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August 3/05 12:32 pm - Fernie Canada Cup DH: Report and Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/3/05

Fernie Canada Cup DH #3 Fernie BC, July 31st

Dubé Tops Men and Schroeter Loses Jersey
Controversy plagues Griffith’s win

by: Fred Belanger

(Fernie, BC) - As the final rider of the day, top-qualified Adriano Digiacinto (Steed Cycle), came across the finish line, a loud yelp echoed through the crowd. Charles-Alexandre Dubé ( had been paying close attention to the timing box as each rider crossed the finish-line. A crash filled qualifier had forced Dubé to be one of the first riders down, and with a time of 3:26 for his race run, he moved into the “hotseat” with most of the field yet to come. The Fernie course is a unique one on the Canada Cup, as speeds rarely drop below 40 kilometers per hour, and top speeds in the high seventies are common through the speed-trap. As each rider crossed the line, the young Dubé became more hopeful, and visibly stressed. A sigh of relief escaped the Quebecker’s lips as the 2nd seeded Luke Kitzanuk (Giant Canada) crossed the finish with a three second deficit, and as Digiacinto came out of the trees high above the finish area, his time seemed to be on par with Dubé’s. The loud yelp heard as Digiacinto crossed the finish was a cry of joy, as Charles-Alexandre Dubé took his first Canada Cup victory.

In the very small women’s field, the qualifier would see Danika Schroeter (Giant Canada) topping World Cup podium finisher Fionn Griffiths, with Adrienne Miller (Devinci) being credited for third. “I had a good run (with) a couple of mistakes” said Schroeter after her seeding run. The girls turned it up a notch for their race run, and Schroeter came across the finish line with a perplexing issue: her foot had come out of her shoe in a crash going into the final wooded section of the course, forcing her to finish in her sock. A priceless look of surprise crossed her face as her time was announced to be eleven seconds faster than that of Griffiths (Norco Factory), who was in the hotseat.

Schroetter’s joy would not last, however, as a protest was launched immediately by Griffiths concerning the fact that Schroeter had not worn her Canada Cup leader’s jersey for her race. Following a brief recess, a decision was rendered disqualifying Schroeter from her race, resulting in Griffiths taking the win, and Miller (Devinci) taking second. No one filled the 3rd step of the podium as Schroeter was the only other competitor in the elite women’s field.

The award ceremony was awkward for some, as loud yells of protest were heard supporting Schroeter as Fionn Griffiths took the top step of the podium. A petition was circulated protesting Griffiths’ protest, with most, if not all, non-Norco sponsored pro riders signing their names. As is usually the case in issues such as this, the decision of the race commissaire was final, and Danika Schroetter’s disqualification held. “I wouldn’t have taken the start if I would have known they had grounds to disqualify me,” said Schroeter following the podium. “I asked the race official at the start what to do, and after checking with someone else (via walkie-talkie), they told me to race.”

Luke Kitzanuk (Giant Canada) took the Canada Cup leader’s jersey away from Tyler Morland (Sram/Rockshox/Cove) who was absent from the race. In the women’s field, Fionn Griffiths (Norco Factory) took the leader’s jersey away from Danika Schroeter.

The Canada Cup series moves on to Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops BC for the final round of the 2005 season. Series titles are still on the line in both the men and the women’s fields, promising serious racing action for the weekend of August 14th and 15th.

Race Notes:

- Notorious for its small pro-field, this year’s Fernie event had more men than in years past

- The women’s field was a different story, as only three women raced the event. I haven’t seen that few women in 10 years of Canada Cup races

- Andrew Mitchell (Cove), a junior aged rider, registered with the elites and made his first pro podium, finishing just off the steps in 4th. The last junior we had that was this fast was Dustin Adams. Look for this guy to dominate in the coming years

- Congrats to Devinci for picking up super nice and super fast Adrienne Miller mid-season. Once she gets used to her new bike, this girl will be a threat!

- With only one race left, the word retirement is starting to pop up in conversation. Look to see more than a few pros hanging it up with respect to racing Canada Cups this upcoming off-season

- Many hard crashes were had on the fast course: Pendrel (Devinci), Leonard (Norco Factory), Biluk (Cove), and Lemire (Intense Canada) all went down hard either in practice or in their race.

- The protest lodged by Griffiths was perceived by many as an unsportsmanlike move prompted by greed (i.e. podium money and incentive money), and pride. It will be interesting to see how her Canadian cycling career works out for next year. I heard one elite man say quite loudly, “What? She can’t beat her on the course, so she does this?” This comment sums up the common sentiment quite well

- Roughly 1/3 of the elite men’s field was from Quebec

- Rumor has it that Schroeter might be fined up to 2000$ for her infraction

- Looked at as a likely podium finisher for the weekend, awesome guy Jamie Biluk (Cove) came out of the final woods on time to be in the hunt for the podium, but he blew the final bermed turn in the course, crashing hard

- Cove and Calgary Cycle were the only two team support trailers at the base of the mountain. Props for the very clean and professional set-up by both. Giant (with Goss, Kitzanuk, Lyons, and Schroeter), and Devinci (with Laurin, the Menards, Pendrel, Miller) have some of the most successful squads in Canada and didn’t even send a 10x10

About the Author:
Fred Belanger in a mountain bike racer from Montreal, Quebec, and has raced as a Pro for the last ten years, participating in World Cups, NORBA Nationals, and Canada Cups. He is presently sponsored by Shimano Canada, and Manitou. Please address all comments, questions, and feedback to

