt Girls)11:09.65
4. Johnson, Kathryn (United Cycle)15:34.82
5. Franklin, Juliette (Dead Goat)16:51.34
Junior Expert Women
1. Kenny, Danielle (CycleMeisters)1:34:32.28
DNF. Gladysz, Trisha (Blizzard)
Senior Expert Women
1. Testroete, Alison (CycleMeisters)1:28:55.33
2. Martins, Karen (United Cycle)3:00.82
3. Harlton, Pepper (Dirt Girls)4:21.36
4. Woodward, Amy (Bow Cycle)6:31.96
5. Zschogner, Ingrid (Bike Shop)7:52.36
6. Green, Linda (Dead Goat)8:42.34
7. Williamson, Carrie (TerraScape)9:59.57
8. Brown, laura (CycleMeisters)11:52.51
9. Kennedny, Dianna (Synergy)15:43.26
10. Grover, Heather (Mountain Bike City)17:13.12
11. Morris, Rebecca (BICI Sport)22:19.13
12. Bowe, Lisa (BICI Sport)26:50.52
13. Linder, Bridgete (Bow Cycle)DNF
U17 Expert Men
1. Smitheman, Spencer (Juventus)1:25:42.86
DNF. Brentnall, Mac
Senior Elite Women
1. Dyck, Mical (TerraScape)1:49:24.08
2. Bate, Madelaine (TerraScape)1:56.88
3. Grajczyk, Trish (Dead Goat)5:22.81
4. Missghers, Chirstine (Mountain Bike City)13:14.69
5. White, Kathy (Bow Cycle)16:10.07
6. Tosi, Marisa (TerraScape)20:47.55
Master Expert Men B
1. Shearer, Tracey (Juventus)1:50:18.83
2. Ellis, Duane (GS Campione)0:23.82
3. Whitten, Dave (United Cycle)1:23.38
4. Roddy, Edward (Dead Goat)2:25.10
5. Shuttleworth, Derrill17:32.18
Master Expert Men A
1. Bate, Lonn1:46:26.82
2. Anderson, Darren (PedalHead)0:15.53
3. Brodzinsky, Tom (Dead Goat)0:26.56
4. Barr, Sean (PedalHead)0:33.45
5. Calder, Wayne (Dead Goat)3:12.44
6. Abdai, Alistair4:43.84
7. Rumsey, Mark (Hardcore)5:06.95
8. Penner, Bruce (United Cycle)5:21.66
9. Jones, Darcy (Dead Goat)5:36.05
10. Walsh, Steve (Schmoe RC)6:31.63
11. Schmiedge, Kirk (TRS)6:50.24
12. fedoroshyn, Mark7:49.69
13. Brezsnyak, Tim (Dead Goat)13:57.37
14. Achuff, Andy (PedalHead)16:47.53
DNF. Anastasiadis, Andrew (Sport Check)
DNF. Check, Chris (PedalHead)
Junior Expert Men
1. Anderson, Ryan (Juventus)1:40:51.54
2. Bidniak, Mike (Juventus)1:26.26
3. Canning, Cody (United Cycle)3:53.03
4. Robinson, Brian (CycleMeisters)10:35.52
5. Maged, Eric (Rundle Mountain)11:12.60
Senior Expert Men
1. Bain, Brian (Bow Cycle)1:40:54.00
2. Banner, Neall (CycleMeisters)1:23.81
3. Leeds, Robert (Bow Cycle)1:58.04
4. Nolan, Earl (Dead Goat)2:45.65
5. Whitten, Alan (United Cycle)5:54.91
6. MacDonald, Mark (Sport Check)7:20.27
7. Custodio, Roy (TerraScape)7:50.67
8. Sparling, Jeff (Bow Cycle)9:12.10
9. Shalapay, Johnathan (United Cycle)9:35.73
10. Adamson, Shaun (United Cycle)10:10.83
11. Wilson, Jared (RVC)10:52.05
12. Stipdonk, Chris (United Cycle)11:42.89
13. Lega, Kevin (United Cycle)12:03.49
14. Wirtz, Rob (Hardcore)14:14.60
15. Stoner, Mike (PedalHead)14:36.90
16. Bladon, Kevin (United Cycle)16:16.96
17. Bjorge, Anthony (RVC)19:07.91
18. Haspel, Felix (Synergy)19:45.29
