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August 8/05 12:40 pm - BC ITT Championships: Report, Photos and Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/05

BC Provincial Time Trial Championships August 6th, Squamish BC
Report courtesy Gordon Ross

Photos by Greg Descantes

The annual BC Provincial Time Trial Championships presented by Team Escape Velocity took place in Squamish, BC on Saturday. Over 110 participants in all major categories including under 17 youth, tandem cyclists, and handcycling athletes. With the scenic Tantalus mountain range as the backdrop, riders raced out and back on the 38.5km Squamish Valley Road, which included a tricky headwind and a deceiving uphill in the finishing 2km.

Christian Meier of Symmetrics clocked the fastest time all day, a blistering 47:09, averaging 48.98kmh on the winding course. The New Brunswick cyclist could not take the provincial espoir champion jersey however, as he holds an NB license. Michael Simpson of West Vancouver took second in espoir men and the provincial champ title.

Meier's teammate Min Van Velzen (Symmetrics) made up for it, taking the senior men's title with a time of 49:01. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics) and Costa Rican rider Neives Carpasco (Dospinos) rounded out the senior men's podium, selected from a competitive field which included Ironman Canada and Ironman Hawaii champion, Peter Reid (5th - 50:29).

In the women's race, Erinne Willock (Webcor) caught and passed her minute man Tony Zarsadias (Symmetrics) with ease, on her way to a 10 second victory over multiple national champion, Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics) with third place going to Lee Darling (Team Coastal).

Provincial Champions:

Senior Men: Min Van Velzen (Symmetrics)
Senior Women: Erinne Willock (Webcor)
Espoir Men: Michael Simpson
Junior Men: Jeffery Castenmiller (Lactic Acid)

*Note: Junior Women did not have enough to field an official Provincial Championships. Kyla Giesbrecht (Lactic Acid) won her category.