Elite MenTimeDiff
1. Charles-Alexandre Dube (QC) DH Racer3:26.360
2. Adriano Digiacinto (BC) Steed Cycles/SRAM/Rockshox3:27.941.58
3. Luke Kitzanuk (BC) Giant3:28.281.92
4. Andrew Mitchell (BC) Cove Factory Racing/Smith/3:28.402.04
5. Connor Macleod (BC) Cove Bikes3:31.855.49
6. Dominick Menard (QC) CGI/Aragon Optical3:32.436.07
7. Eric Goss (NB) Giant3:32.836.47
8. Mathieu Laurin (QC) Smith/Sombrio3:33.046.68
9. Rohan Gearing (BC) Cove Bikes3:33.507.14
10. Geoff Pendrel (NB) Devinci/Daredevil3:36.5210.16
11. Philippe Menard (QC) Devinci/Daredevil/La Cordee3:39.8813.52
12. Justin Brown (ON) Norco Factory Team3:40.9214.56
13. Adam Billinghurst (BC) Cove Bikes3:41.4615.1
14. Clayton Racilot (BC) Giant Canada/Smith Optics3:41.6515.29
15. Andy Czuczor (BC) Cove Bikes3:43.1316.77
16. Glyn O'brien (IRL) Cove Bikes3:43.8317.47
17. Michael Jones (BC) Norco/Dangerboy3:44.8818.52
18. Joe Jenkins (ON) Trail Blazers/Walcon3:46.8920.53
19. Serge Chiasson (BC)3:47.2120.85
20. Chris Dewar (BC) Cove/SRAM3:51.3124.95
21. Derek Chambers (BC)
22. Stuart Couper (BC) Kona3:53.6127.25
23. Jonathan Pilon (QC) Seutiers Plein Air/Spy Optic3:54.0027.64
24. Brian Eller (BC) Cove Factory Racing3:55.4329.07
25. Josh Mead (ON) Ruthless Cycle3:55.9929.63
26. Robbie Davidson (ON) Privateer Racing3:57.9131.55
27. Aaron Clark (BC) www.aaronclarkracing.com3:59.0332.67
28. Antoine AubertLarose (QC) East Side Freeride3:59.1632.8
29. Sobe Racz (AB) MBC3:59.6233.26
30. John Starcevic (BC)4:06.9640.6
31. Jamie Biluk (MB) Cove Bikes Danger Boy4:11.4645.10
32. Neil Fox (AB) LifeWorks Fitness/Couloir5:13.051:46.69
33. Kevin Bartkowski (BC) Cove Bikes5:28.162:01.80
34. Jean Lemire (QC) Intense Canada7:35.064:08.70
DNS. Gabe Fox (BC) Cove Bikes
DNF. Louis-Philippe Leonard (QC) Norco/Oakley
DNF. Jason Green (BC) Cove Bikes
Elite Women
1. Fionn Griffiths (GBR) Azonic/Zeal4:27.760
2. Adrienne Miller (BC) Devinci/Daredevil4:29.281.52
DSQ. Danika Schroeter (BC) Giant
Jr Expert Men
1. Steve Chan (BC)3:39.310
2. Kyle Ritchie (BC) Oakley/Kona/NRG3:42.523.21
3. Derek Lowell (ON) Cyclepath/Giant3:42.593.28
4. Jay Zorn (BC) Selkirk Sports3:42.783.47
5. Nick Dent (BC) Giant Bicycle Canada3:45.305.99
6. Justin Willoughby (AB) Santa Cruz/Ridge3:49.6110.30
7. Dylan Gullison (NB) Danger Bay/Radical Edge3:54.4415.13
8. Matt Bourdreau (NB) Radical Edge4:00.0920.78
9. Adam McConaghy (BC) six one4:02.3623.05
10. Cody MacArthur (BC) Straight Line/Fernie Chiroprac4:07.6328.32
11. Matt Pauly (AB) Six Six One/Utopia Optics4:15.4236.11
12. Dan Csokonay (BC) Norco/Oakley/Bowcycle4:16.8937.58
13. Shawn Downey (BC) Six Six One/Utopia Optics4:22.3943.08
14. Marcel Thomann (NB) Skiwolf4:28.0448.73
Jr/U17 Expert W
1. Micayla Gato (BC) On The Edge Race Club4:17.540
U17 Men
1. Dilon Standidge (BC) Gericks/Kona3:49.410
2. Geoff Briggs (AB) Calgary Cycle4:04.0914.68
3. Stephen Bursey (BC) Gericks Cycle Nelson4:06.9017.49
4. Leighton Allsop (BC) Sacred Ride4:07.3417.93
5. Robert McPhalen (AB) Calgary Cycle4:13.6924.28
6. Glen Bradley (AB) Brodie Bicycles4:14.4625.05
7. Hayden Mydansky (BC) Kootenay Cycles4:23.7934.38
8. Mike Patychak (BC) Calgary Cycle4:24.5735.16
9. Corey Everett (BC)4:25.5236.11
10. Jesse McCrae (AB) Calgary Cycle/Pain Inc4:35.7846.37
11. Kieran Mani-Flower (BC) Cove Factory Racing4:36.1946.78
12. Kelsey Flower (AB)4:43.3753.96
13. Sam Finn (AB)4:45.7856.37
14. James Gibbons (AB) Bert + Macs Sports4:46.2456.83
15. Brendan Befus (AB)4:53.781:04.37
16. Tyler Paksi (AB)5:01.411:12.00
17. Kevin Glass (BC) Purcell Mtn Bike Club5:21.061:31.65
18. Zach Kary (AB)5:41.861:52.45

Results from all other categories can be found HERE


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