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May 30/05 9:53 am - Times Colonist Cycling Festival Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/05

2005 Times Colonist Cycling Festival Victoria BC, May 28-29

Cardinal Law Sooke Classic Road Race: BC Provincial Road Championships

1,2,3 & Pro Men (140 km)CatTime
1. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Cycling)13:28:04
2. Bradley Fairall (Symmetrics Cycling)13:28:06
3. Richard Minichiello (Trek – Red Truck Ale)13:28:10
4. Seamus McGrath (Haro adidas)13:30:37
5. Roland Green (Kona Mountain Bikes)13:30:37
6. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Cycling)13:30:37
7. Russell Stevenson (Benaroya Research)?3:31:01
8. Larry Zimich (Team Coastal)13:31:01
9. Derek McMaster (Team Coastal/Riders)?3:32:00
10. Tim Sherstobitoff (Kelowna Cycle)33:32:00
11. Cory Forrest (Kelowna Cycle)?3:32:00
12. Cory Lange (Symmetrics Cycling)13:32:00
13. Sean Dawson (Trek – Red Truck Ale)13:32:00
14. Brad Issel (Trek – Red Truck Ale)13:32:00
15. Christian Meier (Symmetrics)?3:32:00
16. Keith Stark (Rocky Mountain Business)13:32:38
17. Jordan Guenette (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)23:34:30
18. Will Pratt (Bike Barn)23:34:30
19. Mathew Hewitt53:34:30
20. Andrew Lathrop (Valley Athletic Club /)?3:34:30
21. Garth White (Trek/Red Truck Beer)33:34:30
22. J.P. Dunlop (Team Adventurebound.Ca)33:34:30
23. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ Sugoi)23:34:30
24. Craig Richey33:34:30
25. Michael Ryan13:34:30
26. Philip Burgess (La Bicicletta)23:34:30
27. Scott A. Laliberte (Blak Dog Racing)13:34:30
28. Sven Sturm (Organic Athlete Victoria)23:34:30
29. Carl Jacobson (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)13:34:30
30. Kevin Noiles (Escape Velocity)?3:34:30
31. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics Cycling)13:34:30
32. Eric Harvey (Bayside Cycling Club)23:34:30
33. Daniel Gonclaves (Organic Athlete Victoria)?3:34:30
34. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling)13:35:13
35. Chris Worsfold (Bayside Cycling Club)13:35:13
36. Bevan Hughes (Atomic Racing Club)33:35:13
37. Tom Evans (The Bike Barn)?3:35:13
38. Brett Boniface (Organic Athlete Victoria)?3:36:58
39. Ezra Nichols (Organic Athlete)23:37:00
40. Kevin Morrison (Organic Athlete Victoria)33:37:00
41. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity / Devo)23:42:59
42. Chris White (Trek – Red Truck Ale)23:42:59
43. Stephen Cork (Escape Velocity / Devo)23:43:00
44. Jay Murray (Trek – Red Truck Ale)13:43:01
45. Paul Beard (Atomic Racing Club)33:43:01
46. David Perrin33:43:01
47. Jason Fluckiger (Bayside Cycling Club)23:43:05
48. Taylor Little (Team Coastal)?3:43:06
49. Duncan Steele (Escape Velocity / Devo)33:47:34
50. Chris Squire23:50:33
51. Michael Boehm33:51:00
52. Matthew Bodkin (Whistler Bike Co / Giant Bicycles)43:51:00
53. Maurice Worsfold (Bayside Cycling Club)13:51:00
54. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling)13:51:00
55. Steven Liesch?3:54:00
56. Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Roadworks)?3:54:00
58. Dan Skinner (Elitewave.Com)23:54:00
