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July 11/05 10:36 am - Road National Championships: Full results Espoir men & women, Elite men & women RR

Posted by Editoress on 07/11/05

Road National Championships Kamloops BC

Sunday Road Races Full Results

Espoir Women (120km)
1. Audrey Lemieux (QC) Quebec3:46:34.05
2. Alexandra Wrubleski (SK) Sask Cyclingat 4:52.07
3. Anna Tratnyek (ON) Team Ontarios.t.
4. Laura Yoisten (AB) DIET CHEERWINE9:52
5. Alison Testroete (AB) Team Albertas.t.
6. Jean Ann Mckirdy (BC) BC Team10:09
7. Genevieve Gagnon (QC) Quebec11:08
8. Meghan Kindree (BC) Team Squamish15:39
9. Joanie Caron (QC) Quebec15:41
10. Amy Woodward (AB) Cyclemeisters Calgary15:58
11. Helena Coney (BC) 16:14
DNF. Marie-Pier Bedard (QC) Espoirs Laval
DNF. Julie Bélanger (NB) Team Diet Cheerwine
DNF. Krystal Jeffs (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Kelly Bietola (ON) Bay Cycle / 3ROX Racing
DNF. Allison Furniss (YT) Cycling Association of Yukon
DNF. Kylie Case (MB) Team Manitoba
DNF. Dianna Kennedy (AB) Synergy Racing
DNF. Laura Brown (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Mathilde Hupin Debeurme (QC) Sportif Bromont
DNF. Emily Sandwith (BC) Adventure Bound
Espoir Men (180km)
1. Ryan Roth (ON) Gearsracing.com4:54:29.21
2. Christian Meier (BC) Symmetricsat 3:59.62
3. Kevin Lacombe (QC) Quebec11:34
4. Philippe Abbott (AB) Team Albertas.t.
5. Jamie Lamb (NS) Atlantic Canada11:36
6. Will Routley (BC) Symmetrics11:50
7. Mathieu Roy (QC) Quebec12:28
8. Rob Britton (SK) Team Coastal15:32
9. Dave Vukets (ON) Team Ontario16:20
-1. Maxime Vives (QC) SG/Espoirs Laval TTN
-1. Zach Garland (NB) Atlantic Canada
-1. Luc Dionne (QC) CIBC Wood Gundy-In Style Living
DNF. Shawn Bunnin (SK) team saskatchewan
DNF. Daniel Skinner (BC)
DNF. Adam Thuss (ON)
DNF. Shaun Adamson (AB) United Cycle
DNF. Craig De Gier (NS) Atlantic Canada
DNF. Josh James (BC) Trek-Red Truck Beer
DNF. Stephen Ferris (AB) ERTC/Red bike
DNF. Brandon Crichton (ON) Ital Pasta Ltd., Transport Belmire
DNF. Craig Richey (BC) Kelowna Cycle
DNF. Tim Sherstobitoff (BC) Coastal
DNF. Taylor Little (BC)
DNF. J.P. Dunlop (BC) Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico/
DNF. Mark Pozniak (ON) Trek / Red Truck Beer
DNF. Garth White (BC) Symmetrics
DNF. Brad Fairall (BC) Regina Cycle Club
DNF. Bradley Kerr 0 Sport Chek Cycling
DNF. Mark Macdonald (AB)
Elite Women (120km)
1. Genevieve Jeanson (QC) Rona-Colnago3:45:12.40
2. Erinne Willock (BC) Webcor Builders Cycling Teamat s.t.
3. Susan Palmer-komar (ON) Colavita/Cooking Light0:02
4. Lynn Bessette (QC) Quebec0:24
5. Alison Sydor (BC) Rocky Mountain/Business Objects0:58
6. Felicia Greer (CA) Webcor Builders1:00
7. Leigh Hobson (ON) Diet Cheerwine1:20
8. Amy Moore (ON) Victory Cycling Team1:22
9. Kirsten Robbins (ON) Victory Brewing Cycling Team2:45
10. Merrill Collins (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg6:15
11. Amanda Shaw (ON) Team Biovail
12. Jen Stephenson (ON) Team BiovaI
13. Betina Hold (CA) Alto Velo Racing club/Webcor
14. Angela Naeth (BC) all s.t.
15. Stephanie Bourbeau (QC) Quebec6:16
16. Tara Ross (ON) Team Diet Cheerwine7:39
17. Heather Lamson (NB) 9:51
18. Christina Briante (BC) Symmetrics9:55
19. Gina Grain (BC) 11:16
20. Sarah Robbins (SK) Cycledelia/SCA11:18
21. Suzanne Macht (BC) Adventurebound.ca11:25
22. Marni Hambleton (BC) Symmetrics11:33
23. Susan Smith (BC) VAISE12:31
24. Sandra Walter (BC) AdventureBound.ca12:36
25. Mandy Poitras (BC) Symmetrics13:52
26. Julie Hutsebaut (QC) Terry Precision16:36