Espoir Men
1. Christian Meier (Symmetrics)47:10.0
2. Michael Simpson (Cannondale)50:39.4
3. Craig Richey (Cove Bikes)52:04.8
4. Rob Britton (Team Coastal)52:39.1
5. Garth White (Trek Red Truck)53:04.7
6. Jeff Ain (dEVo)56:37.5
7. Elliot Holtham1:02:40.92
1. Asquith Lou Gibson48:34.8
2. James Hustvedt1:13:08.70
3. Steve Mylem1:25:12.8
Junior Men
1. Jefferey Castenmiller (Lactic acid racing)51:56.7
2. Fraser Hayes (Adventure Bound)53:02.4
3. Marco Sabatino53:22.5
4. Nathan MacDonald (Blak Dawg)56:05.3
5. Reid Tucker (lactic acid racing)58:04.5
6. Cameron Thorpe1:01:54.63
DNF. Trevor Bant (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)
Junior Women
1. Kyla Giesbrecht (Lactic Acid Racing)1:05:29.31
2. Rachel Canning (dEVo)1:07:55.3
Senior Men
1. Min Velzen (Symmetrics)49:01.1
2. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics)49:31.5
3. Nieves Carpasco (Costa Rica Dospinos)50:05.9
4. Derek McMaster (Team Coastal)50:19.1
5. Peter Reid50:29.0
6. Scott Laliberte (Blak Dawg)50:30.0
7. Michael Ryan (marinoni cadence)50:57.7
8. Damien Waugh (Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe)51:24.2
9. Sean Dawson (Trek Red Truck)51:26.2
10. Brian Ecker (First Rate Mortgage)51:44.5
11. Carl Jacobson (Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe)52:21.6
12. Chris Squire52:31.0
13. Philip Burgess (La Bicicletta)52:37.2
14. Dan Schmit (Blak Dawg)52:46.2
15. Matt Chater (Blak Dawg)52:54.3
16. Mark Cunningham (Symmetrics)52:56.3
17. Shane Savage52:57.6
18. Galen Kehler (Wenting's Cycle)52:59.1
19. Joe Wessel (Fresh Air Experience)53:01.5
20. Glenn Hendricks (Bayside)53:34.5
21. David Kosub53:40.8
22. Jason Thompson (Escape Velocity)54:03.2
23. Duncan Clarke (Bicycle Cafe)54:03.6
24. Scott Malone (Steed Cycles)54:03.8
25. Duncan Steele (dEVo)54:04.4
26. David Perrin54:06.5
27. Bevan Hughes (Atomic Racing)54:36.8
28. David Dunnison (Team Coastal)54:40.1
29. Greg Inkster54:45.8
30. Blair Scott (Mighty Riders)54:50.3
31. Doug Mulder (Wedgewood)54:53.6
32. Tony Zarsadias (Symmetrics)54:57.8
33. Alex Northey (Team Coastal)55:06.3
34. Doug Dewar55:09.5
35. Jae-ho Yoo (Atomic Racing)55:14.3
36. Robert Major (Team Soliton)55:38.4
37. Roy McBeth (Local Ride)55:42.4
38. John Perkins (Escape Velocity)55:54.0
39. Rob Mulder55:55.8
40. Al Cannon (Comox Valley Cycle Club)56:21.5
41. Eric Gowland (Victoria Wheelers)56:55.4
42. Ken Bognar (SORCE)56:56.6
43. Tim Curry (North Shore Triathlon)57:15.6
44. Frank Weber57:57.0
45. David Roberts58:14.5
46. Kent Williams (Steed Cycles)58:20.5
47. Jason Leber (Steed Cycles)58:35.6
48. John Litherland (Wedgewood)58:47.8
49. Jamie Kimber58:50.3
50. Dominic Walsh (Atomic Racing)59:21.8
51. Sean Hickey (Atomic Racing)59:22.1
52. Simon Chow (Coastal)59:36.2
53. Patrick Brick59:41.6
54. Ed Gillmor (Eurotech Calgary)59:44.7
55. Kevin McFarland59:48.2
56. Drew Rosser (Bellingham Velo Club)1:00:12.1
57. Owen Sturgess1:00:39.1
58. Lucas Fennell (Escape Velocity)1:01:00.9
59. Pete Dodd (Peninsula Cycles)1:01:15.3
60. Frank Ludtke (Burnaby Velodrome Club)1:03:31.5
DNF. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
Senior Women
1. Erinne Willock (Webcor Builders)53:00.2
2. Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics)53:10.7
3. Lee Darling (Team Coastal)56:34.1
4. Julia Hlynsky (dEVo)57:07.4
5. Alena Radomsky (Team Coastal)57:17.1
6. Moriah MacGregor (Dizzy Chicks)57:18.0
7. Barbara Zimich (Team Coastal)58:06.5
8. Gill Walker (Team Coastal)59:09.3
9. Elizabeth Hatch59:21.7
10. Angela Goran (Team Adventure Bound)59:48.6
11. Leslie Vice (Dizzy Chicks)1:00:22.2
12. Kristine Brynjolfson (Team Coastal)1:00:37.8
13. Melissa Dekker (Comox valley cycle club)1:02:11.7
14. Linda Chow (Team Coastal)1:03:13.8
15. Isa Szeto (Team Soliton)1:03:32.7
16. Melissa Kerr (Team Kenda Tire)1:04:42.7
17. Lynn Martin1:05:07.3
18. Terry Kornutiak (Vancouver Velo Vets)1:05:45.8
19. Charlotte Klein1:05:48.3
20. Efrat Veidman (Dizzy Chicks)1:07:27.1
21. Karen Nakagawa (Dizzy Chicks)1:08:31.7
22. Susan Weston (Natural Earth Racing)1:09:27.4
23. Karen Chan (Dizzy Chicks)1:10:55.0
24. Amira Tawashy1:12:03.9
DNF. Pamela Egger (Escape Velocity)
1. Claire Cameron (Blak Dawg)1:01:07.9
U15 Men
1. Kevin Thorpe35:22.2
2. Scott Mulder (Steed Cycles)36:11.4
3. Curtis Jung (Devo)36:54.3
4. Stuart Richey38:48.1
5. Connor Richey39:06.8
U15 Women
1. Sierra Garrison45:28.6
U17 Men
1. Maurie Kowalski (Lactic Acid Racing)54:36.2
2. Matthew Potma (Lactic Acid Racing)54:59.5
3. Jesse Vanoene (kelowna cycle)55:06.0
4. Graeme Bant (Sugoi/ Giant/ Maxxis)57:07.7
5. Michael Rothengatter (Lactic Acid Racing)1:00:47.73
6. Brandon Carey (dEVo)1:05:23.11
7. Matthew Bowe (Lactic Acid Racing)1:06:29.85
8. Philip Cairns1:06:42.14
U17 Women
1. Victoria Whitney (Whistler Triathlon Club)35:15.9
2. Katherine Short (On the Edge)36:59.8
3. Elizabeth Dickin (Lactic Acid Racing)37:32.3
4. Kyla Valleau (Team Squamish)38:12.4
5. Jordan Rees (comox valley cycle club)39:10.0
6. Camille Nonis41:25.5


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