57. Shane Savage (Rocky Mountain Bicycles -)13:54:00
59. Dylan Snowdon (The Bike Shop)?3:54:10
60. Chad Nikolz (Benaroya Research)?3:54:10
61. Robin White44:00:00
62. Robert Gosselin (Atomic Racing Club)34:00:15
63. Paul Blanchette (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)14:11:26
64. David Hilhorst (Obb)34:12:25
65. Teron Singh (Pacificsportcycling)54:12:30
66. Corey M. Anderson34:17:57
67. Matthew O’Hagan (Team Adventurebound.Ca)34:22:00
68. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity / Devo)34:30:00
DQ. John-Christopher Reid (Team Coastal)
DNF. Don Buscombe (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)
DNF. Lloyd Thomas
DNF. Dan Molgat-roy (Pedalhead Road Works/)
DNF. Jim Tsilemos (Team Coastal)
DNF. Andrew Greydanus (Team Adventurebound.Ca)
DNF. Dakin Bell (Benaroya Research)
DNF. Dave Vunic
DNF. Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo Training)
DNF. Tyler Given (Benaroya Research)
DNF. Giuseppe T. Cirella
DNS. Simon Craig (Spoke'n Motion)
DNF. Gordon Ross (Escape Velocity / Devo)
DNS. Min Van Velzen (Symmetrics Cycling)
DNS. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling)
DQ. Luca Segato (Organicathlete Victoria)
DQ. Trevor Connor (Swan Cycles/Chris)
DNS. Aaron Weiss (Spoke'n Motion Spoke)
DNF. Axel Bergman (Organic Athlete Victoria)
DQ. Trevor Haaheim (Kelowna Cycle)
DNF. Eric Kameka (Escape Velocity / Devo)
DQ. Joshua James (Trek/Red Truck Ale)
DNS. James Shaw (Team Coastal)
1/2/3 Women (110km)
1. Leah Goldstein (Trek/Red Truck Beer)CatTime
2. Marni Hambleton (Symmetrics Cycling )13:17:35
3. Samantha McGlone (Competitive Edge Training)13:23:00
4. Maria Lee (Symmetrics Cycling )3:23:00
5. Angela Naeth13:23:00
6. Leah Guloien (Sugoi Factory Team )3:23:00
7. Angella Goran23:23:00
8. Christine Fletcher (Dizzy Chicks )43:23:00
9. Lesley Clements23:23:19
10. Moriah MacGregor (Dizzy Cycles Dizzy Chicks )3:23:21
11. Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics Cycling)13:23:31
12. Gill Walker (Team Coastal )13:23:38
13. Julia Hlynsky (Devo / Powerbar)43:24:07
14. Linda Robichaud (Floraglo-Norco-)3:25:13
15. Ann Yew (Rider's Cycles)23:25:15
16. Alena Radomsky (Team Coastal)13:25:20
17. Emily Sandwith (Team Adventurebound.Ca)23:25:22
18. Barbara Zimich (Team Coastal)33:28:23
19. Jadine Riley (Team Group Health)13:28:35
20. Amanda Butler (Team Coastal)3:30:39
21. Melissa Kerr23:31:49
DNF. Claire Cameron (Black Dog Racing)3:36:00
DNF. Christa Barr (Team Coastal )2
DNF. Paige Sutherland3
DNF. Christina Briante (Symetrics Cycling))3
Junior Men
1. Fraser Hayes (Team Adventurebound.Ca )3:17:15
2. Marco Sabatino ()3:17:15
3. Jefferey Castenmiller (Lactic Acid Racing )3:17:40
4. Graeme Bant (Sugoi Factory Team )3:17:41
5. Cody Campbell (Team Soliton)3:19:47
6. Nathan MacDonald (Black Dog Racing)3:20:15
7. Trevor Bant (Rocky Mountain / Business Objects)3:20:48
8. Austin Macdougall (Escape Velocity / Devo )3:22:57
9. Marcel Aarden (Schwalbe Cycling Club)3:23:51
DNS. Aaron Thomas (Oak Bay High )
DNF. Reid Tucker (Lactic Acid Racing)

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