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August 13/98 10:40 am - Canada Cup DH Standings, New Brunswick Cup Standings

Posted by Editor on 08/13/98

Canada Cup Downhill Standings

Full standings after 5 events (best 4) our now available Here.

Velo New Brunswick Cup Standings
(courtesy Dave Macfarlane)

Here are the Velo NB MTB Cross Country expert categories season standings after 6 races. Full standings are on the VeloNB page at:

PlaceNameBest 5 (unofficial)
Senior Expert Women
1F Phillips, Vanessa500.00
2F Broeren, Wille240.30
3F Murray, Karen100.00
4F McInnis, Lisa97.05
5F Newton, Sarah95.06
6F Hybers, Sherry90.81
Cadet Expert Men
1M Leger, Luc500.00
2M Vautour, Marcel483.74
3M Cortes, Phil478.03
4M Olscamp, Jamie449.41
5M Hadley, Matthew395.56
6M Archer, Andrew381.75
7M Robinson, Dean374.94
8M Hicks, Scott
Junior Expert-Elite Men
1M Grant, Greg491.79
2M Cheney, Peter463.50
3M Barry, Craig406.55
4M Jay, Corey387.80
5M Lloyd, Aaron361.40
6M Blakney, Ben359.48
7M Cyr, Paul354.13
8M Goss, Eric298.91
9M O'Connell, Dusty267.69
10M Brisson, Donald192.20
11M Levesque, Yves89.64
12M Turner, Craig85.76
13M Matt, Eric82.42
14M Staples, Kent
15M Gautreau, Andrew
Senior Expert Elite Men
1M Hamm, Dana491.68
2M Harding, Jeremy483.22
3M Pendrel, Geoff473.33
4M Currie, Jeff459.00
5M Day, Chris453.87
6M Leblanc, Michael440.08
7M McNair, Rob346.91
8M Hayward, Kevin300.00
9M McKeown, Brian285.01
10M Bunker, Bev280.29
11M Trites, Glen279.74
12M Leger, Marc256.28
13M Collins, Pat199.79
14M Davis, Mike196.59
15M Sparks, Jeff196.01
16M Perusse, Louis194.98
17M Boudreau, Mark186.90
18M Homer, Brent185.54
19M Mills, Andrew181.38
20M White, Kevin164.48
21M Rushton, Ed100.00
22M Sweezy, Erik97.52
23M Christian, Harvey97.25
24M Boudreau, Sebastien80.40
Veteran Expert Men
1M Leblanc, Ronald461.69
2M Goobie, Bill460.04
3M McKinley, Peter366.95
4M McDonald, Gary360.73
5M Palmer, Rob263.19
6M Bunker, Bev200.00
8M Boudreau, Mark194.93
9M Frenette, Eric191.17
10M Scott, Kenny171.51
11M George, Ian166.76
12M Smith, James93.73
13M Dyker, Peter J93.65
14M McDonald, Brian88.02


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