19. McCarthy, Michael (United Cycle)31:34.56
DNF. Ferris, Stephen (ERTC)
DNF. Langevin, Frederic
DNF. Hamilton, Kirk (River Valley Cycle)
DNS. Twells, John (PedalHead)
Senior Elite Men
1. Messeghers, Troy (Mountain Bike City)1:57:22.28
2. Heemskerk, Tim (United Cycle)0:44.91
3. Grover, Neil (Mountain Bike City)3:12.47
4. Nutbrown, Jonhathan (Bike Shop)9:13.18
5. Sutton, Andre (Hardcore)10:21.73
6. Doyle, Pat (Dead Goat)11:46.09
7. Servinski, Kelly (Bike Shop)11:55.35
8. Bailey, Adam (Black Sheep)12:49.87
9. Martins, Steve (Hardcore)14:18.83
10. Ignatiuk, Paul (ERTC)19:06.83
11. Clark, Dion (Bow Cycle)23:54.75
DNF. Anastasiadis, Sean (Sport Check)
DNF. Hopping, Ryan (ERTC)
DNF. Sherman, Evan (United Cycle)
DNF. Sarnecki, Mike (PedalHead)
U15 Women
1. Middleton, Kendra (Juventus)0:44:30.55
2. Grover, Samantha6:51.33
3. Nadeau, Amanda11:43.90
4. Dardis, DanielleDNF
U17 Sport Women
1. Grant, Torie (Juventus)0:51:07.10
2. Ebbern, Hilary (Black Sheep)3:57.04
3. Hall, Kelly (Juventus)4:49.94
4. Beveridge, Michelle (Black Sheep)8:39.58
5. Walker, Lindsey (Juventus)11:20.79
6. Virtue, Jennifer (Black Sheep)14:24.61
Junior Sport Women
1. Howard, Terri Anne1:21:06.20
Senior Beginner Women
1. Simpson, Laura (Schmoe Racing)0:55:16.52
2. heemskerk, Debby (United Cycle)5:36.82
3. Hutnan, Erin (Dirt Girls)16:37.34
4. Belanger, Clotilde (Dirt Girls)17:30.28
5. Verbrugge, Connie (Dirt Girls)23:05.67
6. Finlay, Amber (Calgary Crank Masters)28:15.35
7. Hosker, Anne (PedalHead)DNF
U15 Men
1. Freitas, Kurtde0:44:42.92
2. Canning, Kolton (United Cycle)10:12.68
3. Ogletree, Keith (Hardcore)14:19.23
4. Johnson, Eric16:39.06
5. Garvin, Mac (Black Sheep)16:58.02
6. Stafford, Kevin (United Cycle)19:57.01
7. Bosch, Trevor (Calgary Cycle)26:31.99
8. Niles, Isaac (Olympic Oval)34:10.60
9. Bosch, Alexander (Calgary Cycle)DNF
Senior Sport Women
1. Whitten, Tara (Velocity)0:59:11.89
2. Barnett, Amy (Bow Cycle)8:05.23
3. Maguire, Laura (RVC)10:52.27
4. Allum, Jennette (Ridleys Cycle)14:34.22
5. O'Brien, Katherine31:49.76
Master Sport Women
1. Licis, Lisa (Hardcore)1:06:51.19
2. Flynn, Kathy (Ridleys Cycle)5:43.96
3. Wirtz, Diane (Hardcore)16:41.19
4. Milke, Michelle (Dirt Girls)19:23.54
5. Ellis, Michelle (Dirt Girls)23:48.81
6. Cousins, Sandy (Dirt Girls)24:09.67
7. Richter, Rita (Velocity)35:31.14
8. Rachar, Heather (Calgary Crank Masters)53:31.03
9. Rawluk, DebDNS
Senior Beginner Men
1. Bates, Stephen1:05:00.45
2. Langill, Chris (Schmoe RC)5:44.83
3. Nissen, Aaron (PedalHead)8:54.79
4. Beaulie, Martin (RCV)10:32.84
5. Waddinghan, Mike17:40.48
6. Johns, CodyDNS
U17 Sport Men
1. Middleton, Jusin0:55:55.36
2. Mcphalen, Robert (Calgary Cycle)3:39.80
3. Larson, David (Juventus)5:40.42
4. Hughes, Scott (Juventus)6:53.78
5. Weldon, Michael10:44.94