27. Leah Guloien (BC) BC Team
28. Alena Radomsky (BC) BC Team
-1. Bobbi Barbarich (AB) United Cycle
-1. Moriah MacGregor (BC) BC Team
-1. Angella Goran (BC) Team Adventure Bound
-1. Anne Guzman (ON) Mississauga Bicyle Racing Club
-1. Kristin Campbell (AB) Pedalhead Roadworks/Sleeman's
-1. Julia Farell (ON) Wheels of Bloor
DNF. Anna Garnett (ON) Team Biovail
DNF. Julia Hlynsky (BC) BC Team
DNF. Jenny Trew (AB) Team Coastal
DNF. Lisa Sweeney (BC) Atlantic Canada
DNF. Pamela Egger (BC) Escape Velocity
DNF. Stacy Spenser (BC)
DNS. Lesley Tomlinson (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
Elite Men
1. Francois Parisien (QC) Espoirs Laval4:51:39.58
2. Eric Wohlberg (BC) Symmetricsat 1:48
3. Dominique Perras (QC) Quebec
4. Ryder Hesjedal (BC) Discovery Channel Pro Cyclingboth s.t.
5. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona/Les Gets1:52
6. Andrew Randell (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico/MSN.3:11
7. Greg Reain (ON) Stevens Racing3:21
8. Chris Isaac (ON) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire5:49
9. Svein Tuft (BC) Symmetrics6:48
10. Jacob Erker (BC) Symmetricss.t.
11. Bruno Langlois (QC) Jittery Joe's- Kalahari6:49
12. Derek Mcmaster (BC) Team Coastal11:27
13. Jean-sebastien Beland (QC) Gypco/Tele-Annonce15:08
14. Alexandre Lavallee (QC) Volkswagen-Treks.t.
15. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (QC) Velo Club Sud-Ouest15:20
16. Jean-francoisQC Laroche (QC) Quebec16:19
17. Martin Gilbert (QC) VolksWagen Trek17:56
-1. Yann Deville (QC) CIBC/Wood-Gundy
DNF. Zach Bell (ON) Team Alberta/Jet Fuel
DNF. John-Christopher Reid ( BC) Coastal
DNF. Scott Laliberte (BC)
DNF. Sean Dawson (BC) Trek - Red Truck Ale
DNF. Cory Forrest (BC)
DNF. David Goosen (BC) Rocky Mountain - Adobe
DNF. Shawn Taylor (AB) rundle mountain cycling club
DNF. Trevor Haaheim (BC) Kelowna Cycle
DNF. Don Buscombe (BC) rocky mtn
DNF. Harley Borlee (AB) Velocity
DNF. Larry Zimich (BC) Team Coastal
DNF. Keith Stark (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. Damien Waugh (BC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe
DNF. Giuseppe T. Cirella (BC) None
DNF. Murray Carter (MB) Ride With Rendall/Team Manitoba
DNF. Basse Clement (BC) Rocky Mtn Bicycles-Adobe
DNF. Alexandre Nadeau (QC) Quebec
DNF. Charles Dionne (QC) Quebec
DNF. Dominique Rollin (QC) Quebec
DNF. Duncan Steele (BC) Escape Velocity
DNF. Trevor Connor (BC) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
DNF. Richard Minichiello (BC) Trek/Red Truck Ale
DNF. Shane Savage (BC) Rocky Mtn - Adobe
DNF. Nick Jendzjowsky (AB) Pedalheadroadworks/Sleemans
DNF. Alexandre Cloutier (QC) Volkswagen-TREK
DNF. Mark Walters (PA) Navigators Insurance Pro Cycling Team
DNF. Andy Edwards (CO) GS Ciao
DNF. Kenneth Johnson (MD) Rockville Harley DavidsonThe Pro Shop
DNF. Darko Ficko (ON) La Bicicletta- J Lindeberg
DNF. Cameron Mcknight (AB) Edmonton Road and Track Club (E.R.T.
DNF. Simon Craig (BC) Spoke N Motion
DNF. Roy Pickavance (CO) Team CenturyTel / VRAD
DNF. Scott Manktelow (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club
DNF. Martin St-laurent (QC) Volkswagen-Trek
DNF. Peter Sanowar (ON) Ital Pasta/Transport Belmire
DNF. Manuel Fehlmann (BC) Bike Barn
DNF. Jean FrancoisQC Racine (QC) SG/Espoirs de Laval-TNN
DNF. Pierre-olivierQC Boily (QC) Quebec
DNF. Glen Rendall (ON) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Buck Miller (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee-Sympatico/


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