6. Pisani, Adam (United Cycle)27:07.34
Junior Sport Men
1. Wood, Brenton (United Cycle)1:35:55.39
Senior Sport Men
1. Critchley, Will (PedalHead)1:22:37.64
2. Ommaran, Tom Van (PedalHead)3:07.97
3. Neniska, Darcy (United Cycle)5:57.67
4. Finlay, Kevin6:06.33
5. Ezard, Garnet11:41.00
6. Wolstenholme, Mark (Branky's BS)11:43.33
7. Book, Scott (ERTC)12:02.93
8. Dumesnil, Mark (PedalHead)14:28.16
9. McGregor, Daren19:36.42
10. Lastiwka, Eric (River Valley Cycle)21:24.57
11. Muehlenbachs, Emils (PedalHead)30:46.03
12. Sherman, Blane (United Cycle)30:53.80
13. Littre, Orrin (PedalHead)32:34.65
Master Men B
1. Bartlett, Greg (United Cycle)1:22:51.20
2. Dansie, Ivan (Dead Goat)0:32.44
3. Ebbern, Tom3:23.44
4. Riess, John (PedalHead)3:45.88
5. Hunter, Rob (Rocky Mtn. Bike 'N Board)4:34.24
6. Fox, Don (Juventus)6:00.83
7. Yau, Henry (Dead Goat)7:07.70
8. Johnson, Bruce7:42.97
9. Lecis, Brian (Hardcore)8:04.53
10. Steneker, Mike (River Valley Cycle)8:10.48
11. Clemens, Roger (United Cycle)10:52.24
12. Bell, Jeffrey10:54.65
13. Yurkovich, Joe (Hardcore)11:34.49
14. Zelensky, Michael (TerraScope)12:48.17
15. Stafford, Clayton (United Cycle)13:57.61
16. Surian, Dan (Projckt 1 CABC)14:29.13
17. Brauer, Harvey (Velocity)17:53.90
18. Merritt, Roy (Velocity)22:52.25
19. Platzat, Gary (United Cycle)23:36.42
20. Seethram, Jim (United Cycle)31:05.59
21. Kohlenberg, Mike (United Cycle)33:51.05
22. Rachar, Stan (Calgary Crank Masters)36:45.15
23. Grant, Chris (United Cycle)47:38.45
24. Hutchings, Stewart (United Cycle)1:04:21.35
25. Coupal, Jean-Claude (United Cycle)1:04:48.07
26. Garvin, Ed4:08:55.94
DNF. Bertie, Gordan
DNF. Sneath, Del (PedalHead)
DNS. Ogletree, Gary
DNS. Gerke, Garnett
Master Sport Men A
1. Johns, Neil (Hardcore)1:18:15.76
2. Sutherland, Trevor (Dead Goat)0:06.69
3. Giese, Gunnar (United Cycle)4:49.06
4. Pombert, Trevor (United Cycle)4:49.46
5. Kane, Brad (Dead Goat)5:33.94
6. Riess, Tim (PedalHead)5:57.55
7. Dardis, Dan6:01.91
8. Ford, David (Dead Goat)6:41.76
9. Clark, Brent (Schmoe RC)7:15.93
10. Aubin, Murray (ERTC / Red Bike)8:29.39
11. Auer, Tommas (PedalHead)8:31.19
12. Duk, Mark (Bow Cycle)10:31.79
13. Campitelli, Marco (Ridleys)11:53.77
14. Tomas, Jamie (United Cycle)16:36.72
15. Lemens, Troy (Sport Check)17:46.23
16. Found, Rob (FreeWheel)19:18.57
17. Lavoie, Daniel19:53.30
18. Litke, Joseph (PedalHead)22:37.42
19. Moreau, Martin (Sport Check)24:25.18
20. Wilson, Andy (United Cycle)34:32.18
21. Scott, Ashley (PedalHead)1:02:42.24
DNF. Richter, Daniel (Velocity)
DNF. Ouellette, Dan (River City)
DNF. Aksomitis, Kris (Schmoes)
DNF. McKee, Mike (Dead Goat)
DNF. Hunka, Dan (Juventus)
DNF. Harvey, William
DNS. Starnzinger, Mark

Results courtesy of the RACE MANAGEMenT TEAM


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